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Big News Trading Station

This is the full version of "Big News Trading Station"

"Big News Trading Station" is auto trading system based on Parabolic SAR and Stochastic etc, and trend driven swing trading strategy.

This is an agile platform allowing you to setup various parameters to optimize the specific symbol pair trading strategy for yourself!

  • Risk(Max Loss$): : Default is 50, Max loss Per order(Position size is calculated by stop loss amount)
  • Round: Trading Rounds (1, 2, 3...9999)
  • BuyOrSell: Buy, Sell, Auto or No Trade (Buy, Sell, Auto, No Trade)
  • TimeFrame: Default 1 Minute
  • Volatility: Optimized Value is 1.3 (0.8-1.5, Stronger Trend With Bigger "Volatility" value)
  • Overbought: Optimized Value is 85 (80-100, Stronger Up Trend With Bigger "Overbought" value)
  • Oversold: Optimized Value is 14 (0-20, Stronger Down Trend With Smaller "Oversold" value)
  • EA Stop If Consecutive Loss: Stop the EA if there was a certain number (X) of consecutive losses
  • Schedule Trading Time?: Yes, trade at time below; Default is No.
    Be aware: The time is your local computer time, not MT4 Server time.
  • Local Start Hour: The hour when you want to start the EA
  • Local Start Min: Minutes when you want to start the EA
  • DurationMinutes: Duration of trading (minutes)
  • DaysOfRpeat: Trading at same time every XXX days.
  • Spread: 0=Current Spread (0-99999, the reasonable spread of the symbol pair, if current spread is bigger than 8 x spread, the EA will not open position )
  • Language: English or Chinese.
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Version 3.0 - 2016.04.19
1. Update with the newest algorithm as same as "Sar Trading Station"
2. Change the input parameter.
3. Minor bug fixed.
4. Change the default language is English
Version 2.0 - 2015.06.23
1. Added new input parameters "WeekDays", EA can start at specific days
2. Added enum data of input parameters of "Hour" and "Minute";
3. Removed K3,K4 input parameters, and optimized the k1,k2 default parameters