Connect Rithmic data feed to MT5

2020.05.23 Integration



I need a "Service" or "EA" program to connect Rithmic data feed to MT5 as client (can use DLL, I need the source code)

This data feed connection must be through the new R|TraderPro feature that allow connect plugins to the "host" R|TraderPro

For details about the "host" R|TraderPro see this video:

The MT5 program must have:

-Parameter “SymbolsList” separate by semicolon with symbols name to subscribe to market data.

-All necessary parameters to login to "host" R|TraderPro (included Aggregate or not)

-When the program in loaded, need to create custom symbols if not exists with specified symbols from “SymbolsList” (do not need load history data from Rithmic)

-A new tick in MT5 must have to be triggered by new quote (bid or ask changes) not only by trades

-When new tick is detected the native mql5 function “CustomTicksAdd” must be called to insert the tick to this symbol.

-This integration must have zero latency between R|TraderPro and MT5 custom symbols, running in the same machine

-Allow connect multiple MT5 clients to R|TraderPro “host” without lost speed and quality.

-If connection lost, print error message and reconnect. 

I need the source code from all implementations. 

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180 USD
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