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The Vega Expert Advisor is a continuation of the PriceSeine EA algorithm.

Vega is a grid trend-following EA working on pending stop orders. It can work in two directions simultaneously or stick to the preferred one. It is also possible to enable the trend filter to make the EA enter the market strictly by trend. The EA features an efficient pyramiding system.

Real account monitoring, as well as other systems can be found here: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/spiker54/seller


The EA has hidden parameters that are already configured in the most efficient way. The recommended deposit is 10 000 units for the lot 0.01 and more.

  • First_step: The first step of the pending order in points (martingale)
  • Step: A pending order deviation step in points (martingale)
  • Range_betw_orders: Distance between orders in points (pyramiding)
  • Buy=true: Buy
  • Sell=true: Sell
  • One_direction=true: Allow opening orders in both directions or stick to the one the first order is opened in. If true, the EA works in one direction. The EA works in conjunction with the use_parabolic parameter
  • Use_parabolic=true: Use Parabolic for defining the first order direction.
  • BU: The amount of points, after which an order is moved to a breakeven.
  • Min_profit_BU: The amount of points the breakeven is set to.
  • Proportional_increase=TRUE: Lots are increased successively or considering all unactivated orders.
  • Exp: Multiplier.
  • Profit: Profit from all orders.
  • Lot: Initial lot.
  • Risk: Lot auto calculation; enabled if Lot=0
  • Max_lot: Maximum allowed lot (for risk management)
  • Digits_lot: Number of decimal places in the applied lot (1(0) / 0.1(1) / 0.01(2))
  • FridayHourClose: Trading stop hour on Fridays.
Joel Simmons
Joel Simmons 2017.04.12 18:58 

7 / 17 I tried many ways to get this EA to not blow the account. Nothing works. I been trying through back and forward testing for about 6 months now.

9/18 - Must set steps and distance further apart from each other to lessen chances of account blowing.

Alexey Frolov
Alexey Frolov 2017.01.08 17:32 

Один из лучших мартинов, если грамотно использовать риски,спасибо Владимиру за работу и за низкую стоимость.

Ngkeanjin Jim
Ngkeanjin Jim 2015.11.21 01:56 

good support

vcmet 2015.09.11 08:11 

Сова работает отлично. Выдерживает просадку (она у нее маленькая) Отложники двигаются вместе с трендом. Потом при развороте собирает хороший урожай. Однозначно самая высокая оценка.

nikolai82 2015.08.05 08:50 

в плюсе)