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Customer 2016.11.21 12:05 > 1000 USD

I trade options on IG, so I choose a contract from them saying price will either be above or below xx price by 7pm. They give you odds depending on how far ITM or OTM market price already is. I have had good success with this usually getting 2:10 reward risk but very high success rate however the loss's I get of course wipe out my profits. I am looking for a way to hedge on the spot market so if price is looking like my option contract will expire OTM then I will open a spot trade that will cover the costs I will incur meaning break even. 

 Just looking for a strategist to help with my strategy.  

 Only serious people contact me please.  

Robert Maidla

Robert Maidla 2016.11.21 12:07
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Shubham Shubham

Shubham Shubham 2016.11.21 12:16
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Grupa Cornelia Nord

Andrei Tambur 2016.11.21 13:11
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Oxana Tambur

Oxana Tambur 2016.11.23 10:45
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