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The EA is based on mean reversion strategy in the low-volatility night-time. The backtest has been conducted from 2005.

The trades are opened every day at the appointed time. The EA calculates position based on the market situation. The trading robot can use up to 4 averaging. The EA does not use StopLoss.

EA Online Monitoring:

Signals: Smooth growth MT4 (EUR/USD)

Timeframe – M15. Currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD. The EA can be tested by every tick or open prices only.


  1. StartLots – starting lot size. StartLots can be modified by EA from a market situation, but no more than twice.
  2. StartHour, StartMinute – EA operation start time. StartMinute must be a multiple of 15 (0-15-30-45). The recommended time 00:15 for EET (Eastern European Time).
  3. TakeProfitPip – profit target in pips from the entry price.
  4. StepPip – step of averaging in pips.
  5. UseMM_Balance – value in deposit currency. If this option is set (i.e. different from 0), then the starting lot is calculated per each part UseMM_Balance of deposit. If set to 0, then the starting lot is fixed and equals StartLots. For example, if StartLots=0.1 and UseMM_Balance=300, when the deposit is 300, the EA will open an order of 0.1 lot, and when the deposit is 600 – 0.2 lot, when the deposit is 900 – 0.3 lot, etc. This parameter is needed for reinvestment.

EA Features

  • Minimum deposit – 200$
  • Minimum lot – 0.01
  • Minimum leverage – 1:100
  • Recommended types of accounts – NDD and ECN
  • The EA does not require optimization
Evgen Khenkin
2017.11.09 08:56 

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2017.10.28 16:42 

A very interesting EA and very profitable on demo accounts. As always demos do not resemble the truth, so when Miracle EA was put on a live account, performance has changed a little to the worse. Nevertheless, after two months of use I can confirm that this EA is profitable on EURUSD and USDJPY but profits are rather small. Big zig-zag in a positive direction, but more profits than losses is all the users want. @Aleksey: High/Mid/Low impact news filter would be recommendable to sustain stability.

Andrey Litvichenko
2017.10.22 08:36 

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Ali irwan
2017.08.02 14:26 

wow..the perfect

2017.07.22 20:48 

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2017.06.22 03:38 

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2016.03.08 09:57 

This is the 5th EA I have purchased on MQL5 (with prices ranging anywhere from $75 to over $1K). Miracle has been by far one of the most reliable and most profitable EA I have worked with so far! Alex is simply brilliant! My second most favorite EA happens to be Free and also one of Ales'x ("Digger")!

2016.02.10 11:33 

Great Expert advisor :-)

Thorsten Rohweder
2016.01.15 09:47 

Good EA

Yutish Govsky
2016.01.06 23:57 

Está totalmente recomendado, hay que usar los presets de Aleksey.

It's worth to try this EA, you'd have to use presets files by Aleksey.

Nikita Romashko
2015.11.17 18:52 

бот полное говно, слил депо, это обычный мартингейл, торгует без стоп лоссов. автор слил один из паммов на альпари торгуя этим советником, КРАЙНЕ НЕ РЕКОМЕНДУЮ!

за все слова как говорится в ответе, обращайтесь дам статистику его торговли в личку!

2015.10.12 07:19 


Version 1.39 - 2016.02.02
- Introduced PriceChannelMode. In this mode, the EA will sell\buy only at the top\bottom of the intraday price channel.

- Introduced a new parameter - 'StartLots%Depo'. Start lot value in %. When non-zero start lot is calculated as % from deposit, StartLots and UseMM_Balance parameters are ignored. If zero, then the EA will work with StartLots and UseMM_Balance.

- Introduced a new parameter - 'SpreadFilterPip'. The spread filter in pips. If spread > this value, then the signal is ignored.

- Introduced a new parameter - 'TrailingStopPip'. The trailing stop in pips.

- Introduced a new parameter - 'Direction'. Select direction of position opening: 0 - Buy and Sell, 1 - Buy only, 2 - Sell only.

- Introduced a new parameter - 'ID'. Unique identifier for the EA. Used for the best control of orders when running multiple EAs that I have developed (such as Digger, Miracle) with the same Magic Number.

- Introduced a new parameter - 'InformationPanel'. Show the information panel, false = hide.

- Fixed major bug in the GlobalFilter.

- Fixed minor bugs.
Version 1.17 - 2015.11.30
- Introduced a new parameter - 'MarketSituation'. If set to false, the MiracleEA does not adjust StartLots based on the market situation and StartLots is fixed.

- Introduced a new parameter - 'GlobalFilter'. If set to true, the MiracleEA will use a filter based on location of prices in the daily trading range. The EA will not trade every day.

- Fixed minor bugs
Version 1.1 - 2015.10.09
1. Implemented auto-adjustment of the step of the averaging. Introduced a new parameter - StepAutoAdjust. If StepAutoAdjust=true, then the step value will auto-adjusted by the EA based on the intraday and daily volatility.

2. Multicurrency support. To trade multiple instruments, you should open separate charts for required currency pairs and attach the EA on each of them. In this case, the MagicNumbers of all MiracleEA should match. To reduce the risk, only one EA can open trade at a time. For example, if one MiracleEA gets the opening signal while the other MiracleEA has already opened position, the signal will be ignored and the new position will not be opened.

3. Improved the mechanism for adjusting the starting lot based on the market situation.

4. Added some technical stop losses. When stop-loss is triggered, all orders are closed by the EA. If set to 0, the stop loss is disabled.
StopLossPip - stop loss in pips from the entry price.
StopOutLevel% - account margin level in %, at which the EA will close all trading positions.
EquityStopLoss% - percentage from the initial equity. If the current equity drops below EquityStopLoss%, the EA will close all trades.

5. Introduced a new parameter - the multiplier of averaging 'Avg234Multiplier'.

6. Introduced a new parameter - 'AveragingMode'. If set to 1, the averaging will be performed intraday. If set to 2, the averaging will be performed once per day at the specified StartHour\StartMinute time.

7. Introduced DrawdownMode. If set to 1, the MiracleEA will start to trade at the drawdown. The EA will use the marker-orders for the calculation of the drawdown.