SL Wyckoff-methods

2020.05.20 Indicators


hello friends this;is my privet indicator real price 125$ i can play you 5th day end left,This requires a great designer

1   First create a new one similar to the Indicator               (VSA_Relative_Volume) <:p><:p>

2   highlight vsa price action beautiful logo using <:p><:p>

 Signs of weakness                                  Signs of strength 


1- end of rising market                          1- bag holding


2- buying climax                                      2- stopping volume

3- no demand                                          3- bottom reversal <:p><:p>

4- Upthrust                                               4- Shakeout <:p><:p>

5- Wide spread down bar                      5- test <:p><:p>

6- effort with no result                           6- volume absorption <:p><:p>



3volume has different values in defferent candles. i need that vsa values print under the down or up on that matching candle.when up trend,values must be printed in down side of candle.when down trend values must be print up side on candles

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45+ USD
For the developer
40.5 USD
to 5 day(s)