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True Scalper EA MT5

True Scalper EA MT5 is a fully automated Expert Advisor, that does not use standard indicators. It applies an original scalping algorithm based on the price movement for analyzing the market conditions. Depending on the mode selected in the Dynamic_Lot input parameter, the EA can trade using either the fixed lot specified in Fix_Lot or using a dynamic lot with the value calculated based on the free margin and the Balance and Risk parameters. The TakeProfit and StopLoss values can be set manually, or automatically set by the EA. Positions are closed either after reaching the TakeProfit or StopLoss, or when the profit taking block triggers, or by time. The EA features the ability to trade at the specified time. Suitable for trading instruments with three and five decimal places. Optimized for trading EURUSD M15.


  • Ready to go without any particular setup.
  • Minimum initial deposit starts from $50 when using a fixed lot of Fix_Lot=0.01;
  • It is possible to set the maximum allowed spread value for opening a position;
  • It is possible to set the maximum size of the dynamic lot;
  • It is possible to allow trading at the specified time of the day;
  • It works best on the EURUSD M15;
  • Account type - any.


  • Easy to use, no complex settings;
  • No martingale, no hedging.


  • Trade - trading settings;
  • Dynamic_Lot - dynamic lot mode. Automatic calculation and setting of the lot size based on free margin and the Balance and Risk parameters;
  • Risk - maximum risk per trade for calculation of the dynamic lot size. Recommended values are 10 to 30;
  • Fix_Lot - fixed lot size. Recommended value is 0.01 for deposit of $50 or higher;
  • StopLoss - Stop Loss value in pips. If 0 - calculated and set by the EA;
  • TakeProfit - the Take Profit value in pips. If 0 - calculated and set by the EA;
  • Max_Spread - maximum allowed spread size for opening positions, in points. If 0 - no more than 20 points;
  • Max_Lot - maximum allowed dynamic lot size;
  • Pos_Live - maximum holding time for unprofitable positions, hours. If 0 - ignored;
  • TimeTrade - trading time settings;
  • StartHour - trading start hour;
  • StopHour - trading end hour;
  • Optimization - settings for the EA optimization;
  • Close_Day - enable/disable forced closure of positions at the end of the trading day;
  • Loss/Volume - the level to trigger the position averaging block. Suitable values are from 10 to 200;
  • Profit/Volume - the level to trigger the profit taking block. Suitable values are from 10 to 150;
  • Fibo_Break - the level for controlling the market volatility. Suitable values are from 0 to 1;
  • Monday - enable/disable trading on Monday;
  • Tuesday - enable/disable trading on Tuesday;
  • Wednesday - enable/disable trading on Wednesday;
  • Thursday - enable/disable trading on Thursday;
  • Friday - enable/disable trading on Friday;
  • Average_Ratio - lot multiplier for averaging orders. Recommended values are 1 to 5.


  • Recommended pair: EURUSD;
  • Timeframe: M15.
Konstantinum 2019.03.16 11:28 

Тестировал данного советника с 18.02.2019 по 16.03.2019. То есть, 4 календарных недели.

Первоначальный депозит был $5000, после теста он стал $5703. Прирост составил 14%.

Тестировал на стандартных настройках с параметром RISK=20.

О роботе можно сказать следующее.


+ Робот действительно зарабатывает.

+ Робот очень простой. Поставил его и он просто работает.

+ Довольно быстро оптимизируется в любых режимах на современном компьютере на годовом периоде.


- Цена 600 долларов слишком велика за такого робота. За эти деньги можно купить 3-4 рабочих робота с подобной прибыльностью (посидите 1-2 недели на маркете и вы их найдёте), либо 20 месяцев хороших сигналов, где вам вообще не придётся париться за оптимизацию и прочие робо-дела.

- Результаты в тестере и реале не совпадают.За этот же период результат в тестере составляет около $5995. Таким образом, погрешность по прибыли составляет 41%. Довольно много. Иногда в тестере он встаёт в лонг, а в реале в шорт, или наоборот. Иногда несколько счетов при работе на одних настройках на одном и том же брокере, при одной и той же цене берут позиции в разных направлениях. Не совсем понятно как в таком случае принимать результаты оптимизации и доверять им. Я задавал этот вопрос автору. Она в курсе и, судя по всему, исправлять это никак не будет. Вам придётся с этим жить и работать.

- Робот плохо торгует контртренд и почти не зарабатывает при флэте. Особенно если контртренд идёт без откатов.

- Робот не умеет определять направление текущего тренда и вовремя "переобуваться" в нужную сторону.

- Робот использует усреднение с умножением лота.

В связи со всем этим, могу поставить только 3 звезды. Робот рабочий, он зарабатывает, это не мало и уже отличает его от 99% здешних продуктов. Но он всё ещё требует некоторой доработки. Всё время теста не покидало ощущение, что я тестирую какую-то предрелизную бета-версию, которую ещё будут дорабатывать перед поступлением в продажу.

И ЦЕНА! ЦЕНА! ЦЕНА! 600 долларов? Серьёзно? Раньше он стоил 300 долларов и то, такая цена была завышена. 600 долларов - это уже перебор. Была бы цена ниже - было бы 4 звезды, но с такой ценой и описанными недостатками только 3.


I tested this adviser from 02/18/2019 to 03/16/2019. That is 4 calendar weeks.

The initial deposit was $ 5000, after the test it became to $ 5703. The increase was 14%.

Tested on standard settings with parameter RISK = 20.

I can say the following:


+ The robot really earns money.

+ The robot is very simple. Put it on graph and it just works.

+ Pretty quickly optimized in any mode on a modern computer for the 1-year period.


- The price of 600 dollars is too high for this a robot. For this money you can buy 3-4 working robots with similar profitability (sit for 1-2 weeks on the market and you will find them)

or 20 months of good signals, where you don’t have to engage for optimization and other robo cases at all.

- The results in the tester and the real do not match. For the same period, the result in the tester is about $ 5995. Thus, the margin of error is 41%. Quite a bit of. Sometimes in the tester, he gets up in long, and in real life in short, or vice versa.

Sometimes several accounts when working on the same settings on the same broker, at the same price take positions in different directions. It is not entirely clear how in this case to take the results of optimization and trust them. I asked this question to the author. She is in the know and, apparently, there will be no way to fix it.

You have to live and work with it.

- The robot trades badly countertrend and almost does not earn when flat. Especially if the countertrend goes without kickbacks.

- The robot does not know how to determine the direction of the current trend and “change shoes” in the right direction in time.

- The robot uses averaging with lot multiplication.

In connection with all this, I can put only 3 stars. The robot is work, he earns, this is not small and already distinguishes him from 99% of the market products. But it still needs some work. All the time of the test did not leave the feeling that I was testing some kind of pre-release beta version, which would still be finalized before going on sale.

AND PRICE! PRICE! PRICE! 600 dollars? Seriously? Previously, it cost 300 dollars, and then, this price was too high. 600 dollars is already overkill. If the price were lower, there would be 4 stars, but with such a price and the described disadvantages only 3.

Valter Oliveira
Valter Oliveira 2018.05.15 17:44 

You can get good results using the default settings.

Adjusting the lot size to the account balance, the drawdown is small. As a proportion, I suggest applying lot size 0.01 for every US$ 1000.

Nguyen Van Tuan
Nguyen Van Tuan 2017.12.28 23:36 

Good EA. Thanks Seda

Alex V.
Alex V. 2017.03.09 19:10 

Спасибо за обновление! Робот стал показывать более лучшие результаты в тесте на реальных тиках. Запущу вначале на демо, потом перейду на реал

abramaleks 2017.03.09 18:18 

Good EA and Good Support. Thanks dear Seda.

版本 10.0 2019.01.26
Removed ban on opening positions with a spread of more than 20 points.
版本 9.0 2019.01.18
Removed input parameter Balance.
Optimized input parameters Max_Spread and Fibo_Break.
版本 8.0 2018.06.21
Added the Average_Ratio input parameter.
版本 7.0 2018.03.08
Corrected the operation of the module responsible for analysis of the currency pair's "overbought - oversold" states.
版本 6.0 2018.01.26
Added prohibition of trading on the days of USD and EUR interest rate announcement.
版本 5.0 2017.10.18
Modified the market entry algorithm.
版本 4.0 2017.05.12
Added the Close_Day, Loss/Volume, Profit/Volume, Fibo_Break, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday inputs.
版本 3.0 2017.03.30
Modified algorithm for profit taking.
Added prohibition on opening positions when spread is greater than 20 points.
Added market news filtering, namely, trading is stopped before the release of high-impact news.
版本 2.0 2017.03.06
Corrected the EA operation on trending markets.