Convert a test strategy script from Pine Script to mql4

2020.06.29 Experts Converting


I want to convert this script to mql4:


// @author LazyBear


// If you use this code in its original/modified form, do drop me a note. 


n1 = input(10, "Channel Length")

n2 = input(21, "Average Length")

obLevel1 = input(60, "Over Bought Level 1")

obLevel2 = input(53, "Over Bought Level 2")

osLevel1 = input(-60, "Over Sold Level 1")

osLevel2 = input(-53, "Over Sold Level 2")


ap = hlc3 

esa = ema(ap, n1)

d = ema(abs(ap - esa), n1)

ci = (ap - esa) / (0.015 * d)

tci = ema(ci, n2)


wt1 = tci

wt2 = sma(wt1,4)

plot(0, color=gray)

plot(obLevel1, color=red)

plot(osLevel1, color=green)

plot(obLevel2, color=red, style=3)

plot(osLevel2, color=green, style=3)

plot(wt1, color=green)

plot(wt2, color=red, style=3)

plot(wt1-wt2, color=blue, style=area, transp=80)


strategy(title="Wave Trend Strategy", overlay=false, default_qty_value=1, initial_capital=1000, currency=currency.USD)


longCondition  = crossover(wt1, wt2)

shortCondition = crossunder(wt1, wt2)

strategy.entry(id="Long Entry", long=true, when=longCondition)

strategy.entry(id="Short Entry", long=false, when=shortCondition)

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