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Smart scalper

SMART SCALPER is a fully automated scalper EA which trades based on breakthroughs of local price extremums. Each open position is protected by a hidden stop order managed by an advanced modification algorithm to minimize possible drawdown. Profit is locked using a smart multistage strategy allowing to significantly increase the EA profitability. The Expert Advisor allows you to trade a fixed lot, as well as includes the money management unit for automatic lot calculation based on the preset risk per trade. I recommend that you use an ECN account with low spread and fast execution.


  • Smart stop order;
  • Smart profit fixing step algorithm;
  • Fixed and automated lot based on MM;
  • Does not use indicators;
  • No hedging;
  • No grid, martingale or arbitrage;
  • Low trading drawdown;
  • Easy to set up.


  • Timeframe: H1, H4.
  • Minimum deposit $50.
  • Account type: ECN.
  • Account currency: USD.


  • FixedLot - fixed lot if RiskPerOrder = 0.
  • RiskPerOrder - risk value in %.
  • DepoLoadPercent - deposit usage in %.
  • TakeProfit - the take profit level in pips.
  • TPParts - number of steps for partial profit closure.
  • TPDist - the average distance between profit closure steps in pips.
  • StopLoss - the stop loss level in pips.
  • StartTrailing - start of trailing stop in pips.
  • MainTrailing - the main trailing stop in pips.
  • EntryDistnce - offset of the placement price of the pending order relative to the local extremum, pips.
  • Ktp - lot ratio for closing the first part of the order, when the price reaches the TakeProfit level, %.
  • RollBack - rollback value of the signal candle for repeated placement of the order, pips
  • SmartEntry - use the smart function for analyzing the market entry points.
  • BuyLimitDistance - price offset for placing the BuyLimit orders in pips.
  • SellLimitDistance - price offset for placing the SellLimit orders in pips.
  • HideSL - use a hidden stop order.
  • UseDynamicChannel - use a dynamic price channel.
  • StaticChannel - the length of the static price channel if UseDynamicChannel = false.
  • SpreadFilter - use the spread filter.
  • MaxSpread - maximum allowed spread in pips. used if SpreadFilter = true.
  • SpreadDelay - delay when replacing the orders, that were deleted when spread filtering was triggered, s.
  • TradeMonday - Monday filter, if true = the EA is allowed to trade on Monday.
  • TradeTuesday - Tuesday filter, if true = the EA is allowed to trade on Tuesday.
  • TradeWednesday - Wednesday filter, if true = the EA is allowed to trade on Wednesday.
  • TradeThursday - Thursday filter, if true = the EA is allowed to trade on Thursday.
  • TradeFriday - Friday filter, if true = the EA is allowed to trade on Friday.
  • TimeFilter - use time filter.
  • HourStart - trading start time, hour.
  • HourEnd - trading end time, hour.
  • TradeComment - a comment for the EA's orders.
  • ShowInfo - show the information panel, false = hide.
  • Requests - the number of request attempts when sending trade orders.
  • Slippage - slippage value in pips.
  • Magic - unique ID of the EA's orders.


  • Use EURUSD H1 chart for better performance.
  • Use Money Management. Recommended risk per trade is 1-3%.
  • If you trade a fixed lot: 0.5 - 2 per every $1000.
  • Use a dedicated low-spread USD ECN account.
2017.03.12 03:33 

Update March 11 of 2017:

It's really a shame that Olga is not answering any message, comment or request. Probably the product is good (this has to be proved with Olga's help), but customer service is not even bad, it simply doesn't exist.

Testing with mixed results.

Dear Olga, I will really appreciate if you can share the recommended settings for EURUSD GBPUSD USDJPY in the new version 2.4.

Default settings are a disaster. I will rate the EA, once I am able to run a decent test (with the right parameters).

I will really appreciate your answer.

2017.03.04 11:25 

It is 5 stars for good EA.

Olga always helps and answers all of questions.

Right settings + Good conditions + fast VPS = Profit.

UPDATE: Use expert for several months, general result is positive. The new update Smart v.2.4 is the best one.

2017.02.17 14:24 

Update 2017/02/17: Last update Smart v2.4 is great! Olga thanks for you job!

Excellent Ea with a good trading strategy and flexible configuration options. Each trade is protected by a tight stop order, which allows you to control the risk. It is very important for me after work experience c martingale, nets Ea and other advisors, which do not cover the loss, but hope that the price eventually moves in the right direction and on the same day just kill account.

The author is always in touch and quickly respond to all questions. I recommend.

2017.02.16 16:07 

Ich habe viel versucht, konnte auch über längere Zeit aber keine positiven Ergebnisse mit diesem EA erzielen.

Dmitriy Afanasiev
2017.02.08 06:40 

Советник один из лучших пробойных советников который есть в продаже. Если вы думаете, что вы поставите советник и нажмете на нем кнопку Деньги и будете каждый месяц с депозита в 100$ выводить по 1000$ то я вас разочарую, так не получиться. Рынки имеют периоды стагнации, спада волантильноси, и прочие прелести торговли. Для успешного использования советника необходимо следить за ним, где то отключить его, где то уменьшить риски. У меня депозит 35000$, торгую 3 советниками. Советники дополняют друг друга. Если один показывает рост то другие могут показать или минус или нуль, но это не повод говорить что советник плохой, я просто уменьшаю риски, слежу за рынком и новостями. У меня были убытки в день и по 1200$. Но были и прибыльные дни, когда я в день зарабатывал и 2000$.Так же могу сказать и про месяцы бывали месяцы когда моя прибыль составляла 40% от депозита а были и -2%, это рынок господа. Торговля это тяжелый труд, но если вы научитесь работать с советниками, то они начнут вас радовать прибылью. Smart это хороший советник, отличная поддержка от Ольги. Профита Вам всем

2017.02.07 05:28 


Sure his lost on 1 year VPS rent on his live test,,, gained 30% per year is smaller than amount he spent for a year VPS rent... Why we need to risk more than 100$ deposit?

Those who gift 5star review, did you count your VPS's rent price???

He wanted us to use very good VPS. I suggested you to edit your review and to be include how much is your lost on VPS rent compared with profit/loss.

I lost total 153$ with following details=

Used ICMarkets very low spreads

All was default set as per his advised

VPS very good 4Gb Ram & 3,37 GHz, internet 1 GBps

with 0.5% risk= total Lost 8$.

Increased to 1% risk= total lost 5$.

Increased to 1.5% risk= total lost 3$.

If I kept the risk 0.5% until the end, or I kept the risk 2% since begininning, I'm so sure the lost will be more.

Lost 25$ for Good VPS rent 1 Month.

Lost 125$ for EA price.


EA named as scalper is a trap, THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NOT A SCALPER, but breakout in 1H time frame that will takes rarely trades.

Yet his promotion language was too high and too promised if compared with his live test 30% profit a year but lost many money for VPS rent and 1 year wasted time.

2017.02.01 13:44 

i am running live EURUSD pair for 1month plus since january new year. With Tickmill broker live server and a MT4 vps server (USD10 permonth) for testing.

the latency is 2ms or less. spread is less favourable (0.4pips) compare to ICMARKETS (0.1-0.2) but still acceptable as less commision compare to it, end up roughly same, i figure that only thing different could be the stop loss would be hit easier in this case.

The result is satisfying and profitable. the early january gave me some loss trade in a row, but its all covered and turn to small profit as of today, i didnt take note of the lack of liquidity issue when i started it so its on my own fault. awaiting olga new version to improve the performance even further. hope we can get it soon.

i will give it a 4 star as it work as i expected, but still havnt fully convinced as period testing still early. i would revise the rating after 3 months real market test

one thing to note. if you run it under 100usd you are either wasting your time ,as well as your vps rental. Those who cant even figure this out shouldnt be trading forex at all.

Thorsten Rohweder
2017.01.21 19:06 

The expert advisor is excellent, but i do not believe anymore in the strategy. That's why i give 3 instead of 5 stars. Tried with all recommendations, but failed in real world. Breakout is always trading agaisnt the market. A pull back from the limit is more likely to happen than a real breakout. With a very small SL and TP you may also become a victim of your broker in real world (not considering demo/nano/micro or other market simulations).

Евгений Головань
2017.01.21 15:26 

Приобрел. На альпари полный провал. Устанавливал также на Pepperstone и ICMarket. Полное разочарование. Поддержка автора имеется и она очень оперативная, однако это не помогает, робот торгует в минус. Жалею о покупке.

2017.01.15 04:16   

I bought Smart Scalper , Olga was very helpful for me .. I recommend anyone to buy this EA you will get good supporting . Thank you Olga .

Valeriy Belozertsev
2016.12.15 14:55 


2016.12.14 13:22 

I bought EA, and with the always very helpful of Olga teaching me to configure the same and put it in the right way, in a broker with low spread and putting it in a vps with low latency also it has been giving me constant profits most of the time. No EA will operate alone entirely for you, you having to make the correct adjustments. I look forward to future updates. Very recommended.

Fedor Knyazev
2016.11.28 11:39 

Сливает. Новая версия работает хуже чем 2.2

С сентября месяца сплошной слив, либо флэт.

Использовал рекомендуемые автором настройки, разных брокеров (рекомендуемых), результатов нет.

Откуда столько положительных отзывов я не знаю. Странным образом пропали некоторые отрицательные отзывы по данному советнику.

Автор помогает, но результаты от этого не улучшаются.

Dylan Pruitt
2016.11.24 21:45 

Great support and even better EA. Consistent profit.

Claudio Zanoni
2016.11.23 21:08 

I bought this EA, I only lost money, I do not recommend ...

Vasiliy Danilov
2016.11.23 05:29 

Начал использовать данный советник, когда он был в самом топе. Использовал у брокера Pepperstone Razor - 3 месяца. В результате был небольшой минус, который списал на комиссию. Далее стал использовать его у брокера FXCC XL с очень быстрым VPS, в результате чего через 2 месяца - 30% депозита, к этой сумме нужно приплюсовать затраты на сам советник + VPS. После чего не стал больше испытывать судьбу и отключил его. Больше всего жалко потерянного времени. Поставил завышенную оценку только за оперативную поддержку автора, хотя с другой стороны если бы советник приносил хоть какую то прибыль, то поддержка бы и не понадобилась.

2016.11.23 01:46 

Poor performance on my system. Used older version nearly a year ago and took it off due to poor performance. Used 2.2 and took it off after about a week and a half. Used 2.3 and similar. Maybe on particular brokers but should an EA be so finicky?

Lionel Niquet
2016.11.22 10:58   

I bought this EA on 29/05/2016 (6 months) at $ 199. I used it at IC Markets ECN and Pepperstone ECN with ForexVPS.net latency less than 1 ms.

I did exactly what the adorable Olga advised me and... I did not win anything, I lost some money, I wasted a lot of time.

Conclusion: sorry charming Olga but I advise against this EA.

2016.11.22 00:07 

So, I started from 300€ on Pepperstone (razor) with a VPS with 1ms latency (the best).

I put all requirements that the dev told me.

I tried with this configuration during 1 month, the result is very bad : -90€.

I LOST 90€, what a very good EA, wow !

If you want to lost your money, go for it guys.

Manabu Yanagita
2016.11.15 12:22 

Funds are decreasing with the number of times ...

David Cruz Anaya
2016.11.14 11:34 

Just starting today on new account based on the recommendations of Olga... looks like going well.

2016.11.11 07:09 

Good Ea! Olga is very helpful and fast replies all questions. 5 Stars.

Work fine no errors, Goodthig is all open position has a stop loss & Trailing sl, so this way Expert can mannage low Drowdown setuation.i recommand who want to look low risk Scalper expert advisor.this is the one of best one Scalping ea in the mql5 market place.

Thnaks Olga.

2016.11.02 15:28 

Приобрел эксперт 1.5 месяца назад, на текущий момент результатом вполне доволен.

Автор общительный, быстро отвечает на все вопросы.


2016.11.02 11:24   

Explain the reason ,we can't see any real accounts link to myfxbook, from this provider ??????

I did ask the provider month a go, no reply.

So she not trusting her on system hahahah.

Victor Romanov
2016.11.01 19:50 

I have bought this EA on 8th August this year.

Since then I have thoroughly tested it on Pepperstone Razor real accounts with very good VPS.

The results are simply poor and could not be improved even after private recommendations from the author.

I've tried to analyze the problem and found something that puzzled me a bit.

At first, I have tried to repeat her tests that were published here on site. Certainly, I did it with exactly the same parameters for the same period probably on the best available test platform TDS with the tick data from Dukascopy. (I was quite sure that author tested her EA on these data.) The results were rather good but much worse than by the author.She replied in private communication that test were made for different versions and different parameters of EA.(???!!!)

As a next step, I have performed the same tests but with data from TrueFX. They are twice more dense than the data from Ducascopy and widely considered as the best source for Forex tick data. The results of these test was simply awful, even without slippage and commission. With them added it was disaster.

After that I had a discussion with the technology officer from Pepperstone who had explained that TrueFX data much better than others represent tickdata stream on their servers.

My conclusion is that this EA is not applicable for brokers with the similar set of liquidity providers and aggregation software which used in Pepperstone. And before to place this EA on real account you should check with your broker which set of tick data available in Internet most precisely represent their servers' ticks.

It could happen rather unpredictably that some broker gives you really good results for this EA. Even so it can change overnight if, for example, your broker adds new liquidity provider, or, even worse, he signs on Integral Development Corp. which owns TrueFX.

As for the author, I would kindly ask her to make some tests and optimizations on TrueFX data also.

To smooth a bit my first impression I want to say that this EA is one of the most promising on the site. The author is really attentive to her subscribers and improves regularly her product. The last version is essentially better than previous and I intend to put it in real testing again.

Fallet Willy
2016.09.23 00:48 

thank you for your attention

very good relationship

nicola furini
2016.09.09 00:12 

Olga is very professional.

владислав стельмах
2016.09.08 07:01 

Всем привет! Купил, прошло две недели, советник торгует нормально, ну или почти,

зависит от фазы рынка. Продавец как и писали в отзывах всегда быстро отвечает по делу.

Брокер FXPrivate, ECN, EUR (0.3-0.5-0.7), GBP (0.6-0.8-1.1), исполнение отличное тик в тик,

скорость сервера VPN 0,33 ms. (У них сервер в одной стойке с Метой) Редко где такую скорость найдешь. На фунте хорошие результаты (экстремумы хорошо пробивает), на евро очень часто двойное дно и отскоки. (поєтому нужно использовать разные настройки на разных графиках но одинаковых таймах.

Настройки для фунта можно не менять (использовать по умолчанию).

Настройки для евро №1:

период Н1

риск на сделку 1.5-2

Static Chanel - 30 (задает длину ценового канала для поиска экстремума "фрактала",

то есть при установке меньшего канала область поиска сужается и эксперт

будет чаще обновлять информацию и выставлять больше сделок)

EntryDistance - (-1)

В настройках эксперта также есть параметр EntryDistance ( по умолчанию -1),

задающий смещение (пипс) от экстремума для установки ордера.

Настройки по евро №2:

период Н1

риск 1.5-2

Static Chanel - 25

EntryDistance - (1)!!

Удачной торговли.

Remi Van Den Bogaert
2016.08.31 18:48 

Excellent ea (très bon résultat sur le moyen terem), et contact parfait avec l'auteur...

à recommander...

Percy Klein
2016.08.31 16:22   

Hello Olga Kochergenko:

I Rent your EA "Smart Scalper" version 2.2 for a month, to make a real-time test on a virtual account.

Could you post the best configuration (set up) and time frame (H1?) to do this test?

I'll buy it if the test is good.

No more to the point, I await response.


Percy Klein

Ifsaah Waseem
2016.08.16 20:51 

The best EA Excellent Services

Time and Spreads Filter is the best Love it Thanks :)

2016.08.11 08:12 

Testing on demo account seems very promising result, going to do more test on live account with different settings on VPS . Olga is very prompt in reply queries, thanks Olga. Keep up the good work.

Mirko Lechelt
2016.08.02 21:08 

Ich sag mal so... Richtiger Broker und der EA macht dich reich ;)

Hf GL. very nice EA!

Update: Leider muss ich meine Aussage zurückziehen. Es kommt zwar vieles auf den Broker an,aber es scheint so, als ob es doch nicht auf dauer funktioniert!

Im Moment kann ich den EA NICHT empfehlen!

Update: Scheinbar war es ein wirklcih schlechter Monat. Nun hat er sich erholt und er rennt wieder. Somit gibt es wieder 5 Sterne. Olga gibt sich wirklich mühe!

Igor Dervuk
2016.08.01 19:42 

Хороший Советник ! Стабильный доход ! Много настроек бод любой инструмент! Не рискованная стратегия !

Отличная поддержка от Ольги !

Ivan Zhadko
2016.07.24 00:12 

Приобрёл Советника не так давно. Но всё это время занимаюсь его изучением и анализом. Покупкой доволен в полной мере. Автору респект. Советник достоин внимания и тем более покупки. Очень гибкие настройки. Присоединюсь ко всем остальным, Советник требователен к выбору Брокера и скорости исполнения ордеров. Поэтому нужно искать минимальный Спрэд и ставить его нужно только на удалённый сервер. Автор весьма общительный, отвечает на вопросы исчерпывающе, т.е. поддержка на высшем уровне.

Всем рекомендую данного Советника.

Nuno Silva Da Cruz
2016.07.23 21:03 

Bof dinheiro po lixo

2016.07.23 00:08 

This signal is a good ea but is still a work in progress. It has a lot of potential.

Will wait and see.

Michal Straka
2016.07.07 12:43 

very broker and latency sensitive,be careful while backstesting, as MT4 cannot recreate real ticks which are so important for scalper EAs. after several tries, which failed with default settings, I had finally some luck using my settings, therefore upgrading to 3 stars. will revise the review later, if it proves to be good after all

UPDATE: upgrading due to good results even on a choppy GBPUSD in the last days :D

2016.07.07 01:57 

Live Account for April 2016, with much tinkering with the settings:

Gross Profit: 5 286.87 Gross Loss: 2 107.17 Total Net Profit: 3 179.70

Profit Factor: 2.51 Expected Payoff: 38.78

Absolute Drawdown: 41.23 Maximal Drawdown: 659.13 (11.80%) Relative Drawdown: 11.80% (659.13)

Total Trades: 82 Short Positions (won %): 34 (67.65%) Long Positions (won %): 48 (70.83%)

Profit Trades (% of total): 57 (69.51%) Loss trades (% of total): 25 (30.49%)

Largest profit trade: 830.49 loss trade: -354.02

Average profit trade: 92.75 loss trade: -84.29

Maximum consecutive wins ($): 17 (2 449.40) consecutive losses ($): 3 (-450.91)

Maximal consecutive profit (count): 2 449.40 (17) consecutive loss (count): -450.91 (3)

Average consecutive wins: 3 consecutive losses: 1

EDIT: The time period July 1-7th I am up $951 in profit with SmartScalper. It seems to dither around a lose for a while, but so far it makes back all losses and then some when it 'hits' with a good breakout.

2016.07.06 16:22 

Developer is quick to response and open to customers ideas to upgrade along the versions. Backtesting from 2016-01-01 onwards with spread 0.2 pips and $7.50 per round trip of 100,000, equivalent to backtesting 10-15 for spread, it seems some edge is lost in 2016. But overall, the framework is typical of a profitable system (good risk management and execution technique and location at S/R have favourable risk:reward), just need more calibration and choice of instrument to cover on customer part and of course, looking forward to Olga (developer part) adding more options along the upgrade of versions.

I have proposed already a few idea...

1. volatility based stop-loss rather than fixed percentage stop loss, to avoid getting stop out prior to big move. (note: 1 pip have diff meaning for diff instru)

2. option to fade breakouts when volatility is weak / no spike of more than 10 ticks / inactive hour of day / wide spread - can make it adaptive to create a var to measure these in system so that system is smart to know when to fade or follow.

3. safety mechanism - on top of spread circuit breaker since its a scalper - max drawdown to prevent further execution if hit personal drawdown threshold

4. choice of order type besides stop order only (e.g. limit order) for access to cross pairs with wider spread

And note: broker matters. NEED VPS and interbank spreads

+ low commission <- something I need to find (PM me if you have good suggestions)

Overall, framework is there, but a few more improvements can make a world of difference in profitability.

PM me if you have any relevant discussion.

UPDATE after 3 months: Still good as before, best to stay with recommended settings and instrument...

2016.07.06 12:07 

4 stars only because I run it for a couple of months. If I was running it for a year and the results were the same it would be 5 stars.

Update:Similar very good performance on two different accounts. 5 stars for the stability and consistency the EA has shown since 1st day of use and also during the last 2 months.

2016.07.01 15:07 

I give it 4 stars for EA.

author did a good job,

It has good strategy and quick support!

Ronnachai Buntavee
2016.06.26 14:53 

Good Scalper EA

Can be use for long term trading

2016.06.23 20:30 

brrr 50:50 chance. Ever Lost, Lost and Lost.

Da handel ich lieber selber, da kommt mehr raus.

Die absolute Enttäuschung.

Kostenlose EAs sind dagegen Gold Wert. (S......X)

Dieser EA ist leider keinen Cent Wert. Cashburner ! Sorry

2016.06.22 11:13 

Thank Olga Kochergenko for recommended setting.

Good EA when you run in recommended setting.

Dmitriy Karpushkin
2016.06.22 09:06 

Советник рабочий, добротный и имеет отличную систему сопровождения позиций. Стоит с 16 февраля на маленьком тестовом реальном ECN-счете в компании TickMill - на момент написания отзыва прибыль составила 52,54%. Вначале использовал и на JPY и на GBP, далее перешел только на EUR. Настройками "балуюсь" постоянно, определенного сета за все время не имел. Сейчас на одном счету стоит 5 советников с разными настройками. Продукт очень чувствителен к рынку и бывают периоды убытков, когда пробой уровней сопровождается резким откатом, вследствие чего советник "цепляет стопы". Я советую ставить фильтр спреда не больше 1.0.

В общем, покупкой доволен! Ольга охотно идет на контакт и прислушивается к просьбам о дальнейших модернизациях!

Marco Stacchiotti
2016.06.21 15:59   

I think it could be a great idea, for the whole customers, that who obtained good results posts here broker / kind of account / VPS used. This will help everybody.

For this reason, I'll not give a rating.

Shuhua Shen
2016.06.16 14:33 

I think the scalper can not fit all of the market condition.

Umut Savas Zeren
2016.06.12 17:22 

We need max performance broker low spread high Connection.. low slippage if not working true..

Mauricio Andres Havliczek
2016.06.09 23:53 

En las cuentas demo, gana mucho es muy bueno, en cuenta de dinero real, lo pierde todo, no compren este EA.

Muhammad Zia
2016.06.06 23:01 

Just Started Testing on Two different Broker After Month

Also, Olga is very quick to answer questions and eager to explain the EA's strategy in detail.

i Update The Comment All The Best

The smart scalper is realy smart.

one of the best scalper in the market but need right settings and right broker and fast vps service.

thank you olga you are genius. :)

Dmitry Bondarenko
2016.06.05 13:12 

Всех приветствую!

После двух месяцев тестинга на демо счетах у брокеров Alpari, FXopen, Pepperstone, и ICMarkests данный советник показал себя весьма не плохо, сама задумка по алгоритму действия робота очень хорошая но требует определенных для каждого брокера своих настроек, для меня я остановил свой выбор на ICMarkets так как у них самый низкий спред доходит до 0 и более или менее нормальное исполнение ордеров, в целом продуктом очень доволен, как и постоянным обслуживанием по рекомендациям и советам Ольге большое спасибо.

2016.06.04 13:40 

Works, then doesn't work, but when it doesn't and 1 trade eats up over 10 trades of small profit and more it's time to call it a day. If trading using between 0.01 lots and 0.3ish you might pull a few pennies, but just not practiable on a proper account.

Tested at tickmill, pepperstone, fxcm uk, vantagefx.

All ended up eating the profits away.

It's not the brokers that screw you over, since they get commission anyway they want you to stay, its the liquidity providers, scalp anything near 1 lot for 1-2 seconds for 1-5 pips and you will be flagged and put to the back of the queue, welcoming huge slippage and slower execution.

2016.06.03 05:32 

This is so good EA.

Michal Bartos
2016.05.31 13:25 


2016.05.27 15:31 

welchen Broker und soll man benutzen? Ich arbeite mit IC Markets EUR-Account und mache bisher keine Gewinne. Muss es ein USD-Konto sein? Soll ich Broker wechseln? Pepperstone Razor?

Feng Li
2016.05.27 12:53 

I can not run the EA in SVSFX broker

Daniel Hoop
2016.05.24 07:08   

Well, until now I am not as enthusiastic as are most of the other reviewers. I am still working on optimized sets. One important thing: You must use Pepperstone. Do not use IC Markets or you will constantly lose money.

Aleksandr Spirin
2016.05.21 08:14 

Очень интересный советник. когда его приобрел, оставил все настройки по умолчанию, но немного увеличил лот. По началу его работы немного расстроился, ушел в небольшую но просадку. После не долгого общения с Ольгой и её оперативной помощи в оптимизации, советник попер гору без остановки. Пользуюсь им относительно недавно но результаты более чем удовлетворительны. Ставлю 5 звезд, так как скальпер заслуживает эту оценку. Его логика проста но работает как часы. Одно (но) требователен к выбору брокера. Всем удачного профита!!

Nikolay Egorov
2016.05.18 14:36 

Пока сложно оценить работу эксперта, т.к. прибыль небольшая, по возможности буду дополнять отзыв

2016.05.14 12:53 

I am testing this EA Currently but after 2 weeks I am pretty satisfied. I will update my review latter.

2016.05.11 14:24 

Sehr gutes System. Mit dem richtigen Broker und Einstellungen wöchentlich ein netter Gewinn. Nur wenige Tage mit kleinen Verlusten. Danke für den Support an Olga.

Zhuo Liu
2016.05.11 05:32 

Most people are making money. I will change my broker. EA I give five-star!

Jin Zhou
2016.05.10 05:09 


Lukuan Ma
2016.05.02 16:17 

so far so good

very impressive

waiting for the new version

Romo Lampkin
2016.04.21 21:37 

I have been running this EA live for just under two weeks, and results have been steady, if not too spectacular, so far. I will update this review in the coming weeks/months, but I am quite optimistic of its quality. The entry and trade management settings are easy to customize to your liking and personal trading style.

Also, Olga is very quick to answer questions and eager to explain the EA's strategy in detail.

UPDATE 21/04/16: Just a quick update after running this EA for about a month now...

I'm up about 13% since mid-March. That includes a lot of tinkering with the settings when I was just starting out, and also a week or so where I stupidly had EURUSD and USDJPY with the same magic numbers and lost around 4% in a few days.

At the moment I'm trading EURUSD only with 3% risk, and set TPParts=4 to grab more profit early. I will continue to monitor the performance and tweak the settings according to changes in market conditions.

Anyway, this EA is legit and I've already made back almost double what I paid for it. It's simple and effective, manages risk well and best of all doesn't use B.S. like grids or martingales.

2016.04.11 16:03 

I have been running the scalper for awhile now and the results are steady. I really like what I am seeing and will continue to improve my results with help from Olga. She is very helpful and quick to respond.

Enrico Lombardi
2016.04.07 22:16 

I'm using it for a couple of weeks on a real Acc. For now the EA is profitable on EURUSD and makes very low DD. I also use stop it during big news events.

Set properly, it gives excellent results.

On GBPUSD if calibrated, gives nice results, but the spread should not be up to 0.6 / 0.7.

EURUSD, as i tell, is excellent up to Spread 0.4 - 0.5 -0.6.

USDJPY idem, but the settings must be calibrated properly and spread not be more than 4 for this couple.

Olga is very professional and open to dialogue.

VPS and low spreads are a must (as Olga says). Unless you have at least these two things and not lose a bit 'of time to calibrate other currencies differ from EUR / USD Standard sett. do not complain about the results. Trading is try, sett, try, sett, try sett...

Very good work Olga. Keep it up!

2016.04.06 15:31 

EA UPDATE! Got the Ea up and running finally!! Will continue with Updates.

2016.04.05 23:06 

EVEN author dont trust in this EA because he run this EA on DEMO account!

0 help on PM, EA have problem with "EURUSD." (with "." at the end), EA have problem with this but author dont care about people who spend money on this EA.

Spend your money on better EA.

1 star, NOT recommended

Gianluca Costamagna
2016.04.05 03:32 

I'm still testing, with a little real account. For now i can say that Olga, the developer, is very fast to help me and reply to my many request. When i complete test, if i'm in gain, i give 5 stars.


i have remove Smart Scalper: don't made me profit

Miguel Mercadillo
2016.03.26 10:49   

I am agree with you, Fuorissimo

2016.03.21 01:20 

This is one of the best EA in the market today.

I am using this on 3 demo accounts (fxcc,icmarkets,octafx , all ecn). In all accounts the EA made 40%-50% in 3 weeks with default settings, higher profits with my custom optimized settings, best pair USDJPY. Amazing!

Olga quickly answers any questions (in public comments or private chat).

When i'll use in live accounts i'll update this review, but the expectations are very high!

Mencar Global Consulting SL
2016.03.20 17:22   

I had to say that support from Olga is very good and fast.

I was experiencing an issue due to a high spread from my broker and the EA protection system was closing the position and re-open it when the spread was lower. The EA has a parameter called MaxSpread which can be adjusted according your broker.


2016.03.18 12:38 

This is a good system and preforms well in high volatile market conditions. The built in risk control takes good care of the account in the low volatile sideways days and profit days are always bigger which is great for the long term investors.

This system definitely has potential and Olga is very helpful and is constantly working on improving the system.

I am running this system on EURUSD,GBPUSD and USDJPY (all 3 pairs at the same time on 1 hour time frame) on LinkUpHost Vps under a Pepperstone Razor account.

Very Important: When running on more than one chart, make sure to change the magic number on each chart.

A lot of people are emailing me about the settings for the expert. I am running 2 systems under the following settings:

Low Risk Profile


RiskPerOrder: 0.5%







Slippage:1 (Very important on live accounts)


Moderate Risk Profile (Recommended)


RiskPerOrder: 1% and rest is same as above.

Sami Mahgoub
2016.03.14 21:54 

Great EA with great capabilities

M. Danial
2016.02.26 18:25   

Only work for certain broker.

Chris Griffith
2016.02.25 09:57 

Awesome EA. Efficient and profitable. With the new update coming soon i'm sure the EA will be even better. Olga is very helpful and the author's real time signals (although still young) display that sustained growth is definitely possible with this EA if the proper setup is obtained. Excellent!

2016.02.10 04:07 

Works ONLY if you use a VPS. Do not expect to make money without a VPS service.

Genaro Gutierrez
2016.02.10 00:14 

5 Stars and Im not going to sugarcoat it! This is an amazing EA, rented it and tested it on the basic MT4 Demo, 20 mins or less and the EA had already made 60 pips, honestly observing it will teach you how to take advantage of an everyday spike(s), going long or short this EA has my respect and even more to the author, quick reply to a question and gets straight to the answer.

2016.02.08 18:30 

Pepperstone razor , VPS 1.56 latency , 20% proffit for one week.

Matthias Luxig
2016.02.07 19:06 

This EA works great if you run it under the right conditions. Like every scalper it requires a fast order execution and a low spread. Just make sure you have such trading conditions and you will be happy with this EA.

2016.02.07 01:01 

Der EA macht einen guten Job !

2016.02.05 15:47 

Отличный эксперт! Покупкой доволен, но советую тщательно отнестись к выбору брокера. Рекомендую!

Dmitry Nagov
2016.02.03 15:58 

Good expert with great potential. In just one day, I earned money for his rent. Very satisfied.

Pavel Sklenar
2016.02.02 10:05 

It's more shit that just cleans your account. I strongly not recommend it.

Maksym Mudrakov
2016.01.21 18:03 

У меня советник работает на реальном счете FXCC XL с 14.01.2016. На данный момент прибыль 17% (OrderRisk = 3%). Покупкой доволен.

Alex Balitsky
2016.01.15 11:59 

Отличный эксперт. Работает согласно описанию. Пользуюсь сравнительно недавно, депозит в небольшом плюсе.

Автор общительный, доступно отвечает на вопросы.

Игорь Грибинча
2015.12.27 18:50 


Советник приобрел недавно.

Покупкой доволен. Депозит уверенно растет.

Отмечу, что большое значение имеет выбор брокера.

Автор оперативно оказывает техническую поддержку и оперативно отвечает на все вопросы.

版本 2.4 - 2017.02.13
- Improved EA's algorithm.
- Added the new SmartEntry option, which allows to use bi-directional trading strategy based on the rebound and the breakout of the price channel.
- Loaded new optimal settings.
- Fixed bugs.
版本 2.3 - 2016.11.01
SmartScalper v. 2.3

Improved EA's algorithm.
Added the new Breakeven parameter.
Added ability to set different entry distance for buy and sell orders.
Improved market entry point filter.
Loaded updated settings.
Added alerts.
Bug fixes.
版本 2.2 - 2016.07.25
Modified the staged take profit algorithm, improved performance.
Improved the market entry point filtering feature.
Implemented a separate time filter.
Added an option for fixed take profit - Fixed TP.
Loaded updated settings.
Optimized the EA code.
Bug fixes.
版本 2.1 - 2016.04.29
Optimized the execution priority of the EA modules.
Optimized the program code.
Loaded new settings.
版本 2.0 - 2016.04.27
SmartScalper v.2.0

Added the option of reverse trading.
Added new decimal settings.
Implemented selection of the order type.
Modified the take profit algorithm
Updated the information panel.
Fixed the optimization error.
Optimized the EA code.
版本 1.9 - 2016.03.21
SmartScalper v. 1.9:

Added new parameters:

DepoLoadPercent [%] - deposit usage in %.
EntryDistnce [pips] - offset of the placement price of the pending order relative to the local extremum.
Ktp [%] - lot ratio for closing the first part of the order, when the price reaches the TakeProfit level.
HideSL - use a hidden stop order.
SpreadDelay [s] - delay when replacing the orders, that were deleted when spread filtering was triggered.
Requests - the number of attempts when sending trade orders.

Also implemented:

Entry filtering, which provides a reduction in the number of losing trades.
Additional protection of triggering the profit levels and stop orders.
Added a status bar that displays the current status of the EA.
Loaded the optimized settings.
Improved the information panel.
Optimized the EA code.

版本 1.8 - 2016.01.13
- Added trading on rollbacks (additional parameter RollBack)
- Fixed error in trailing stop block
- Fixed time filterИсправлен часовой фильтр
- Added resetting of orders to their previous level after spread normalizing
- Optimized EA code resulting in less consumption of resources and speeding up the EA