Job id to display 7 point, on a cartesian axis.

MQL4 Indicators


The 6 points will be created using the prices of the 8 major currencies.

The coordinates of the points are points are usd(jpyusd, eurusd), gbp(jpygbp, eurgbp), cad(jpycad, eurcad), chf(jpychf, eurchf), aud(jpyaud, eruaud)

and nzd(jpynzd, eurnzd).

Note that jpyusd=-usdjpy, and so on. 

so the x-coordinates are formed using the jpy pairs

and the y-coordinates are formed using the eurpairs

So, the horizontal axis is made up of currency prices 

and the vertical axis is made up of currency prices

eurusd =100*(current price- price at gmt+0)/(price at gmt+0) and so on. 

The points are displayed as shown below. 


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