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EA Operation:

The EA generates a signal for opening a position with fixed stop orders (TakeProfit/StopLoss). After the position is closed by stops, the EA waits for a new signal.

Recommended period of a symbol chart is М15.

Number of entry signals is an important issue, so pay attention to signal settings when working with the EA.

COMPAS STATIC has a system of automated calculation of position volumes as percentage of the free margin. It can also work with a fixed lot.

It works almost with any broker on all major symbols.

Can works along with other EAs. In this case it will monitor its own positions only.

The EA can be attached to several symbols at a time.

One of COMPAS STATIC's advantages is the availability of positive slippage.

Different brokers and symbols provide different trading conditions. So I recommend to optimize the EA's parameters before trading using optimization data specified in the description of parameters.


Variable Comment Optimization
iPeriod The main period of the entry signal system. (1,1,150)
fPeriod Additional period of the entry signal system. (1,1,150)
Signal_1 Regulating the main entry system signal. (10,1,200)
Signal_2 Regulating the additional entry system signal. (10,1,200)
Filtr Regulating the noise filter of the entry system signal. (1,1,150)
TakeProfit Level of the desired profit in points of the instrument. (30,1,350)
StopLoss Level of loss limitation in points of the instrument. (30,1,350)
Lot Fixed volume of the position used when the system of automated volume calculation is disabled.
Use_MM Switch of the system of automated volume calculation.
Pct_MM Percentage of the free margin, for the system of automated volume calculation.
ECN Type of account, recommended value is TRUE.
Slippage Maximum allowed price deviation for positions being opened.
ExpertID Unique number of the EA's positions, used for simultaneous operation with other experts.
Order_Comment Comment to the EA's positions.
Sergey Poletaev
2016.02.24 12:42 

forward- and backtest same period are different

2015.11.19 04:55 


Very differ from back test. Only back test result is nice but forwarding test result is disaster.

my test result.

Deposit 50000

Backtest : 2015/11/11-2015/11/19 profit 1350 USD, trade times 1

Real test: 2015/11/11-2015/11/19 profit -34778.39 USD, trade time 32

Who can think this EA is nice one. this is only Scumming.

Валерий Волков
2015.08.07 22:59 

В общем, результаты за неделю неутешительные. На реале Roboforex-ECN за период с 3 по 7 августа 2015 г.(оптимизация проведена).

Всего: 42 сделки, -60 пунктов убыток, -17 пунктов комиссия. Итого: -77 пунктов

Согласно тестера за этот же период: 27 сделок, + 76 пунктов прибыль.

Как дальше работать - непонятно. Ведь тестер в данном случае абсолютно бесполезен.

Alexey Radchenko
2015.07.31 13:34   

Сливает на реале (-150$) Из-за вашего советника потерял! Сливает что на реале что на демо (только на реале немного больше из-зи проскальзывания!)

Version 1.30 - 2015.08.13
Version 1.3:
Changed the signal algorithm (trading results are close to the strategy tester).
Adjusted and changed default parameters (EURUSD M5). The EA's parameters require optimization if you use other symbols.
Version 1.20 - 2015.08.03
Version 1.2:
Changes in the signal algorithm.
Changes in parameters of the fPeriod(10,10,2000) variable optimization.
Version 1.10 - 2015.07.27
Version 1.1
Changed the algorithm for placing stops.