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FXrent is a fully adaptable trading system. The applied trading strategy lies in permanent adaptation to price behavior of a symbol. Цру the market is tranquil, the EA trades on the bounce. When the market moves sharply, it trades on breakout. At that the FXrent EA adjusts operation for each symbol independently.

It uses only the symbol price, and decision of opening a position is taken basing of this price.

Trading strategy is aggressive scalping but with low risk.

You can open/close up to 100 trades per day.

The FXrent EA easily adapts to any market conditions.

Due to its features you can fix profit/loss using standard take profit or cumulative profit/loss in the account currency.

Numerous filters allow to use comfortable trading conditions, such as:

  • reverse of signals,
  • ability to increase a position when you enter the market again or trading % of the deposit,
  • spread control,
  • control over the EA operation time,
  • closing all positions when the market is closed,
  • filter of opening positions depending on the BBbands indicator,
  • trailing stop,
  • function of moving a position to breakeven,
  • sending notifications to email, PUSH-notifications, trading log,
  • works with ECN accounts.

Recommended to use the EA on М5, М15, but all other charts are also acceptable.

You can use any currency pair, trading XAUUSD is of some interest.

All necessary trading information can be displayed anywhere on the screen (left part by default)

  • Time
  • The last spread
  • Balance, equity
  • Number of open positions
  • Profit /loss
  • System settings

EA Options

  • BB - "===== BB Filter =====";
  • Use_BB_Filter - enable the filter calculated by Bollinger Bands
  • Time_Frame_BB - Bollinger Bands calculation period
  • Trading - "===== TRADING =====";
  • SecondsMarket - time of price movement
  • PriceChange - number of points covered by the price
  • Time_Frame - period of the EA/0=current chart
  • Take_Profit_Pips - Take profit in points
  • Stop_Loss_Pips - Stop loss in points
  • Take_Profit_Money - profit in the account currency. If this value is reached, all trades will be closed
  • Stop_Loss_Money - loss in the account currency. If this value is reached, all trades will be closed
  • Start_Lot - initial volume of the position
  • Max_Lot - maximum value to open positions. If this value is reached, following positions are opened with initial volume
  • Auto_Lot - enable trading % of the deposit
  • Lot_Percents - % of the deposit to open positions if Auto_Lot=true
  • Lot_Multiplier - multiplier for opening further positions
  • System - "===== SYSTEM =======";
  • Period_BB - calculation of Bollinger Bands period to adapt position opening
  • Level - calculation of Bollinger Bands width to adapt position opening
  • Combine_Buy_and_Sell - enable the function allowing to close differently directed positions if the profit/loss in the account currency is reached
  • Min_Delay_Minutes - delay in opening further positions in minutes
  • Buy_After_Sell_Only - enable functions allowing to open 1 SELL and 1 BUY position
  • Enable_Reverse_Trades - enable reverse of signals
  • MaxOrdersTrade - maximum number of open positions
  • Spread - "===== SPREAD FILTER =====";
  • Use_Spread_Filter - enable spread limitation
  • Max_Spread - maximum spread. If this value is reached, positions cannot be opened
  • Trailing - "===== TRAILING STOP =====";
  • Enable_Trailing_Stop - enable the Trailing_Stop function
  • Trailing_Stop_Start_Level - level to activate Trailing_Stop
  • Trailing_Stop_Distance - distance from the price to Trailing_Stop
  • BreakEven - "===== BREAK EVEN =====";
  • Enable_Break_Even - enable the breakeven function
  • Break_Even_Level - distance to activate breakeven
  • Break_Even_Profit - minimum profit
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Version 1.10 2015.08.06
Added a function of closing positions by levels of the Bollinger Bands indicator