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News getTime

This tool trades pending orders. Just specify time of the next piece of news.

Input Parameters

  • News(Time) — time of news release.
  • Lots — lot to place pending orders.
  • TakeProfit — take profit in points.
  • Stoploss — stop loss in points.
  • Distance — distance from the current price where pending orders will be placed.
  • Seconds(Open) — time in seconds before news release. Orders are opened.
  • Seconds(Close) — time in seconds after news release. Orders are closed.
  • Trailing_Start — profit in points to place trailing stop.
  • Tral — distance from the price to place a stop order (in points).
  • Slippage — slippage in points within which orders will be executed.
  • Magic — unique number for orders of this EA (only these orders will be trailed).

You can test the EA operation in the Strategy Tester in the visualization mode. Just set the time of news release and the distance from the price. Set time in seconds before news release to open orders (default value is 5 seconds). Other parameters can be left as they are.

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