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There is a newer version available: Please follow this link to the new product version

Powerplay is an easy-to-use trading system for beginners, advanced and professional traders.

The multi timeframe display is the perfect complement to unleash the full potential of Powerplay.

You'll see at a glance and for all timeframes at which direction the trend is running.

Catch the trends at an early stage and ride the wave till it breaks.

Improve your trading results with a great support and resistance indicator.

Please download the Powerplay User Manual to get detailed information.

Best Practice

  • Check higher time frames to go with the main trend and get higher profits
  • Open Buy Position if M1 = long, M5 = long, M15 = long, M30 = long
  • Open Sell Position if M1 = short, M5 = short, M15 = short, M30 = short

Key Features

  • Never repaints
  • Accessible buffers for EA developers
  • Works on every symbol and time frame
  • Works on all kind of offline charts like Renko and range bar charts
  • Alert options like E-Mail, Terminal Message and Notification Service for mobile devices
This product is part of our Blueball Trading System.


  • Length/Periods/Deviation: These parameters are the basic calculation parameters for Powerplay. Please feel free to experiment with these parameters to find the optimum setup for your symbol and trading strategy.
  • Candle close rules: This option provides an alternative calculation method where the Close of the last candle is deciding if the trend is broken or valid. The main advantage of this calculation is the prevention from so called “false breakouts”.
  • Hide Powerplay panel: This resource-saving "EACall" option is especially for developers. If set to "true" Powerplay stops the MTF display and delivers just plain indicator values for iCustom queries at the buffers 3 and 4.
  • Alert and notification options
    • Alert on current time frame - Set "true" if you like to get an alert if the trend switches at the underlying timeframe
    • Use this time and all below for inline alerts - You'll get an alert if all trend from M1 up to your select timeframe are in-line
    • Show pop-up messages - Set "true" to receive pop-up notifications
    • Send an e-mail - Set "true" to receive a notification e-mail
    • Send mobile notifications - Set "true" to receive mobile notifications
    • Play an alert sound - Set "true" to receive an audible notification
    • Default alert sound - Choose your favorite alert sound
  • Graphical Settings: Powerplay provides a fully customizable layout. So you are able to change the defaults of the arrows and set your own font size and colors for the Powerplay MTF display. Create it as you like it best.
2017.06.29 12:53 

thanks mister

i trade very classical with analysis on month week day and 2h .......i ve got a good winning ratio 70 per cent without indicators.....but then this one is very efficient and pro .......hope to reach at least a 80 per cent with this tool and more confidence a kind of set it and forget .very nice tool ,thanks ,i give 6 stars :)

2017.03.28 10:05 

The first two days i am working on real account with Blueball Trading System and i got my first 90 pips profit already.

Very good System, easy to handle and you need a little bit time and patience only. I do not trade 100 times per day just 2-4 times per day only ( i prefer entries in the morning )

and i try to find the best currency pairs for profitable results. If there is no chance ok just wait or do not trade.

Highly recommended, very good job from the Seller.

2017.02.06 18:30 

Mr.Daniel, Perfect indicator, thank you good job.

Alin Nicolae Odagiu
2016.11.03 17:23 

I use this since 2014 ,still on my charts.great 5 star support also from Dany.

2016.10.17 10:45 

Superindikator!! 5 Sterne mit Extrasternchen ... :-)). Danke, Daniel. Ich werde mir den Powerplay Trademanager auch noch dazu kaufen. Ganz tolle Softwareprogrammierleistung!

Ich nutze Powerplay zusammen mit der "Breakout Box" (von Claus Dietrich, kostenlos bei MQL5), dem "Argo 123" (15,00 Euro bei MQL5), "Blahtech Supply and Demand" (299,00 Euro bei MQL5) und "ATRonPrices" (kostenlos bei MQL5). Ab und zu nutze ich den "autophenomeneon" oder "fibonaccimiracle" (gibt es kostenlos im Internet - einfach mal googlen). Mit dem "Line Profit Loss" (kostenlos bei MQL5) kann ich sehen, wie viel ich verdiene..... :-))). Damit der Brooker nicht sieht, wo meine Stops sind, nutze ich den "Trademanager" (Firma nu-fx). Arbeiten zusammen großartig... :-))).

2016.09.14 18:26 

at first, i thought bit fishy about so many good rating, but its not

i'l add some :D

thanks Daniel

2016.07.21 06:31 

Thank you Daniel for a fantastic suite of products! I currently own PowerPlay, Lighthouse and Analyzer. They are all very professionally produced and work very efficiently. On top of that, they are a great trader's aide. I am developing an EA that uses PowerPlay to both filter and generate buy/sell signals. My coder was having some difficulty with the PowerPlay iCustom call in the EA. I contacted Daniel for help - he was VERY responsive and did not stop until the problem was resolved. Great product! Great customer support!

Maurice Kunen
2016.06.01 19:18 

Excellent indicator in forex trading no doubt about that! I use it along with the other Blueball indicators. Besides that Daniel is very kind

and always helpful. A well deserved 5 star rating!!!

2016.01.29 14:19 


2016.01.10 10:04   

Have rented this indicator. Will start trying it out, so not giving a mark so far. Have read ecstatic reviews that made me hopeful, however, I would be much more appreciated if you wrote some advices & recommendations about using it (for example, how do you adjust the settings for your purposes; timeframes; another indies to run well with this one...), not outpoured happy emotions.

Fabricio Correia
2016.01.06 10:30 

Where do i start....

It seem to me that the only way to actually be on profit in forex is not by trading but by codding EAs etc....so beeing such a cynical person as i am, when i came across this indicator with 20+ 5* reviews, little deamons in my head all shout at once !its a trap!! But just after six weeks i am anxious do review this product.I have been having 70% win rate on trades, could be better but i am latin and my blood boils if the trade goes against me 5 pips and i leave the trade(the noob). Dont belive me? Well if u are reading this review you are still struggling to trade in MT4, this product is not only a great indicator for entry but as well to place the S/L, and that's amazing.

My best regards to Daniel

Marius Lazar
2016.01.03 06:47 

Probably the best indicator out there. It became quickly essential to my trading strategy. All Daniel's products are professional grade. Thank you!

2015.12.28 13:42 

This is the best trend indicator in the MQL5 Market definitely !!

I use it in Forex and BO togheter Analyzer Pro with excellent results.

Note of merit to Daniel always kind and ready to solve any problems.

5 stars

Artiom Timofeev
2015.10.18 11:45 

Best Indicators on market I found so far. 6 stars.

Thanks Daniel

jinhee Lee
2015.10.01 14:28 

It's really good. It works for me. If you can use it as a filter for your existing strategy, it'll be a great help for you too!

2015.09.21 14:54 

Очень хороший индикатор!!!

Rinor Memeti
2015.09.03 14:17 

Lost many Pips on first day. Second day i get around zero profit/loss. Third day my losses from first day are back in my account. very good indicator after understanding behaviour and way of working.

Strongly recommend to use it first on demo accounts to learn how to trade with. That was my mistake.

Nice Support but unfortunately you dont really need the support because of a good description per videos and manuals.

Im using powerplay and analyzer pro.

2015.08.28 08:51 

Fantastic indicator. I have won 7/7 trades with it. It is early days but the results are very promising. I mainly trade D1 charts but it's brilliant to see what's happening in other time frames too. I use lighthouse and currency strength indicator alongside it and using all three together makes it a very powerful tool. I highly reccomend this product.

UPDATE 28/08/2015...I have now been using this indicator for a few months and the results are amazing.

Zack van Zyl
2015.04.29 21:04 

Excellent product. Daniel has exceptional support with all his tools and I can recommend his entire range of products to any trader regardless of their style of trading. Thanks!

2015.03.19 01:39 

I've bought many trailing stops / idicators that just are terribly programmed, crash, or plain do not work. I dont want to leave my computer and wonder if my stops are actually working as they should.

I can confidently say that anything programmed by Daniel is top notch as far as reliability is concerned. Like many others here have said the customer service he provides is above and beyonf anything you will find on MQL5. I personally dont know how he finds the time but i commend him for his excellent business sense. I bought a stop yesterday from another vendor that i wanted to try and basically should have just lit up 50 bucks and watched it burn. The same can be said for much of the programmed robots and indicators on MQL5. I dont normally write any reviews but this one deserves a 5 star rating.

Principle Analysis
2015.01.30 16:27 

This is a fantastic indicator for intraday trading. I use it in combination with their Analyzer Pro, and the DOTS method. The DOTS method price levels work best when you can align yourself with the trend and select the strongest and weakest currencies. The combination of Powerplay and the Analyzer Pro tell me exactly which currencies are trending, and which are strongest and weakest. This saves me a ton of time, and makes trading DOTS much easier and more efficient.

Daniel provides great service, is very responsive, and makes adjustments and modifications to please his customers. Great indicators and great people. I highly recommend.

Pavonine Asia
2015.01.30 13:58 

Best indicator ever

2014.12.17 00:42 

What this will do:

Show you multiple timeframes at a gland and the trend they are currently in

When looking for a long/short signal, this helps to quickly determine the trend

Help you to trail your stop during a trending market

What this will not do:

Tell you exactly where price is going (no indicator works 100%)

The only negative to say about this indicator is that you can get confusing (whipsaw) signals during a ranging market, which can happen with any indicator.

Powerplay is a big help and likely the best of it's kind that I've used

Nesho Marinov
2014.11.21 10:49 

This indicator is one of the best I ever use. My advice is first to learn how to use it in demo account and once you get use to it, start trading in real.

Daniel Schwoerer
2014.11.02 06:18 

I would not want to miss this anymore. Well done !

Anthony Biro
2014.09.19 04:27 

Great product and even better after purchase service!!

Thanks Daniel

2014.07.22 12:30 

No doubts, it is the best indicator on MQL5. Incredible!

Kim Jonghyuk
2014.07.08 14:52 

Powerplay tell you not only which trend it is, but also WHEN YOU MUST LOSSCUT. So you can manage your risk percent perfectly. Also for who know ABC about metatrader scripting, Powerplay afford you buffer to help building your own system integrated.

Yuko Araki
2014.06.24 05:38 

Very excellent and helpful tool!

I can avoid useless trades now!

Pawel Czechowski
2014.06.20 10:36 

Don't you know where to put stop loss and follow the trend? Then this indicator should be already at your service! If you are a serious trader looking for profit and easy life the answer is easy - Powerplay indicator.

Robert Edison
2014.04.24 14:57 

Daniel is very responsive to requests for new features. I'm developing a EA based on it and other indicators with exceptional backtest results on some pairs. I expect that others can do the same. Great job with the new release Daniel.

2014.03.26 10:29 

Thank you very much for this helpful tool.

Reading charts and managing trades is much easier now. :-)

Keep up the good work.

版本 2.8 - 2017.02.10
版本 2.7 - 2017.01.31
Revision of the Powerplay indicator properties

Performance optimizations

Added drag&drop function to move Powerplay MTF display
版本 2.6 - 2016.06.01
- Minor bug fixes and improvements
版本 2.5 - 2015.09.22
Added customizable in-line alerts so you'll get notified if a number of timeframes has the same trends
版本 2.4 - 2015.04.29
Added right-sided MTF trend display option
Fixed minor graphical bug
版本 2.3 - 2015.04.23
Added weekly trend state at MTF display
Fixed notification bug with "closerules" calculation
版本 2.2 - 2014.10.08
Added customizable background for better visibility
Fixed bug while drawing arrows after reload of history data
版本 2.1 - 2014.09.16
MTF display performance bug fixed.
版本 2.0 - 2014.09.09
- Set up new properties sequence.
- New calculation structure for better performance.
版本 1.9 - 2014.09.02
Redesigned deinit sequence.
版本 1.8 - 2014.06.23
Added a new resource-saving "EACall" option for EA developers.
If set to "true" Powerplay stops the MTF display and delivers just plain indicator values for iCustom queries at the buffers 3 and 4.
版本 1.7 - 2014.06.13
Improved MTF calculation.
版本 1.6 - 2014.05.28
- Added Notification Service for mobile devices
版本 1.5 - 2014.05.07
- Improved source code for a better performance.
- Corrected double arrows in trend change
版本 1.4 - 2014.04.24
- Added discreet display mode.
- Added "closerules" option to ignore whipsaws.
版本 1.3 - 2014.04.11
New standard settings for a smoother trading.
版本 1.2 - 2014.03.27
Multi timeframe display added.
版本 1.1 - 2014.03.25
Small graphical corrections.