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Steady Trading

Backtesting Results

Click a currency below to view the Expert backtest reports



Test on your own computer using the Parameters shown in the currency reports above.

System Overview

All strategies developed by "I Love Robots" are designed to produce steady capital growth and minimal drawdown with no unnecessary volatility/risk exposure.

  • Entries: The expert entry signals are derived from custom oscillators and combined adaptive averages,
  • Stops and exits: Exits are performed in one of five ways. Firstly hard stop losses and Take profits are ALWAYS set, 3 additional "hidden" exit methods are used to produce the smoothest equity curve possible.
  • Money management: Fixed or proportional account multiplier variable. No exotic martingale, grid or other high risk method is used.
  • Timeframe: The strategy is designed, tested and optimised on the daily timeframe. It may also perform well on other timeframes but these have not been specifically tested or optimised for.
  • Currencies: We have tested across majors and minor currencies, with the best performance settings found in the currency links above.
  • Trading frequency: Using the daily parameters shown in the test reports, you can expect approximately 10-20 trades per month per currency. So if you run a portfolio of 10 currencies with this expert, approximately 100-200 trades a month, or 5 to 10 trades per day will be placed.
Remember: Once purchased you can run this EA on as many currencies as you require.

Recommended settings

We have spent lots of time tuning this system so you don't have to. Optimizing on 10-15 years worth of daily data across 18 currencies using fixed lotsize trading. The currency links at the top of this page show test reports with what we think are the best EA parameters for that currency.

From the backtesting results we have selected the smoothest profit growth curves, leaving you the simple task of selecting the "Trading_Risk" setting for your desired drawdown and profit combination that suits your risk appetite and account size.

Note: All our optimizations are performed using FIXED lotsize. This enables you to select the trading lotsize or money management setting that suits your risk preference, drawdown tolerance and account size.

Lot Sizing and Money Management

There are two methods to select the trading risk you prefer, these are set using the following Expert Properties:

  • Fixed_Lotsize: This enables the use of fixed lotsize trading. The value in this field will be the lotsize traded, no scaling or money management is used. A value in this field overrides the any value placed in the Variable_Lotsize field.
  • Variable_Lotsize: This is an account multiplier value that sets the lotsize based on the funds in the trading account and allows the lotsize to grow as your account grows.

The Variable_Lotsize value is best found by optimizing ONLY this setting on its own, then choosing a value that gives drawdown / profit figures that best suit your account size, drawdown and profit requirements.

Customer Advice Before Trading live

We at "I love Robots" would like you to get the very most out of the Expert, so if you are new to this Expert please follow the steps listed below.

  1. Download the demo.
  2. Select the currency you wish to use.
  3. Open the test report ( in the links at the top of this page ) and make a note of the Parameter settings we recommend.
  4. Copy the Parameter settings into the Expert Property section of your MT4 strategy tester.
  5. Test and reproduce the smooth equity curve we have shown for the daily data ( Date: 2000 - 2015 ).
  6. Lotsizing
    1. Fixed lots trading set the Fixed_Lotsize to the lot size required
    2. Proportional money management, Set Fixed_Lotsize = 0, and vary the Variable_Lotsize until an equity curve you require is produced.
  7. Save the Expert Properties on your local machine.
  8. Repeat steps 2-7 for each currency you want to trade with.
  9. Run expert on live account on each currency chart you wish to trade, importing the Parameter settings you saved in previous steps.

The above method will give the best settings for your trading style stored safely for future reference.


If you need help, please don't hesitate in asking us a question in the Comments area.

Sergey Genikhov
2015.10.09 11:14 

During Aug-Sept 2015 losses.

Version 1.7 - 2015.07.29
Small bug fix