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Gap and Trail

Effective trading on a live account. The effect of closing the price gap (gap) is used. Trailing stop of open positions reduces risk. Minimum deposit of $ 10.

Features of the trading strategy

After weekends or holidays, gaps often appear on the market (gaps in price charts). According to statistics, most gaps closes (the price returns to the beginning of the gap). The trading strategy implemented by this robot is based on this regularity. At the time of the gap, the robot opens the position in the direction of its closure. For each transaction, individual goals are calculated depending on the characteristics of the market. Open positions are accompanied by a robot. In the process of price movement, a trailing stop is performed on the extremes of the formed candles, which significantly reduces trading risks.

The robot has all the protections that allow it to work successfully in adverse conditions on a real account. Also, flexible money management adapts transactions for the accumulated volumes and allows you to reinvest the funds received. All this makes the work of the robot as safe and efficient as possible.

On major currency pairs, gaps occur relatively rarely, usually after weekends or holidays. Therefore, the robot opens transactions infrequently (2-4 per month). However, transactions are very accurate and open with increased volume, providing a given high trading efficiency.


Testing was conducted on the quotes of the standard real account of the Alpari broker and showed the stability of the operation of the robot over long periods (3-5 years). When testing for the period 2017 - 2018 g with a starting deposit of $ 100, the following results were obtained (rounded): on EURUSD $30000; on GBPJPY $217000 and on GBPUSD $98000. The results are shown in the screenshots.


  • Magic number - magic number for orders;
  • Language - robot message language (Eng / Rus);
  • Trading days - allowed trading days (Only monday / All days);
  • Use money management - use of automatic capital management ( Yes / No);
  • Magnification factor of the lot - coefficient of linear dependence of the lot on the available funds in money management;
  • Initial lot - initial lot with money management disabled;
  • Size of the gap - the minimum size of the gap, which is allowed to open trades, points;
  • Coefficient of the take profit - gap share used for profit (0.2-1.0);
  • Stop loss - initial stop loss, points;
  • To control the spread before opening order -  (Yes / No);
  • Maximum spread - maximum spread for opening trades (if a To control the spread = Yes).

Recommendations for use

The robot can be used to trade on any accounts. But it is preferable to use accounts with 5-digit quotes, low spread and high speed. Account leverage is preferably at least 1: 500.

In the case of a floating spread, when it is possible to have an unacceptable spread, you should prohibit positioning with an invalid spread value using the To control the spread = Yes parameter. The deal will be opened when the spread becomes less than the value specified in Maximum spread.

The Maximum spread parameter must be greater than the minimum spread of a specific account. Otherwise, the robot will not work. Good results are obtained if the broker provides a fixed spread of no more than 10-30 points.

Optimization over time is usually not needed. However, when switching to other brokers, especially with an increase in the spread, optimization may be necessary.

Existing set-files will be posted on the Comments page.

If optimization is needed, I will tell the buyer details of it in a personal message.

If you have questions, write me a private message. I am pleased to help on any issue.

iwakgatul 2020.05.07 22:37 

but 1 thing for sure, i lost alot with this EA even with new updated EA and new configuration

someone post any real account monitoring then i can decide will continue using this EA or not

danielshang 2020.04.27 02:49 

Great EA, 欢迎中国用户加微信18621870806交流探讨

Mcatrina 2020.04.01 22:58 

A very good adviser, the author will always prompt and help in the settings, answer any questions. Recommend.

Revilo2200 2020.03.23 21:31 

I have been using Vadims G&T for 6 months. That is why it only makes sense to write a transparent review today. What can I say? It feels good, after countless EA purchases and many more back tests, has finally found a product that 1 .: makes continuous profit and 2 .: lets me sleep peacefully (since I only have the EA active on Mondays). I personally decided to only use Vadims EA, since I would rather earn 500 euros a month than 11 months 2000 euros, in order to lose everything because of flash crashes in the 12th month. This happened to me twice. Not only did I lose a lot of money, I also lost a lot of hair (that's no joke). For a few weeks now I've also got the gap prof. So far only profit trades and no loss trades. But I continue to compare. And there is nothing more to say about Vadim than excellent. In every way. Thank you for everything!! Hopefully my hair will come back :-)

Dmitriy Rodivilov
Dmitriy Rodivilov 2020.03.21 15:05 

Отличный советник, показывает хорошую прибыль. Автор всегда готов ответить на вопросы. Рекомендую

Jose Miguel Ortiz
Jose Miguel Ortiz 2019.11.22 21:05 

I bought this robot a few weeks ago and still testing it because it doesnt do many trades but so far very happy with it and lots of support from Vadim.

Volodymyr Dromov
Volodymyr Dromov 2019.11.16 06:33 

Хороший робот , постоянные улучшения

Abou Azouz
Abou Azouz 2019.11.04 06:19 

Worth five stars .... Vadim responsive and adviser

Rishikanta Laishram
Rishikanta Laishram 2019.10.18 05:15 

After observation for a couple of week I finally found the robot working on the chart with profit. This robot does not not take frequent trade except in the gape It is really a wonderful job Mr. Vadim has developed I would like to encourage the developer for his effort. Now I would like to give four star because there is more job to fulfill the need after that will give more than five ...thank you Mr. Vadim..

abyadfx 2019.10.11 10:30 

The backtest is good and I put it into real account, I will update my review after a couple of weeks.

srm007 2019.09.29 18:31 

This EA seems to have a lot of potential. Vadim is also prompt to answer queries.

Stefano Adrian Previti
Stefano Adrian Previti 2019.09.19 14:30 

Vadim is the best developer i have ever met on mql5. You can ask him everything and he will help you to solve. Gap and trail works good. I have been using it for more than a month now and are happy with it. Keep on improving it Vadim!!!!

Po Yuan Chen
Po Yuan Chen 2019.09.16 04:17 

Vadim is super! Very supportive....always answer your questions in no time! A lot of potential with this EA. Hope to learn how to set it right in the future as well.

drnsf 2019.08.23 21:01 

What to say about Vadim an excellent developer ,i am glad to see him making new products.I must trully say that is one of very few developers in mql5 that is always helpfull.The mql5 base administrators must be very anxious from what is happening crazy prices for developments that we can't be sure that work in real accounts.I am very happy with Vadim's products and be sure that they work in real accounts.

trampcat0817 2019.08.05 19:02 

瓦迪姆教授!他非常的熱心助人!回覆問題非常迅速!是一個非常值得信賴的!5 star +++++

GoodMan 2019.07.19 19:01 

Vadim is a good programmer so helpful and responds so quickly.

now I finally discovered the best way to rule this trick by the idea of this great EA

after a loooong tests and studies, there are 2 requires to make it a success

the trusted Broker that allows you to make a withdrawal what ever your profit is,

having a high trading quality performance

and the most common thing is the timing of work with a many timing requiters

and that's before beginning of the position or even the thinking of it's a good day for doing it or not

thanks Vadim,

thanks bro.

maj3t327 2019.07.04 12:31 

If any of you bought it and take some time with it, please, tell us how it is going because I just bought it and in all the tests I have done the results are spectacular, incredible good. I am now waiting for the next Monday to arrive to see real results. Thank you.

Kwok Keung Cheng
Kwok Keung Cheng 2019.07.03 18:29 


Changgui Leng
Changgui Leng 2019.05.29 17:51 


Fahri Korkut
Fahri Korkut 2019.04.30 17:59 

Tested in different time frames and gpb paires. test results are impresive. Vadim is also response quickly and very helpful.

RIZA DOEK 2019.02.11 13:21 

Have bought the EA, I am in the testing phase, will report in detail afterwards. Vadim is very nice and helpful and responds to questions very quickly. + + + + +

By me 5 stars +

musallam 2019.01.23 07:24 

When i write a comment or review, i look at everything not only the performance of the EA, here I am going to talk about the service provided by Vadim, he replies to any inquiry immediately moreover he is helpful.

Regarding the the performance of the EA i need more time to write about it because of the nature of the EA that doesn't trade too much, maybe i will come back in a month for an update.

Keokone 2019.01.17 14:10 

This is a very good EA and the author is attentive to his work and to the users.

Pavel Bobrovskiy
Pavel Bobrovskiy 2018.12.07 00:33 

Very interesting adviser!

版本 3.1 2019.12.18
Increased robot noise immunity. Improved filtering reliability from false positives. Unexpected surges of volatility in the middle of the day, causing false gaps, now do not lead to the opening of transactions. This reduces the total number of unprofitable positions and significantly increases the profitability of the robot.
版本 2.8 2019.11.28
Improved stop loss trailing. Now trailing begins only when the position is in profit. This significantly reduces the number of positions closed at a loss due to premature stop loss bias. In general, this helps to increase the profitability of the robot.
版本 2.7 2019.11.13
A comparison of the spread with the goals of the position being opened has been introduced. If the spread exceeds the goals size, the robot will wait for the spread to drop to an acceptable value, after which it will check all the criteria again. This reduces the losses from high spread entries.
版本 2.6 2019.07.15
Improved reliability of entry in to the market in case of broker failure.
版本 2.5 2019.06.30
The code is unified with the code for MT5. This provides the best opportunities for optimization on real broker quotes.
The automatic accounting of the order setting policy on the broker server is provided. This provides an increase in the profitability of the robot when working in the market during low liquidity.
版本 1.3 2019.04.15
The procedure for opening orders in difficult market conditions has been strengthened.
版本 1.2 2018.12.06
Fixed errors in the use of stops located close to the current price.