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AlgoTradeSoft Innovative EA

The strategy is based on the breakdown of the most important support and resistance levels. The EA uses the adaptive trade management algorithm.

It was backtested and optimized using real ticks with 99,9% quality. The Expert Advisor has successfully passed the stress test with slippage and commission approximate to the real market conditions.

The EA contains the algorithm of statistics collection and slippage control with complete statistics output on the information panel, so you can control the quality of the broker execution.

Real account monitoring


Working currency pair/timeframe: EURUSD M30.


  • Magic — trades ID;
  • EA comment — a comment to trades.

Risk Settings

  • Lot type — money management type:
    • Fixed Lot — fixed lot;
    • Risk per trade — lot based on the StopLoss value:
      • 0.5% - conservative;
      • 1.0% - standard (recommended);
      • 1.5% - aggressive (leverage not less than 1:200);
      • 2+% - super aggressive (leverage not less than1:200).
  • Margin percent use — lot based on margin value;
  • Fixed lot size;
  • Risk % — the percent of risk to calculate the lot for Risk per trade and Margin percent use;
  • Max lot — maximum lot size (0 - off);
  • Personal balance % — EA's proper balance, % of the total account balance (0 - disabled). For correct operation, all of the trades including the first account deposit must be available in the history. It is used in portfolio trading using several Expert Advisors;
  • Initial StopLoss — initial StopLoss;
  • TakeProfit — TakeProfit;
  • BreakEven After — profit value to move StopLoss to BreakEven To;
  • BreakEven To — profit protected by breakeven.

Trailing Stop

  • Trailing stop — trailing stop value:
    • -1 — off;
    • 0 — TrailingStop= StopLoss;
    • >0 — гse the specified value;
  • Trailing step — trailing step;
  • Risk protection on slippages — risk protection in case of slippage;
  • Adapt Trailing to slippages — trailing adjustment algorithm during slippage;
  • Trailing Mode — trailing stop mode:
    • Adaptive by Time - time adaptive (recommended);
    • Adaptive by Volatility - volatility adaptive;
    • Adaptive by Volume — volume adaptive.
  • Time Scale — time interval for price analysis (used for Adaptive by Time);
  • Volatility Scale — volatility range for price analysis (used for Adaptive by Volatility);
  • Volume Scale — adapted volatility range for volume analysis (used for Adaptive by Volume);
  • Change correction coefficient — trailing sensitivity factor.

Operation hours (GMT)

  • EveryDay Start Hour;
  • EveryDay Start Minute;
  • EveryDay End Hour;
  • EveryDay End Minute.
  • FridayStopTime — HH:MM. Leave it blank to disable;
  • GMT mode — GMT offset of the broker server time;
    • Auto GMT (not for tester!) — automatic GMT adjustment (recommended);
    • Manual GMT — manual GMT correction, used for backtests.
  • Max average spread — 0 - off;
  • Fast BackTest — faster testing with a fixed spread, invalid for real trading;
  • Broker quotes shift — shift of broker's quotes (not used by most of brokers).


  1. Before using on a live account, test the EA with minimal risk;
  2. Use VPS or hosting server with minimal network latency to the broker's server;
  3. For best results, use the leverage of 1:100 and more;
  4. When using the EA with FIFO supporting brokers, do not run more than one EA on one account;
  5. Low spreads = low commission + high quality execution are important when choosing a broker to trade.
espro 2019.10.11 10:00 


Yansong Sui
Yansong Sui 2019.05.03 15:54 

I'd say this is one of the craziest thing I've ever done , ordering an EA with $29999 .

By the way , I don't speak English . Please speak in Chinese , or even in Japanese .

And about the questions like " how the EA is working " , please inquire about that at after 05 , Nov , 2019 .

Lower the price of the EA ? I hope the author would take fairness into consideration , then the price would not be lower .

xpforex3 2016.07.06 23:06 

Very professional EA.i recommend this EA 100% especially for FXCM USA ,very low-risk ,you need to have good VPS for better execution ,very satisfied....Good EA

will80 2016.07.06 10:47 

Works at small lotsizes - loses its edge if you try and trade large with this as the slippage denies all profitability.

BetterNBetter 2016.06.27 07:35 

After running EA for 3 months fund increase to 60% . This is profiting EA and well managed .It is truly set and forget . I agree you cannot increase lot size more then 2 % but that what professional trader always practice and not let greed overpower you.Alex and his team are very supportive .I'm satisfied customer.

Ian79 2016.06.12 17:17 

The program didn't worked for me. I have a very similar experience to the one Luis Hernandez described below. It seems size lots is a problem and that the EA may work with little lots, but I never found a way to make it work with bigger lots.

saudi333 2016.05.28 03:30 

good ea

Abel Liu
Abel Liu 2016.03.29 13:35 

My forward test account for this EA :-


So far I have only positive things to say about this EA and the Author. Forward test account initiated and will update accordingly.

patrickx 2016.03.18 21:35 

I was sceptic at the beginning because I found this EA very 'broker sensitive'. But if you aren't lazy and spend some time finding the right broker/VPS/settings, this EA can make you a nice profit. I like very short trades and very low risk, both are main attributes of ATS EA. Avg monthly growth (over +20%) compared to max. historical drawdown (-2.5%) is something I never seen in my 10 yrs forex experience. After 2 months of trading, here are my verified, live accounts results under various brokers: http://www.myfxbook.com/members/patrickx

Kirill Maloletkin
Kirill Maloletkin 2016.03.10 16:19 

Ребята, если у вас хороший брокер с нулевыми стопами и низкими спредами, то это отличный советник

Viacheslav Kardash
Viacheslav Kardash 2016.02.11 08:02 

Rented for a month and two days later realized that is not anything special in the EA no. Pending orders at local lows and highs. The rest of the functionality is useless.

And the performance depends only from the broker !

Where everyone who bought this EA ? Write your review ?

Shiv A M
Shiv A M 2016.01.21 20:19 

Ignore the hypocrites! Thank you so much for the great work...The crux of this EA is the "Adaptive Money Management" along with very short half-life of the trade if people do not get it still. I've been on MQL for a while, and this is the only EA that I purchased. It is worth every penny..Thank you Alex. You are the best!

Ryan Mann
Ryan Mann 2016.01.19 23:51 

waste of time and money, like every other scalper on mql5. has nice gadgets but in the big picture you are better just to use a long term strategy that doesn't need sensitive broker and elite vps. I used tickmill broker with vps, doesn't matter what you say because the liquidity provider controls execution so if he wants to slip you he will. And if you making money from scalping he will definitely want to slip you. Look at the history of 'MDP' EA. These scalper or super short term traders are a huge waste of money and time.

tomahawk 2016.01.13 15:57 

I purchased this EA on December 20.

Already increased funds 40%.

Result of myfxbook is the same as the result of my account.

Yet it is not passed even one month, but it is not forced to put a five-star.

The performance of this EA is phenomenal.


lavanda 2015.12.17 15:35 

Really professional EA. Correspond to the description and the actual monitoring. Primarily impressed in EA's low-risk trading and pleasantly surprised by the slippages collection algorithm and trade cost control. Support is very responsive, keep it up guys. Waiting for new developments if they are planned. Acquisition completely satisfied.

版本 9.78 2016.01.12
Version 9.77 - 2015.01.11
- Fixed minor bug in the tester when FastBackTest = true
版本 9.75 2015.12.11
- Added an algorithm to control the trading cost and alert the user.
- customCommission - a parameter to specify custom commission (in money per lot).
版本 9.69 2015.12.02
- adjusted for the build 890
- fixed a bug when testing with 'Personal balance'
- added check for 'stop-level'