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Oasis Indicator


1.       Identify break of structure = BoS line 

2.       Identify Order block = block

3.       Identify higher time frame Point Of Interest (POI) = outline

4.         Identify when OB is ignored turns into breaker block = block 

5.         Identify Gap in market ( = block  

6.         Identify Liquidity ray line with indicator attached


7.      Identify Change of direction CHOCH ( Break of structure then break of swing in opposite direction then back to OB which created break ) = block 


Indicator available that performs 1,2,3 already but need to be created to do everything


All must be customizable ( time frame, colour, outline or solid )

Similar indicator available


  • Auto Mark Break of Structure
  • Auto Mark Order block ( full wick to wick or wick to body )
  • Auto Mark breaker block ( full wick to wick or wick to body )
  • Auto Mark Choch
  • Auto Mark higher time frame Point Of Interest (POI)
  • Auto Mark Gap in market
  • Auto Mark LIQ with ray line
  • Popup Alert, notificaton when price is in Order block/ Breaker block, choch and / or as well as POI  is touched
  • Filter based on time to show OBs and breaker blocks and choch


  • Filter option only  show OB and breaker block in POI and on certain time  

Buttons on/off

  • function show Indicator Suggested Entry / Stop  with Risk / Reward Line
  • Function to Show Imbalances


I have indicator for liquidity and similar one for the order blocks.




based on indicator above



When price is in POI block and order block, Place entry depending on Entry choices along with stoploss dependent on stop loss choices below

(custom time frame for POI block and order block)


Entry choices


  • Entry set outside OB,breaker block, choch block  pips customizable eg 1 to 100 pips
  • Entry  set in block 25%, 50%, 75 % of OB (customizable)

 Order block can only be used twice.

Stop loss

  • Stop loss set outside OB pips customizable eg 1 to 100 pips
  • trailing stop


Take profit options 

  • opporsite POI block or opporsite OB
  • Liquidity ray line touch
  • on psycholocial numbers, I have the indicator 




  • Risk per day
  • limit number trades per day
  • option to compound 
  • Filter based on times to only trade in day
  • Filter only trade breaker block and POI


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