I want a trading robot based on price action and candlesticks formation

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I want a trading robot based on candlestick formation.I want a situation that once I put the robot on the chart and choose buy or sell and the number of trades to open ,then it must keep on buying or selling in that particular direction.

This is when I put the robot on the chart and choose sell ,number of trades to be 3 and choose 15 minutes time frame, if at the end of candle it is still bearish the robot should open 3 sell positions since I have chose sell and number of trades to be 3 on the parameter section

The robot should open at the same lot size and number of trades if the next candle is still bearish.It must keep on selling until the next candle is bullish ,then it must perform no task.This is if I choose sell then the robot must keep selling as long the next candle is bearish and if it is bullish then it must not buy or sell but wait until bearish candle is formed again and closes then it sell.

I also want this robot to also close trades in two options which are:first one it is global stop loss and global take profit,these are levels where once the price reaches ,the robot must automatically close all trades.And the second one is personal number of trades to close, this is where it must be set on the robot while in trades that I want the robot to close a certain number of trades(from 1 to all)at the same time and leave the other left trades running.I also want this robot to be compatible for devices such as: Android phone or tablet,iOS phones and laptops.

The parameters will include; lot size, trading direction (buy or sell), number of trades to open, take profit,stop loss , maximum spread filter (time and date filter), personal number of trades to close(personal decided number of open trades to close) and global stop loss and take profit (level where the robot automatically close all trades positions).
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