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Ascender is an automatic and smart Expert Advisor, which uses safe and unique strategy allowing it to trade in all market conditions. This EA with smart and powerful money management system could trade more than 1 000 times each day.

This EA is designed for EURUSD pair and you can trade on GBPUSD, AUDUSD. The best timeframe is M15 but you can also test it with default settings in all timeframes and find the best one.

Ascender has a smart strategy, and there is no martingale, grid, arbitrage and hedge. All trades have stop loss and take profit limitation. The money management system designed for this EA will protect your money.

Ascender EA works with all brokers, but for the ideal results it is strongly recommended to work with zero spread, fixed spread and true ECN accounts. This EA works more efficiently with brokers which have fast execution, so it is recommended to use VPS. For start, you can use account with $100 deposit and 1:300 leverage.


  1. Fast execution broker with low spread (EURUSD below 12 points)
  2. Good VPS with ping less than 30 msec, a powerful CPU is required (Core i4)
  3. Minimum deposit is $100
  4. Leverage 1:300 and higher

For customers

If you have any further questions about what are the best settings, brokers and account for each pair, please do not hesitate to contact me and send them in a private message.


General Settings

  • MagicNumber: Magic number
  • TradeComment: Trade comment
  • MaxSpread: Highest spreads in trading

Trade Settings

  • StopLoss: Pending order stop
  • UseHiddenTakeProfit: Using take profits for traders
  • TakeProfit_Hidden: Amount of profit for traders
  • MinLots: Minimum Lot
  • MaxLots: Maximum lot
  • Risk: Percentage of equity to trade. If you use Risk = 0, it trades a fixed lot
  • Accuracy: Be used for Accuracy trades
  • FixedLots: Fixed lot size
  • UseMoneyManagement: Enable money management. If true, a non-fixed lot is used.
  • CommissionECN: Amount of trading commission
  • Extent: Limit Buy or Sell Stop between current price
  • Interval: Interval between the current price and a trailing stop

MA Strategy Settings

  • MAPeriod: MA period
  • MAMethod: MA method

Time Filter

  • StartHour: Hour of MT4 terminal where the EA will start entering the market
  • StartMinute: Minute of MT4 terminal where the EA will start entering the market
  • EndHour: Hour of MT4 terminal where the EA will stop entering the market
  • EndMinute: Minute of MT4 terminal where the EA will stop entering the market
  • Session 1: Start and end Hours
  • StartHour: First session start hour. Time is a broker server time
  • EndHour: First session end hour. Time is a broker server time
  • Session 2: Start and end hours
  • StartHour: Second session start hour. Time is a broker server time
  • EndHour: Second session end hour. Time is a broker server time
  • Monday Start Hour
  • StartHour: Trading will not start on Monday before this time. Broker server time
  • Friday Close Hour
  • EndHour: Trading will end on Friday at this time. Broker server time
LIN938 2018.01.02 18:15 

Robots are all over the years, how can they not be updated 出,鸡或马 微肾xk55888k

ywwhywwh 2017.09.11 12:56 




MikeGeesing 2017.09.11 12:53 

EA is very good, use a few days 100% correct

Thanx Saeed

wimschrynemaker 2017.09.07 09:41 

I got good feedback of EA, EA works good .We can start to earn money after testing for two weeks . The author reply question very quickly with strong passionate. Especially recommended .

christianastill 2017.09.01 11:01 

Excellent seller, works well on live account

Great guy. Great support. Great product thus far. Highly recommend.

BartVanHerck 2017.08.30 13:19 

Excellent EA and great support Recommended!

Andrewlee 2017.08.29 12:49 

very very good job, has great Expert. I'm starting to enjoy its Profit, thanks.

Andriy Rybka
Andriy Rybka 2017.08.28 21:40 

For start good

in Update :....

after 8 day Low-risk, profit is very good ، Hope it goes on

ChongWang 2017.08.28 08:21 


After receiving the message the author, again with the new settings ran expert ، very good in 3 day i have profit


1. You need to use a true ECN account, as Ascender needs quick order to make maximum profits.

2. You should run this EA on a vps. Again because of the nature of the trades, you will normally be in and out of a trade within a few minutes.

3. vps should ping less 30

4.use broker Tickmill or Pepperstone

Based on the real account is almost 70 percent similar to Beck test

And the great and good and I'm very, very happy


this time all so good

help me to better set up parameters and VPS

Ryan Manna
Ryan Manna 2017.08.27 23:13 

So far so good. Recovered my buy EA one night

I hope this continues but realise no strategy can have 100% wins

But with great tips and settings This version is very good

I suggest ALL

Update :

Really is so nice

70 % profit after 180 trade

Thanks god and thanks author

Chrispytorius 2017.08.27 23:02 

Really very good

It is WhatsApp group made up of all the settings and tips there

It really works and he is a good person

scu 2015.10.10 05:12   

Not even worth 1 star. Don't know why it's on the front page in the market. Never simply buy or even rent any EA in this MQL marketplace where the listing is seriously flawed. Unless proven by real live signal account for a period of time and by subscribing the signal first. You have been warned...!

Konstantin Artykhov
Konstantin Artykhov 2015.10.07 17:00 

Взял в аренду данный советник. На истории все отлично!!! На демо счетах только слив. Даже спред 4-5 не помог. Счет в минусах. Поддержки нет. Просил выслать настройки автор просто не отвечает. Может быть, если советник подправят, он и будет приносить плюс. Но пока выше 1 звезды поставить не могу. И то, ставлю за историю)))

Xiaoyang Sun
Xiaoyang Sun 2015.10.05 15:13 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

shq311 2015.09.25 18:24 

loss account

Version 3.80 2015.09.14

- Added new parameter for Slippage
- Fixed small error and bug