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Golex is a profitable Expert Advisor that uses Trend Break Out strategies. It waits for the very best first signal which indicates a trend reversal. If the signal is wrong, the Expert Advisor will close the position very fast and increase the position volume for the next break out. A good position will be closed by the next out in the opposite direction.

Paired with a stop loss that is depending on the volatility, the Expert Advisor has the power to increase your profit in Forex market on a solid basis over a long period. You also have the possibility to set a limit for the maximum volume (by changing the Max_Volume input parameter) to control your own risk, so that this Expert Advisor makes taking continuous profit in Forex markets easier and controllable.

Just keep in mind that this Expert Advisor works on every currency pair. This offers a wide range of possibilities to benefit from Golex.

Input Parameters

  • TimePeriod - based on this period Golex searches for trends and break outs;
  • Indicator_Period - calculation period for the indicator;
    • High Values - not so many entries will be found. Price fluctuations against the current trend are indicated later;
    • Low Values - more entries will be found. Even if it finds more entries only here, the probability of missing of the final entry will be much lower;
  • Volatility_Period - calculation period of the volatility indicator;
    • High Values - entries are found later, but they are more meaningful. There is a possible loss due to calculation of the stop loss is higher;
    • Low Values - entries are found earlier. Stop loss is very closely to the open price, so that positions will probably be closed too early;
  • Start_Volume - volume for the first break out of the trend;
  • Multi_Volume - multiplier for the increasing volume after not having found the right break out;
  • Max_Volume - maximum volume which is used for a break out signal after increasing the volume;
  • Magic_Number - magic number of the Expert Advisor.

More About the Indicator

The indicator used for finding the trend break out was developed only for this Expert Advisor. It gains an overview about the movement of the market, and being attached to the current volatility, it calculates a price where a break out is probable on a high level.

Tips for Working with Expert Advisor

  1. Especially in high volatile market phases, it is possible to close the positions manually.
  2. Do not open positions in the currency pair by your own while working with this Expert Advisor (only close them).
  3. Let this Expert Advisor work for you on every currency pair with an average ratio (daily range/spread) of 30:1 or higher. For example: (daily maximum (1.30561) - daily minimum (1.29810))/spread (0.0001) = 75.1 = 75.1:1 > 30:1.

Thank you for your reading!

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