Looking for a piece of code to transform MQL4 into a socket client

MQL4 Experts


I'm expecting a MQL4 EA doing the following:

  • OnInit, connect as client to a websocket server
  • OnTimer, at high frequency (each 0.1 seconds), get any new message from the server and print the result

For testing and validating the EA, we will use the piescocket demo server (https://www.piesocket.com/websocket-tester). This page enables to connect to the server (the EA must do it) and send messages (the EA must receives those messages).
URL to connect to the socket server : wss://demo.piesocket.com/v3/channel_123?api_key=VCXCEuvhGcBDP7XhiJJUDvR1e1D3eiVjgZ9VRiaV&notify_self

To check the EA is correctly working, the following test will be done:

  • Send a text message from the piesocket test server, as server
  • EA (MT4) receives instantly the message and displays (using the Print command)

I guess this EA needs to use a DLL to do the work. If possible, please use an existing windows DLL.

The code must run on MQL4 and should be compatible with MQL5


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