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2020.06.29 Experts


1 Trading steanth value base 1st rule day steanth (shift 1) stronge weak buy sell value 60 (oh user recommend)

2.seceond rule intarday steanth(shift0) best ranking pair stronnger weaker value 45 value up to    ( two must always be the same day steanth shift1 and day steanth shift0)  
3.Tradinng time period 13;50_14;15> it;s also save user reccoemnd time period save manual.. (also needed more time period  user reccoemnd time trade ) user can trading period should be locked on
4;Trading time chart 5m..also brearish engulfing bilush other stronger price action,example(pin bar.hammer)
5;SL also trade start time auto paste ema 200 pip sl later price moving before active auto trailing stop lose(trailing stop loss active 30pip moving after,oh user recommend pip
6;Trade exist time 18.00(oh user recommend)
7;max trade intarday 3 pair oh user recommend
8: News time dont;s focus trade Relevant currency
9;Also I am nedded to working mql4 file DONT;S FORGERT IT.
10;Trading curruncy 28pair user recommend

11;symbol prefix suffix

12;I'm looking forward to a new separate dashboard background from you

Job has been deleted

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100+ USD
For the developer
90 USD
to 3 day(s)