Create indicator that allows to look at multipule selected .ex4 files color buffer tab and combine into one single arrow on chart for trade signal. (Personal Job)

2019.09.05 Indicators Experts



I'm looking to create a basic MT4 indicator that looks at multiple .ex4 files, color buffer tab for up and down signal, and allows you to combine into one single arrow on chart.

Things needed on Input Tab:

1) 10 optional fields that can be turned on and off, Example: Use Indicator 1 = True or False.  Use Indicator 2 = True or False. Use Indicator 3 = True or False..................

1.1) Each of these optional fields must include a field for me to type the indicator .ex4 name I am using on the current chart.

1.2) Each of these optional fields must include a field for me to type in the indicators color tab buy and sell buffer number also.

2) There must be a field called entry which determines if I choose intra candle or next candle.

2.1) Intra candle means, as soon as all the selected indicators color buffers are the same a signal arrow appears on chart straight away.

2.2) Next candle means, by the existing candle close  if color buffers are the same signal on chart, then on next candle open  signal arrow appears straight away. 

Please be clear with conditions for 2.2) If at candle close these conditions are not there any longer, DO NOT provide signal next candle open, this helps with repainting indicators, this part is very important to get correct.

3) Alerts.  Needs Alert, Mail, Push = True or False.

That's it any questions or comments are welcome, thank you kindly and good luck :)

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