Unique bespoke Alert based on multiple Indicators with one 'anomaly'. Advice greatly appreciated.


Hi I am looking for an EA to alert me when a pair has 3 indicators (Trading view account, I wonder if this would need to come direct from my log in etc?) showing a positive position and one indicator showing a negative. (Or the opposite; 3 neg and 1 pos etc)

I can then manually assess then forth coming candles for my personal, manual entry. No auto entry necessary. (Possibly be back to add this feature if manual intervention isn’t advantageous lol)

I would like the EA to scan 20+ pairs, all on the same time frame, I would assume they would scrape the data on candle close depending on time frame requested?, eg 5min, 15min, 1 hr. (I wonder if this can be an element of the code that can be altered once built so I can change depending on which TF I am looking to monitor?)

Alert me when the below is live:

If price action MA is above Smoothing line  = Price action Bullish.

If price action MA is below Smoothing line  = Price action Bearish. 

I would like an EA to alert me on a pair that has the following;


Price action Bullish

RSI MovingAverage Bullish (eg Trading view alert; Moving up 0.10 in 2 bars)

RSI Bearish (eg Trading view alert; Moving down 0.10 in 2 bars)

MACD Histogram Bullish above 0.00

MACD line Bullish, above signal line

MACD signal line Bullish, below MACD line

Or exact opposite. 


Would you require the settings I have for each indicator to build the EA? 

Would you like me to supply you with a screen shot of the Price action and Indictors I am using with settings etc, just let me know.
Would the EA be something used direct with MT4? (I use a MAC, I guess I would need to download a simulator to use the EA?) or would it be easier to create an Excel (for example) piece of software which will webscrape and indicate which of the elements are Bullish/Bearish, noise and visual alert when all elements correct?

Sorry for the naivety 

Look forward to reply. 

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