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Strongest Weakest Tool

The idea of the Strongest Weakest Tool is to rank the top 15 best trending currency pairs in order, by paring the strongest currency with the weakest currency. The tool can be adjusted to measure strength for any time frame (Watch video).

The strength of each single currency (AUD,CAD,USD,EUR,CHF,JPY,NZD,GBP) is measured relative to another.  For example EUR vs USD, EUR vs GBP and so on.  A moving average is used to determine the strength of a currency.  If the price of EURUSD is above the moving average, then EUR is considered the strongest.  If price is below the moving average USD is considered the strongest.   Each of the 8 currencies is paired with another to make up a total of 28 currency pairs. One point is awarded to the strongest currency on all 28 currency pairs. The points for each currency is added up, 7 which will be the strongest and 0 the weakest. By paring a currency with a strength of 7 with a currency with a strength of 0 you will have found the best trending currency.

Watch Video for more information. 

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