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Aggressive Euro Bot

This is a fully automated trading system integrating several strategies.

It works on EURUSD M15 timeframe.

No grid, no martingale.


  • trend following:
    • 0, in neutral market, low risk
    • 1, in neutral market, double risk
    • 2, in strong downtrend market, medium risk
    • 3, in strong uptrend market, medium risk
  • AccountisMini: true=trade on mini or cent account
  • Money management: true=let the robot calculate the trade lot size according to the specified trade size percentage and your balance
  • trade size percent: the percentage of balance, which you want to involve in the trade (no more than 30 is recommended)
  • Lots: minimum trade lot size
  • MaxLots: maximum trade lot size
  • TP: better set to 300
  • SL: better set to 300
  • Magic: the magic number of the trade

At the end of every month, I will post my view of major trend in EURUSD and the recommendation of the setting of "trend following" mode in the Comments.

Please check it in time.

Your opinion are appreciated.

If Moneymanagement=false, lots=Maxlots, that means using fixed lot size to trade.

For example, if "Moneymanagement=false, lots=0.03, Maxlots=0.03", that means fixed 0.03 lot per trade.

Recommended Trading Conditions

  • spread: no more than 2 pips are recommended, the lower the better
  • stop loss level: no more than 3 pips are recommended, the lower the better
  • a VPS is preferred
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