Boom and crash bot


pls I want programmer that could  modify boom and crash bot and add some other option on the bot

pls chat me on telegram+2348141273905 pls dont chat me here on this forum .pls chat me private on telegram


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Hi u promise to keep all materail n ea reserved only n not share in any form Only Expert / PROFESSIONAL developers contact here dear dEvelopers u will create mql4 or 5 or both EA which trades crosses/candle close of certain specified pips UP or down, i.e 10pips up or down from current price, with tp,stp,multiplier two types, profit box,loss box, dataonscreen, timer ,riskEquity,TrailingStoploss take profit, spread
Make a MT4 Stop Hunt Indicator with Alert Stop Hunt is defined as the stop hunt candle closes above the previous fractal low candle vice versa with alerts to Mobile and Telegram Filters include 1. Time Period = will check for stop hunt during specified hours 2. Fractal Candles = 3 or 5 Bars 3. Number of Bars to Check for Stop hunt = Example: 300 Bars Show Fractal High and Lows options With Shapes or Objects with
Need EA to be developed ASAP from Ichimoku customized strategy. 1. Single and multiple order to be initiated ( settings to be customized in EA settings) 2. Trailing stops, take profit and stop loss targets ( settings to be customized in EA settings) 3. Multiple currency / symbol trading at the same time. 4. Tenkan and Kijune signal initiation for buy or sell orders to be sett in EA settings. 5. fully customizable in
i need designed indicator that can simple my trade ... trading boom n crash... a modified indicator that will show me super ENTRY and exit market... errow to catch spike and trend signals... the indicator that will trade boom n crash index only
i kindly asking modifications for this indicator called spike detector ... i need to catch spike from boom and crash... i need to have accurate signal arrows wher i can catch trend sell and buy signals
LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP CAN BE EARNED (!) *sorry if this isn't as professional as other posts, I am new to quantitative trading. Automated Trading System for GBPUSD Currency Pair (Forex) based on Bollinger Bands for MT5 Platform - trading on 1 minute chart This is a simple strategy that relies on the Bollinger Bands' resistance levels. When a candlestick hits the bottom band the system should immediately place a buy
Hi, i would like to make a EA based on Parabolic SAR, ATR, MA, and Grid Martingale. This EA will be base on the current timeframe and indicator to make order. All TP, SL, Grid will be base on ATR value. During the order is lose anti martingale method will open order follow X * ATR value. Different level of grid level there will be different take profit according to percentage. All TP, martingale price and SL will be
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Crear un asesor experto multifuncional para terminales MetaTrader que permita operar utilizando una cuadrícula de pedidos. El algoritmo del Asesor Experto permite construir smart grid tanto con la tendencia como en contra de la tendencia. El comercio con la tendencia está estructurado de tal manera que cada nueva orden se abre solo si la orden anterior tiene un Stop Loss en la zona de ganancias. La negociación en
This EA will scan multiple time frames looking for 3 candle patterns. This will run on MT4. This EA will scan 28 pairs and will have a display panel and will send out alerts when a pattern has been found. Click the link below for more information document/d/1O80cB1-_ QiaZpHviEfmJOu9jeK10REE6HaqpGz 9uB3E/edit?usp=sharing
Hello Developer. I want to make EA trade follow signal from my telegram signal. Final robot trading is source code. Send demo for test if your have ready EA. Regards

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