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  • Designed for use on the GBPUSD (British Pound vs US Dollar) with a 4.0 pip spread and 1 Hour (H1) time frame.
  • This .set file does not use Money Management, has a starting lot of 0.01 and a multiplier of 1.4
  • The grid is fixed, with an entry delay of 450 seconds.
  • The trend is determined by the Moving Average and the EA will place market orders, with the entry conditions based on Moving Average and Bollinger Bands.
  • This system will allow a maximum of 7 trades in a basket, with Break Even at level 5.
  • It does not use Stop Loss, Trailing Stop Loss, Close Oldest Trade, the 'Early Exit' function, Hedging.

You can also use it for any pair or any timeframe. Please make best testing for a pair or time frame you want to use. I tried to make settings as easy as possible:

  • TradeComment - Write a comment on each trade
  • MaxSpread - Spread allowed for EA entry to the market
  • Lot - Starting lotsize
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Version 1.1 - 2015.07.07
New update: smart grid (hidden grid) is not used any more. Instead of applying a pending order, a market entry is performed when a signal is detected.

The EA is easy to backtest on a long period.