ATR MT5 EA is a dashboard with 40 pairs inserted by user.

2020.06.30 Indicators Experts


ATR MT5 EA is a dashboard with 40 pairs. At the dashboard, user insert symbols, lots, spreads, Sl, and TF(time frames). The user insert Equity TP, Time Delay, ATR Divider, Start/End of the bot to run. All this besides how to enter/exit positions are written at diagrams/FlowChart in detail no need to change, all correct and tested. An ATR Value indicator mql5 will be used to TP(take profit)- no more indicators only this one.
I show how to code all this at mql bot file attached(VERDANT) which has 90% the same codes and dashboard just to make easier to the freelancer.
The budget is all I can pay for this job - apply only if you have the capability to code this ATR MT5  EA. 
Job has been deleted

Project information

100+ USD
For the developer
90 USD
from 10 to 20 day(s)