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The Expert operation is based on 7 kinds of combinations of signals.

Recommended currency pairs EURUSD - GBPUSD and timeframe M15.

Was tested with very very low balance.

Recommended default settings of the EA

  • Minlot - minimum lot for trade
  • Fixedlots - Recommended lot with Deposit 1000 - 0.1, 0.2
  • UseMM - Enabling Money Management
  • MM - The percentage of risk-free deposit in the CP
  • Trade comment - comment for trade
  • StopLoss - Optimization parameters (This option is not recommended to optimize).
  • MaxSpreadwithcommission - Max spread for trade plus commission
  • MAXSlippage - Slippage rates. Suggested values are 1-2, no more and no less
  • TimeFrameCalculation - TimeFrame Calculation for trade
  • OrderLimit - order limit for trade
  • Actionposition - filter for trade
  • MAPeriod - Moving average period
  • startWorkTimeHour - Trading start hour
  • StartSessionMinute - Trading start minute
  • EndWorkTimeHour - Trading end hour
  • EndSessionMinute - Trading end minute
2016.12.09 10:28 


Version 3.1 - 2015.07.24
The EA is a smart Forex Expert Advisor.

This is a completely automated, self-controlled trading system, which will select its own trading hours and scan the market conditions for opportunities to enter trades in which there are greater probabilities of success to achieve long term profits. It works on price action alone and seeks to make a profit from proven statistics, rather than any ‘logic’ existing at the time of the trade.

MinLots = Minimum lot size to trade

MaxLots = Maximum allowed lot size to trade

MM = If TRUE, then calculate lot size automatically based on Risk; if False, then use FixLots below

Risk = Risk setting in percentage

FixLots = Manual lot size to trade with if MM above is set to FALSE

digits = digits currency

ECN = True for brokers that do not accept SL and TP to be sent at the same time as the order

MaxSpread = Max allowed spread in points

Commission = Some broker accounts charge commission in USD per 1.0 lot.

StopLoss = StopLoss points

TakeProfit = TakeProfit points

TrailingStart = Start trailing profit from as so many pips

Slippage = Maximum allowed slippage

StopLevel = Minimum stop level if allowed by a broker

ExecutionTime = How often in minutes should fake orders be sent to measure execution speed

VolatilityPercent = Percent of how much iHigh-iLow difference must differ from VolatilityLimit

MAperiod = moving average period