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KPipsEa AutoOpt

KpipsEaAutoOpt is a fully automated Expert Advisor having the ability to find itself the best parameters for a certain period.

It can be used on M5, M15 ...to H4 timeframes.

This EA includes 3 strategies which cover trending and flat market.

Key Advantages

  • Auto optimization feature
  • No martiginale or grid.
  • Always using a stop loss and take profit to protect capital.
  • Optimizable for all currency pairs
  • Very good risk/reward ratio.
  • No scalping, no hedging.
  • Low drawdown.
  • It is not sensitive to slippage or spread size.
  • Works on all brokers.

KPipsEaAutoOpt entry signals are based on Moving Average and Average True Range (when the price reaches a certain distance from these two, a new order is triggered). It uses 3 strategies - strategies 2 and 3 are for a high volatility market and strategy 1 is for a low volatility. Stop Loss, Take Profit are automatically calculated for each case.


  • lots – lot size
  • OptimizationBars – for how many previous bars the auto optimization feature will run
  • nextOptAfterXhours – when it will run the auto optimization feature again
  • magicnum – magic number
  • enable0, enable1, enable2 – choose which strategy will be enabled. By default, all are enabled
  • auto0, auto1, auto2 – enable auto optimization for each strategy
  • atr0, atr1, atr2 – ATR period
  • ma0, ma1, ma2 – Moving Average period
  • kk0, kk1, kk2 – multiplier for distance between MA and trigger
  • trigger0, trigger1, trigger2 – minimum distance between MA and the current price when a new order is opened
  • tpfactor0, tpfactor1, tpfactor2 – multiplier for Take Profit
  • slfactor0, slfactor1, slfactor2 – multiplier for Stop Loss
  • rsiperiod0, rsiperiod1, rsiperiod2 – RSI period
  • reverse0, reverse1, reverse2 – normal operation mode (when reverse is 0) is if the price is above MA at a certain distance, it will open a BUY order. If reverse=1, then it will open a SELL order

The EA will be constantly developed. For your questions/comments/suggestions, please use the Comments tab.

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Version 1.7 - 2016.06.29
- Fixed grid bug when (GridEnable = false)
- Turned Grid off by default
- tpfactor system changed (tpfactor is multiplicator to StopLoss) so if tpfactor = 1.5 then TakeProfit is 1.5*StopLoss. From now always TakeProfit will be bigger than StopLoss.
Version 1.6 - 2015.10.02
Added the grid option to open new positions in the same direction
Added the intelligent scroll for the grid option
Version 1.4 - 2015.08.17
- all the parameters can be forcedly set manually now. By default they are set to 0 and if you want to set one of them to a specific value, you can also do it manually
- added trailing function based on ATR (parameter tlfactor)
- tlfactor (multiplicator for the current ATR)
Version 1.3 - 2015.08.04
- improved performance while search optimization parameters
- fixed freeze window bug when closing the expert
Version 1.2 - 2015.07.29
- ChooseOptSettingsBy - choose if the optimal settings are picked by total profit or by profit factor
- MinimumOptOrders - if the optimization settings are picked by profit factor, specify the minimum amount of orders when calculating profit factor.
For example, you can have a big profit factor but you have only 2 orders and you want more than 2 orders.
Version 1.1 - 2015.07.24
Fixed empty SL
Added new parameter commissionOpt - which commission to take into account when doing the auto optimization