Looking for ideal help as a father and husband i cant work anymore. If interested in helping let me know please.

2020.05.23 Experts


I'm asking for a decent trading bot that can help turn my life around and actually help my self and family get our own house and try to start living a bit easy I broke my back twice and not able to do much anything anymore.

I tried multiple types of free bots out there and none i understand how to use or they either dont work. I'd like to see best profitable indicators, strategy, and trialing with all the above possible and i am willing to make an actual offer if it works and runs smooth that would make me more happy to support my family even at the times are now rock bottoms.

Honestly scared asking for help to build one when i have no idea how to build anything by programs.

Job has been deleted

Project information

30 - 9000 USD
For the developer
27 - 8100 USD
to 30 day(s)