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Last Call

Last Call EA was designed to scalp short term trend in US market second half when clear trade direction has broke out after earlier news.

The EA looks for trend pullback for initial trade signal and can open up to 2 trade up positions. Lot sizing calculation is based on risk percent of free margin.

Each position has stop loss and will close all open orders once hit the target.

Parameters were optimized for EURUSD but also works for GBPUSD and EURJPY.

Lower spread should give better result, so better to use on ECN account and dont forget to set Max_Spread filter.

Trade signals doesn't occur very often - 11 trades a month on average based on 15.5 years backtest.

Backtest & optimization

Backtests were made as realistic as possible and I believe the result shows it is quite robust.

The EA was backtested using multiple data sources, starting from year 2000 until June 2015 (15 1/2 years).

Parameter settings were optimized for EURUSD M30 time frame and then tested on GBPUSD and EURJPY to check strategy robustness.

Additional robustness tests include testing on M15 time frame and higher spread.

Trading plan

5% to 10% risk setting seems ideal to my risk appetite. Capital management is also important to reduce risk further.

Additional deposit after drawdown and rebalance account after certain growth may be needed.

I allocated only 20%-30% of total fund for initial deposit and focus on long-term result.


  • MagicNumber_1 - Magic number for initial trade.
  • MagicNumber_2 - Magic number for first trade up.
  • MagicNumber_3 - Magic number for second trade up.
  • HoursFrom - Hour to start trading (server time). Default is from 19.00.
  • TradingHours - Hours until stop trading. Default is 5 hours.
  • Use_MM - if true, lot size based on RiskPercent. If false, lot size is fixed.
  • Max_Spread - Spread filter.
  • LotSize - Determine lot size if Use_MM is false.
  • RiskPercent - Risk in percent of account free margin for each magic number lot calculation. Higher account leverage will result in bigger lot size.
  • SL_Ratio - Stoploss to PipsTarget ratio. Default setting is 5x. (SL = PipsTarget * SL_Ratio)
  • PipsTarget - Target in pips for initial trade.
  • ADD_After1 - Distance in pips from initial trade to open first trade up.
  • ADD_After2 - Distance in pips from first trade up to open second trade up.
  • ADDSL1 - Stoploss for first trade up (MagicNumber_2).
  • ADDSL2 - Stoploss for second trade up (MagicNumber_3).
  • ADDScalp_TP1 - Target in pips for first trade up (will close all orders if target reached).
  • ADDScalp_TP2 - Target in pips for second trade up (will close all orders if target reached).
Monitoring account using default settings 5% risk - https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/120737
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