I need an EA with my own strategy.

2020.06.28 Experts


I am looking for the EA to work based on these conditions:

Buy Entry:  
1.  The price first crosses the resistance line and closes above the Resistance line and then pulls back but not below the Resistance line and then makes a higer-high and closes above.  The entry will be on new candle once confirmed that the price is higher. (please see screenshot attached)    Price has to always respect the resistance line and should be above it for the trade to be valid and the (pull back) should be above or exactly to the resistance line but not below the resistance line.
2.  The Resistance line should be either previous day's High, previous week's high or previous month's high.
3.  The trend should be an uptrend.

Sell entry will be opposite based on support levels for daily, weekly and monthly.  The trend will be downwards.  (please see examples of sell trade as attached.)

(inbuilt default settings)
Please do see that video if you got time to understand how the internal stop loss and trailing can work (always if it is buy trend then the stop loss will go below the pulls back if it is very far from resistance/support line and if not then 10 pips below the resistance/support line. (take profit should be auto calculated based on the stop loss 1:1)  (IF I DONT ENTER ANY VALUES IN SL AND TP IN THE INPUT SETTINGS)

Take profit 1 (pips  in input settings

Take profit close 2 (pips) in input settings.

Partial close at TP1 (%) what amount of trade needs to get close at TP1.  (example 20 usd is profit and i says 25% in input, then 5 usd gets closed at TP1.
stop loss
Trailing stop
lot size
and other settings as default which you know better based on this kind of EA requirement.  I will discuss further when I get the right person to work on it with screenshots and videos.

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Project information

100 - 150 USD
For the developer
90 - 135 USD
from 1 to 8 day(s)