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Fx Voodoo expert Advisor

FxVoodoo is in reality an actual robot, which never sleeps and works 24 hrs a day, so that we can have better results than in manual trading. Some important facts about this EA are:

  • It can be applied to any currency pair but only on M1. It gives best results on EURUSD.
  • It works only in MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform.
  • There is no minimum starting capital limitation to run FxVoodoo EA.
  • All its parameters like stop loss, take profit, hedging, etc. are well customizable. You are free to set your own values to these parameters.
  • To use FxVoodoo you will only need a computer with Internet connection. Your Internet connection should be reliable. Because FxVoodoo is a Forex EA, and EAs work only when your PC is turned ON with working Internet.
  • You do not need to monitor continuously your MetaTrader; you will be totally free for your other work.

Fully automated

Advanced trading system brought to you by the leader in the artificial intelligence. It is just "set it & forget it".

Requires little time

Requires less than a minute to install FxVoodoo to your MetaTrader terminal.

Worldwide access

You can work anywhere in the world, with any Forex broker who provides MetaTrader terminal.


  • LotSize
    You can set a lot size here. LotSize value will be used by EA only if UseEquityPercentage is 0.
  • UseEquityPercentage
    You can specify the percentage of your account equity, which you want to use for trade.
    • If UseEquityPercentage is 0, then LotSize value will be used by the EA.
    • If UseEquityPercentage is set to any value other than 0, then lots size would vary depending upon your equity.
    For instance, let the initial deposit be $1 000.
    • If LotSize=0.1 and UseEquityPercentage = 5, then the EA will open a lot by calculating its size using $50 (5% of $1 000) only.
    • If LotSize=0.1 and UseEquityPercentage = 0, then the EA will open a lot of 0.1.
    • If LotSize=0 and UseEquityPercentage = 0, then the EA will not open any position.
  • TakeProfit
    Take profit in pips can be set here.
  • StopLoss
    Stop loss in pips can be set here.
  • BEP
    It is Break Even Point. The value specified in BEP is taken by EA when the position goes in profit in the pips specified by Pips_forBEP_setup.
  • Pips_forBEP_setup
    You can input a number of pips here, after which BEP would be set up.
  • TrailingSL
    You can set this parameter as true or false.
    If TrailingSL=true, the EA will trail stop loss.
  • Hedging
    You can set Hedging parameter either as True or False.
    If your broker is not allowing Hedging, then set it to False.
  • MondayTrade
    If you do not want to trade on Monday, set its value to false.
  • FridayTrade
    If you do not want to trade on Friday, set its value to false.
  • MagicNumber
    MagicNumber is used by FxVoodoo to recognize its own orders. FxVoodoo will manage the positions opened by it only. If you are doing manual trading in the same account, then FxVoodoo will not interfere with your trades.
  • comment
    Specified comment will be attached to the trades done by FxVoodoo EA.
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