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Quick Solution

The Expert Advisor uses its built-in algorithm to analyze sharp market quote fluctuations and set pending orders during backward movements.

The minimum amount of settings makes the EA easy to use.

No martingale, no hedging.

Fixed stop loss. Minimum drawdowns.


  • Show comment (true/false) - show/hide EA comments (account and order data)
  • Stoploss (default is 50) - optimal value for the symbols having a spread up to 30 pips
  • Fix_Lot - 0.0 (money manager) - if 0, the EA calculates the lot according to your deposit and risk percentage. Otherwise, enter the lot size manually
  • Risk - 50.0 (risk percentage) - limit the maximum risk size in % of the deposit (in % of your deposit, 100% is a maximum value; if a greater value is specified, it is replaced with 100 automatically)
  • Magic - magic number for this EA's orders
The EA is recommended for low spreads and fast order execution.

The built-in money manager allows you to start from a minimum deposit. The larger the deposit, the faster the EA shows its power.

Recommended pairs - EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD and USDCHF, 5-digit quotes. Recommended periods - M5, М15 and М30.

Sergey Zhuravkov
2015.09.14 14:08 

Нужны доработки.

Version 1.57 - 2015.10.02
The pending order trigger algorithm is automatically adjusted to your dealing center
Version 1.55 - 2015.09.28
Additionally optimized the algorithm
Version 1.50 - 2015.09.24
Improved the pending order modification algorithm to speed up the EA's reaction in case of a price reverse movement
Version 1.40 - 2015.09.17
Added a filter: If the market does not turn back, unactivated pending orders are deleted
Version 1.30 - 2015.08.25
Added trailing setting functions:
Only_Profit - (true/false) enable trailing from a breakeven or trail right after a specified stop loss
Length_Trail - trailing length
Version 1.20 - 2015.08.11
Added protection from spread widening for pending orders.
Version 1.10 - 2015.07.24
Filter_Spread - spread filter (the EA will not open orders, if spread exceeds the filter)