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Customer 2016.11.12 10:07 70 - 100 USD   from 7 to 14 day(s)


I need an EA that can provide a pop out window to simulate Binary Option Call/Put. That window should have

1. Call and Put button

2. Asset available to trade

3. TimeFrame of the trade, 1min,5mins,15mins,30mins, and 60mins.

4. Amount to trade text box

5. Once Call/Put button is pressed, a horizontal line of entry price will be drawn on the graph. This line will be deleted after the trade end.

6. Once Call/Put button is pressed, a row of transaction will be shown with progress bar. The row shows,



Call Or Put




Profit(normally 0.76*Amount, percentage is configurable)


7. Need to have a fake account balance show on the window, with configurable initial amount, if win, add the amount with profit, lose deduct the amount from invest amount.

I would like to own the source code. Please contact me for further details.


Shubham Shubham

Shubham Shubham 2016.11.14 09:41
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Omar Alkassar

Omar Alkassar 2016.11.12 14:38
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Oxana Tambur

Oxana Tambur 2016.11.14 08:04
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