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Crazy Grab Unilateral market EA

Crazy Catch Unilateral Market EA is a multifunctional intelligent risk management system of EA, the core function is when the coming of unilateral market, through the multi index comprehensive judgments, the inverted pyramid opening mode is enabled, in ensuring the premise of optimal stop, successfully seize the unilateral market. This EA system is suitable for any time period, but recommend to use it in period of H1, such as EURUSD, GBPUSD, etc. Also recommended for use on a stable broker platform or VPS. You can start from $100, the number of positions can be set according to you own situation, the minimum lot is 0.01. This EA is only suit for 5-digit and 4-digit symbols.


  • Lots Default value is 2, representing the lot of the first position. When the capital amount turns to bigger or smaller, the EA will automatically adjust the number of open orders according to the coefficient of risk control. You can change it by yourself accroding by the margin of your account, but the value of Lots must be bigger than 0.01 at least.

Test results

For example, from 2014.5.7 to 2015.3.31, the EURUSD unilateral down market, the EA is executed in the period of H1, the test results are as follows.

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