Forex trading robot

2020.01.14 Experts


I am all a bit lost when it comes to trading, I am looking for an automated robot that can trade for me hopefully making me enough to live off each month. Looking to get something that I can start with a small amount and get earning fairly fast. I know this all sounds too good to be true but seeing if this is possible as I've seen lots online that can give large returns but come at a cost. Also I am using the app, checking and running on tablets and phones, I understand that some required a pc or Mac running full time but I don't have that at the moment. Can something be set up that can run automatically maybe remotely, if not then it's going to be more cost for me. Cost can be discussed but as little as possible or a payment once profits have been seen, willing to share some profits if the system is making a large amount each month. 

Project information

30+ USD
VAT (20%): 6 USD
Total: 36 USD
For the developer
27 USD


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