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Ash AI


Artificial Intelligence Based Expert

This EA is not for sell anymore but updates come for old customers , if you did purchase the expert before contact me for more information

After +7 years of coding Deep Learning Algorithms with Python and +9 years of Trading and developing MT5 and MT4 Experts and indicators I have created an expert that uses Algorithms collected by AI to buy and sell on 9 different pairs ("EURUSD" , "GBPUSD", "AUDUSD", "AUDNZD", "EURCAD", "USDCHF", "USDCAD", "EURAUD", "EURGBP") automatically. 

For live: Run the EA on EURUSD Symbol (Timeframe H1) and it will automatically pick pairs and start trading. and add ''https://nfs.faireconomy.media" in the list of allowed URLs in Tools>>Options>>Expert Advisors'

For Backtest: just set the symbol on EURUSD Symbol (Timeframe H1) and Tester Method can be any of these 3: (Every tick, Every tick based on real tick, 1M OHLC).and turn of the Panel in the inputs for faster backtest.

Link for MT4 version: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/73894

Live signal will be available soon


  • when you purchase the product send a PM and tell me what symbols you like and i will add them to next update
  • when you purchase I will send one of my own custom indicators (MT4) that i wrote and i use myself

    Note 1: Send PM after you purchased the expert, i will send you Manual document of the expert in Whatsapp and we can share ideas and answer all your questions and help you to run the EA properly.

    Note 2: From now (Oct), I will give an update every week and will add new pairs to it or/and update its algorithm to keep it as updated as i can, so stay tuned and have fun ;)

    Note 3: Only use it on Hedge accounts.

    Note 4: This is not a money making machine so it needs you to be aware when to use it and when not.

    Note 5 : Do NOT run it immediately on real money , run it on demo account first to get used to experts settings and check it with me several times and then run it safely on your money.

    It does NOT include any risky strategies like Martingale and ...

    All Trades are covered by StopLoss and TakeProfit.

    The maximum accuracy Backtests showed a high payout rate and very Low DrawDown. 


    Lot calculation type: can be either Fixed lot which lot will always be same amount or risk percent which is calculated base on Stoploss size
    1. Fixed lot Size: in case of choosing Fixed lot
    2. Risk Percent: It Has a risk management system which you can set your maximum money loss in one trade by percent.(I recommend 2 to 4).
    3. Deposit Currency: your deposit money currency for better calculation of risk management.

    Trade Direction: You can choose to only open long or only shorts or both of them

    Expert magic number

    Trade start Hour: Starting hour for opening new orders (separated by ":" ,example:  16:20)

    Trade end Hour: Ending hour for opening new orders 

    Trailing Stop: It has 3 methods: (1)Fixed Distance, (2)Base on ATR , (3)Profit of all orders

    1. Fixed Distance: distance is fixed on the pips you set
    2. Base on ATR :uses ATR to calculate the distance pips
    3. Profit of all orders : it trails the sum profit of all orders(it wont change the StopLoss)

    You can download and test the demo on your broker and see the results yourself.

    Avis 29
    seudry 2021.11.19 18:09 

    November is a bad month for live. The backtest for the month of November shows the same thing and confirm that doesn't just come from EA. It confirm that EA do the same thing than backtest too. Be patient :)

    Ionega 2021.11.13 18:57 

    EA is very nice, support is perfect, Khuman reply always fast, update his EA for always better result, i'm happy with EA, i will update my comment later with more result. Thank you Khuman for your EA and support

    fakhrorazi 2021.11.13 14:09 

    nice EA. i will try it for a month if its good i will buy it, and recomended it for my friend

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    Currently available with a   discount   to the final price! 9 copy   left   out of 10    at $188 Next price --> $288  with the final price    --> $988 Price will be kept high to   lower the number of users for this system! MT5 monitor link:  https://www.mql5.com/zh/signals/1201677 MT4 Version:  https://www.mql5.com/zh/market/product/71993 EA automatically analyzes the appearance of bars move volume and catch direction towards buying or selling on the market by using market volatility in
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    Bollinger Band Scalper
    Ross Adam Langlands Nelson
    Bollinger Band Scalper EA This EA opens trades when the price hits and bounces off the Bollinger Bands, it closes the trade when it reaches the opposite Bollinger band or if the price reverses into the trailing stoploss. Posisitions are sized dynamically depending on the user's account balance. The EA waits for the price to cross the Bollinger Band and then opens a market order at a set percentage of the bandwidth from the band chosen by the user. The position is sized a percentage of the user's
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    EA Not the Grail
    Sergey Demin
    5 (1)
    This is the second Expert Advisor for a large currency portfolio for Metatrader 5 . The Expert Advisor is based on the Bollinger Bands indicator, which shows not only the direction of the trend, but also the strength of the trend. An important feature of the indicator is giving a signal to close an open position. We recommend Risk of 1% for each trade. Designed for EURUSD . Timeframe H1 . Quantity  of transactions per month 2-3 (medium-term strategy) Each trade is supplied with a stop loss. T
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    Panoptic Dragon MT5
    Aleksei Krasov
    2 (5)
    "Panoptic Dragon" is a high accuracy automatic trading solution. Expert is easy to set up and is suitable for both  experienced traders and beginners . Only one trade at a time. Every trade has Stop Loss and Take Profit from very beginning, and they do not change. This robot enters the market during the London Stock Exchange (LSE).  It is based on renko patterns, levels support and resistance, channel indicators with different periods and daily moving average.  The direction is determined on the
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    Tatiana Savkevych
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    Egidijus Bikulcius
    EA MeanReversion is based on rule that price tries to return to some mean value of some period. For mean value a Moving Average (MA) indicator is chosen. You can set period, averaging and applied price methods for MA. Because bullish and bearish movements behave differently you can separately enter different settings for buy and sell signals. The more the price goes away from selected MA the more the new trades opens at defined step price values and adding the defined lotsize step values (pictur
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    Magic EA MT5
    Kyra Nickaline Watson-gordon
    Magic EA is an Expert Advisor based on Scalping, Elliot Waves and with filters such as RSI, Stochastic and 3 other strategies managed and decided with the robot smartly. Large number of inputs and settings are tested and optimized and embedded in the program thus inputs are limited and very simple. Using EA don't need any professional information or Forex Trading Knowledge. EA can trade on all symbols and all time frames, using special and unique strategies developed by the author. The EA w
    200 USD
    The Waiter mt5
    Massimiliano Pirola
    What is The Waiter ? It is an automated system to always be ready to catch the big movements of the market How does it work? Set the mode (stop or limit) Set the pending orders distance Set Take Profit / Stop Loss Wait for the big candle settings: entry : 0.OFF  (the expert advisor won't operate. only for chart info purposes.) 1.New candle, new STOP orders  (each new candle two stop orders are placed. If they are not activated by the end of the candle, they will be cancelled) 2.New candle
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    NewMillion MT5
    Aleksei Bordak
    Hello, Dear Traders I am pleased to present you a new unique algorithm for trading in gold. A real exclusive to the collection of the successful forex trader. The Expert Advisor was created on the basis of the Road to a Million concept. I spent three years for development of this Expert Advisor. Optimization and tuning of parameters took about 3000 hours. Of course, such an Expert Advisor cannot be cheap. I am planning to sell only 50 copies, after which the price will go up significantly. This
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    This bot is based on the analysis of adaptive moving averages. The expert is distinguished by stable signals, which can be used as accurate short-term signals. This is a semi-scalping system that analyzes the market using reliable indicators. Scalper is a system or not, depends on the parameters TakeProfit and StopLoss. Using this adviser, you need to understand that this bot requires optimization. The bot works both on netting accounts and on hedging accounts. But the settings must be optimize
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    Эксперт NeuralLogicUniversal  создан на основе эксперта  NeuralRegr  и NeuralRegrLight , но с существенным преимуществом, данный бот может работать на всех типах счетов! Конструкция бота такая же. Первая часть - бот со своей логикой работы и зависимостями от цены, и вторая - нейросеть с зависимостью от времени она регулирует первую систему. Функция зависимости от времени работает с данными от минут до месяца (годы и секунды не используются). Таким образом мы получаем само-настраиваемый бот. Коэф
    278 USD
    The Finance Craft bot is suitable for everyone who was looking for a universal scalpel but cannot dwell on a specific product, because in all of them it notices flaws or does not understand the trading strategy. For those who fall into this category of searchers, there is good news - this bot is for you! In the description presented below, only essential information will be provided, and nothing superfluous. The first important point is that the bot works on both Netting and Hedging account typ
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    Cobalto MT5
    Jorge Waldron
    This is an automatic system that manages input signals correlating the price, places a market order and adds a stop order contrary to the opposite signal at the distance determined by the parameter "Space between orders". The concept of Cobalto is based on the volatility of the market - it looks for strong movements for buying or selling. This system is designed to be used on ECN accounts with a leverage of 1:300. Parameters Lot_Management Initial_lot: In this parameter the size of the initial
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    Logique stratégique Pump and Dump for mt5 Expert Advisor est un   conseiller commercial entièrement automatique   créé par un commerçant pour les commerçants.   La stratégie est "acheter bas, vendre haut"   . Les commandes sont ouvertes après une hausse/baisse significative des prix. Le sens fondamental de la stratégie Pump and Dump est d'acheter un actif moins cher lorsque le prix baisse, de vendre plus cher lorsque le prix augmente. Vous avez probablement remarqué qu'après de brusques mouveme
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    Andriy Sydoruk
    This is a professional trading robot, which implements the classical Ichimoku based trading strategy. A signal is formed when the Ichimoku trend changes. For this purpose we will analyze intersection of the Tenkan-sen and Kijun-sen lines. The signal to buy is generated when the Tenkan-sen line crosses the Kijun-sen bottom-up. The top-down crossing is the signal to sell. The EA correctly processes errors, and works reliably in the market. Can work with the initial deposit from $100! It is importa
    100 USD
    Andriy Sydoruk
    5 (1)
    Neural is a professional Expert Advisor, which implements the strategy of trading using neural networks and genetic algorithms. Machine learning is widely used in various fields and is intended to replace the human brain for solving complex problems of classification and prediction. Training of a neural network is performed on a data sample (historical data). The neural network save the trouble of constantly changing the strategy, it is sufficient to simply retrain the system for the current mar
    200 USD
    MT5 GridderEA
    Nikolaos Pantzos
    It's a multi-currency grid and lite martingale system that can trade all input pairs from one chart. The expert will close all orders for each pair using a profit level. It has the possibility to trade up to 100 pairs. Information Chose a broker with fast execution and low spreads for effective results. Please make some tests on a demo account to see how the expert works before using it on a real account. For 0.01 minimum lot size and account leverage 1:500, you need an initial balance of a
    1 000 USD
    This Expert Advisor's main strategy is based on the usage of two kind of indicators: two built-in shifted MFI (Money Flow Index) to measure the asset prices oscillations and two Moving Averages calculated over Open Prices and Close Prices to confirm the trends. It combines these indicators signals in order to get stronger signals and ensure the EA will do good trading operations. It protects your money because it is provided with : Trailing stop loss to protect your profit. Once your order has a
    120 USD
    Description This expert makes a decision on buying / selling based on the MACD and SAR indicators. Analyzing the candles, as well as the balance, a conclusion is drawn about the volume of the transaction. The robot has 9 variables - 7 concerning indicators, 1 - calculation of the lot size and 1 takes part in the indicators and in the calculation of the lot. Before starting the bot to work - configure. Settings Open platform strategy tester; In the column "Optimization" select "Slow"; Choose a pe
    500 USD
    Andriy Sydoruk
    A professional robot that implements the classic RSI trading strategy. With automatic correction of levels from overbought / oversold zones, that is, not 70 and 30, but levels are formed dynamically depending on the market, for which the neural network with open coefficients is used. We buy when the RSI first drops below a certain level (the level sets the neural network), and then rises above it. Sell ​​when the RSI first rises above a certain level (the level sets the neural network), and then
    127 USD
    Short circuit
    Jose Ramon Rosaenz
    Buy one of my EA and get  Profits and Losses per Magic Number  for free ;) Not Martigala, Hedging, grid or other dangerous strategies Optimized for   EUR/USD H1 and USD/JPY H1 Every Tick from Tickstory:   100% quality Notes: Before you buy Short Circuit please be aware of the risks involved. Past performance is no guarantee of future profitability (EA could also make losses).  The backtests shown (e.g. in screenshots) are highly optimized to find the best parameters but therefore results cann
    30 USD
    TopMaster EA MT5
    Vsevolod Gorkovtsov
    2.33 (6)
    TopMaster EA is a fully automated trading system on the most popular major currency pairs . The EA is catching volatility breakouts using market momentum to its advantage. It uses pure Price Action data, not relying on lagging technical indicators. It is designed to thrive during most challenging market conditions associated with high levels of uncertainty. It's more relevant now than ever, with important recent changes on the global markets. MT4 version: https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/
    399 USD
    Professional robot Forgotten Technology, which implements the classic trading strategy. The signal is generated when the Alligator's trend changes. When the Jaw, Teeth and Lips are closed or intertwined, the Alligator is about to sleep or is already asleep. When he sleeps, his hunger increases - the longer he sleeps, the more hungry he will be when he wakes up. When he wakes up, the first thing he does is open his Mouth and start yawning. Then he begins to smell the smell of food: bull meat or
    139 USD
    Trendy Boom and Crash Trader
    Felix Kenechi Onodu
    3 (1)
    Cet EA est conçu pour trader tous les indices de boom et de crash de deriv.com sur mt5. C'est un scalpeur ; il se négocie sur une période de 1 minute. Il utilise une moyenne mobile pour déterminer la tendance et l'excellent oscillateur pour identifier les points d'entrée. Chaque ordre est défini avec des niveaux de stop loss et de take profit. Il dispose d'un ajustement automatique intelligent de la taille du lot. INSTRUMENTS Indice Boom 500 Indice Boom 1000 Indice Crash 500
    125 USD
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    Evgenii Aksenov
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    Le système de trading Scalping est créé conformément au principe du mouvement vers la valeur moyenne du prix  De tels systèmes vous permettent d'augmenter rapidement le solde de votre compte sans utiliser de stratégies de Martingale risquées et d'ordres de GRILLE Index Scalper PRO convient aux traders débutants et expérimentés  Par la suite, le conseiller sera retiré de la vente afin de limiter le nombre d'utilisateurs et de ne pas permettre aux courtiers d'aggraver les conditions de négociat
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    Night Hunter Pro MT5
    Valeriia Mishchenko
    4.81 (21)
    EA has a   live track record   with many months of stable trading with  low drawdown: Live performance   -   Best pairs   (set file in the description) High-risk   performance Only 5 copies left  at $999! Next price --> $1199 Night Hunter Pro is the advanced scalping system which utilizes smart entry/exit algorithms with sophisticated filtering methods to identify only the safest entry points during calm periods of the market. This system is focused on a long-term stable growth. It is a professi
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    Ranger MT5
    Vladimir Pleshakov
    5 (5)
    The Ranger  trading robot is the result of many years of work on researching thousands of strategies, prediction indicator systems to find the optimal and adapted online trading strategy. Combining several methods of market analysis and modern trading algorithms, the robot observes every tick of the price change, making trading decisions at any second of trading sessions. Main advantages: Insensitive to spread and commission; There are several levels of stop orders for one position; Minimum dep
    599 USD
    Darwin Evolution MT5
    Guillaume Duportal
    5 (20)
    Darwin Évolution !! Promotion -30% !!     1490 USD vers 990 USD     Durée limitée (offre valide jusqu'à l'arrivé de la prochaine mise à jour, ne perdez pas de temps) DESCRIPTIONS : -- Pour comprendre le fonctionnement, venez lire le blog (Cet EA reflète ma philosophie du trading forex…Si vous aimez ma façon de voir les choses, alors vous aimerez mon EA. Prenez le temps de le faire !! (Le forex n’est pas une course) : https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/745790 -- Pour voir les performanc
    999 USD
    The Reaper EA MT5
    Profalgo Limited
    4.18 (28)
    ALREADY +1300 SATISFIED CUSTOMERS! Verified Performance on multiple live accounts FTMO Challenge approved trading CURRENT PROMO:     Only 1 copy left at 499$ Price after promo: 999$ NEW: Buy Reaper and receive 2 EA's for free! (linked to 2 account numbers) MT4 VERSION Forget nice looking backtests:  The Reaper EA is already ahead of the curve! Let's face the truth: The biggest problem with most of the automated trading systems on the market, is that all of them show very nice backtest
    499 USD
    New Generation EA MT5
    Ismail Hakki Delibas
    2.5 (6)
    EA Description : This is a High-Frequency Trading EA. EA is supported by a strong signal finding algorithm. Most of the algorithms are smart and automatic. You need to adjust only 3 parameters to optimize the signal engine of the EA. Thus optimizing and using EA is very simple and easy. Supported Symbols and Timeframes : All timeframes and pairs are supported by EA. The best operation of EA is on all 28 Major and Cross Pairs of Forex. The best timeframes are M15,M30,H1 EA Inputs General O
    1 000 USD
    Aura Black Edition MT5
    Stanislav Tomilov
    5 (4)
    Aura Black Edition is a fully automated EA designed to trade GOLD only. Expert showed stable results on XAUUSD in 2011-2020 period. No dangerous methods of money managment used, no martingale, no grid or scalp. Suitable for any broker conditions. EA trained with a multilayer perceptron Neural Network (MLP) is a class of feedforward artificial neural network (ANN). The term MLP is used ambiguously, sometimes loosely to any feedforward ANN, sometimes strictly to refer to networks composed of multi
    1 495 USD
    NorthEastWay MT5
    5 (5)
    ONLY 6 COPIES OUT OF 10 LEFT AT $ 9987! After that, the price will be raised to $12483. North East Way EA it is a fully automated “pullback” trading system, which is especially effective in trading on popular “pullback” currency pairs: AUDCAD, AUDNZD, NZDCAD. The system uses the main patterns of the Forex market in trading – the return of the price after a sharp movement in any direction. Timeframe: M15 Base currency pairs: AUDNZD, NZDCAD, AUDCAD Additional currency pairs:    EURGBP, EURUSD,
    9 987 USD
    All Index Scalper MT5
    5 (6)
    One 5 stars review will price up 50USD   to the next day , One 1 star review will price down 50USD to the next day . Price will be dynamic by last day review given by stars . Important upgrade : Risk mode added / Fast order close within 1 sec  Warning :  Do not use another EA / other manual trade with IIIII scalper , only run in a 200 USD account with IIIII only .  Signals monitors  :   Here   ( My live record started with 200USD /  Risk Free  already in 6 trading days , The faster order clos
    650 USD
    Waka Waka EA MT5
    Valeriia Mishchenko
    4.31 (13)
    EA has a live track record with many years of stable trading with low drawdown: Live performance MT4 version can be found here Only 7 copies left at $699! Next price --> $799 Waka Waka is the advanced grid system which already works on real accounts for years. Instead of fitting the system to reflect historical data (like most people do) it was designed to exploit existing market inefficiencies. Therefore it is not a simple "hit and miss" system which only survives by using grid. Instead it uses
    699 USD
    Evgeniy Scherbina
    2.25 (24)
    The multi-symbol advisor Excelsior implements a popular variant of the recurrent neural network and trades on weekly and daily charts. The advisor is fully ready for the automated trading with 8 symbols: AUDUSD, EURUSD, GBPCHF, GBPUSD, NZDUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF, and USDJPY. Signal: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1295107 The main difference of this advisor from other strategies is that it uses 2 independent recurrent neural networks for calculating "buy" and "sell" signals. Trades with the commen
    385 USD
    SIEA Pro
    Daniel Stein
    5 (5)
    Get more information, like FAQs, backtest reports and tips for the right DST/GMT settings in  our  SIEA FAQ Send a screenshot of your purchase, and you'll get the set files for   SIEA ZEN   and   SIEA MAX .  So you'll have  3 SIEAs in 1. The keys to success   in trading Forex are discipline, patience and a clear edge, as we have with our unique real trading volume analysis. That's our experience of 10 years of trading Forex, and  all these key factors are summarized in the   S tein   Invest
    1 999 USD
    Golden Million MT5
    Aleksei Bordak
    2.67 (12)
    Hello my name is Alexey, I am a professional algorithm developer for trading on financial markets, crypto currency market and forex. Working experience in finance and programming for more than 15 years. Years of practice, mistakes and success. A lot of groundwork and hundreds of created algorithms. Both successful and not so successful. Now that I am a successful man and a programmer with a fortune of several million dollars. I've decided to share with you my experiences in the field of algorit
    999 USD
    Real-time signals of   this EA: Fixed lot size: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1296048 Auto lot: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1288847 $599 for new product promotion! Next price -->   $699 MT4 version is here GoodMorningEA   is an advanced night trading system. It uses intelligent algorithms to enter the market safely when the market is at its calmest, and has a variety of ways to exit. The system I have studied for many years, and for the improvement of the current market situation, to mak
    599 USD
    Metaverse MT5
    5 (1)
    Price might change anytime  Important: We upgrade at least one time per month and maintain high quality of using experience . Please always keep the newest version . 80% from database analysis , 20% use brokers data , always do not rely on brokers data all the time . Signals monitors   :    Here Instruction/setup   :    Here Concept of Metaverse EA: Metavese EA is a fully auto EA , no parameters need to be set , trading strategy is simple , it is martingale strategy , however , when/why/h
    1 625 USD
    Bober Crypto MT5
    Arnold Bobrinskii
    5 (1)
    Crypto trading with   Binance   exchange is available! Hurry up to get it! Limited number of copies will be sold out. Hey guys! I hope u are doing well.     I'm gonna show you new trading robot which is essentially differ from all others MQL5.com market products. The main feature of   Bober Crypto MT5  is an ability to trade with   Binance Futures . This product is using "Static arbitrage" strategy which is have a lot of advantages we gonna be taking profit from.  All coins can be traded th
    2 000 USD
    SFE Gamma
    Joel Juanpere
    This EA has two systems (Gamma and Theta) that look for reversal zones on medium-term time frames. It works with all major currencies Forex crosses. Visit the comments page, in the first message you can find more information about the system, performance, backtest. 2 units left at 600 $ - next price 720 $ Live Signal https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/997579 Any doubt or more information, you are invited you to join to the telegram group of the sfe users community. Telegram Community Group
    600 USD
    Carousel Triple Correlation MT5
    Stanislau Siatsko
    3.67 (3)
    These are limited sales. We do not have a goal to attract a large number of customers, so the price of PriceTracker will constantly increase. $1700   - limited sales $2600 - next price LIVE Signals:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1102471 Attention: this is a multicurrency EA, which trades by several pairs from one chart!  Therefore, in order to avoid duplicate trades, it is necessary to attach EA only to one chart, ---> all trading in all pairs is conducted only from one chart! Carousel_Tri
    1 700 USD
    GOLD EAgle mt5
    Evgenii Aksenov
    4.3 (27)
    GOLD EAGLE  is a swing strategy ideal for a flat market, which takes up to 80-90% of the time. The GOLD EAGLE EA is optimized for the XAUUSD (GOLD) pair. This is a trend scalping strategy using the TrendLine PRO indicator as an input signal. The EA opens the first order at the signal of the indicator and fixes the profit at a given level, but if the price does not reach the profit and rolls back, an additional order automatically opens averaging the level of the total profit making it closer t
    499 USD
    R Factor EA MT5
    Raphael Minato
    5 (3)
    R FACTOR Multi Strategy Expert Advisor with Proprietary Dynamic Portfolio Management System After 4 years of development and more than  3  years of real positive results  and 8 months after the MT4 version, here comes its MT5 version! It has always been important for us that the strategies performed positively for the creator before it could be shared.  Skin In The Game  is essential to demonstrate the belief in the strategy and also to provide a continuous improvement of it. Anyone who has
    519 USD
    Tioga MT5
    Ozkan Kara
    4.56 (9)
    Price: 495 USD                 Only 1 copy left at this price ! Next Price: 795 USD TIOGA is a fully automated Night Scalper. It works good on all major currency pairs.  Main strategy is using mean reversion on end of US season. The system focuses only Small and Steady Profits. The EA does not use grid, martingale, averaging or other dangerous strategies.   It uses fixed stoploss for every position. I will always help you, please contact me ! Live Signal    >>>  https://www.mql5.com/en/signal
    495 USD
    Arthur Hatchiguian
    5 (1)
    Sun est un robot multi-cycle agressif conçu pour EURUSD M1 . Chaque cycle est indépendant, il a son propre TP et SL. Il utilise un système de grille et de martingale. Cet EA s'appuie sur les fortes récurrences des dernières années pour prendre position et obtenir un taux de réussite élevé. Le dépôt minimum est de 100$ pour un effet de levier de 1:500. Un système de taille de position automatique est inclus.  Je recommande d'utiliser un compte ECN 1:500 avec un spread faible et un VPS rapide.
    499 USD
    PriceTracker MT5
    Stanislau Siatsko
    5 (1)
    These are limited sales. We do not have a goal to attract a large number of customers, so the price of PriceTracker will constantly increase. $1700   - limited sales (price valid until: January 24) $2600 - next price Friends! Someone is trying to draw attention to their products with all sorts of promotions, discounts, Black Fridays, etc., someone with super-profitable tests... I just show how the product works on real ECN accounts with real market conditions. I will only say one thing: look
    1 700 USD
    Bober Lannister MT5
    Arnold Bobrinskii
    4.83 (12)
    Bober Lannister MT5  - is fully automated cross platform trading robot. Only one trade at a time. No "Recovery algorithm (martingale)" or other dangerous strategies involved. Next order lot size always the same according to Risk settings regardless of achieved result by previous one. Virtual TP and SL  keeps the same distance. Live settings optimized by using real ticks data. Much attention has been paid to forward test results to avoid overfitting. Here you can check Live results : Live sign
    499 USD
    YOLO Gold go go
    5 (3)
    if you want to improve your manual trading skills , YOLO is a good tool for you to train your manual trade , if your decision is not too horrible , YOLO will help you TP , and you can start your next decision  Boosting performance is allowed , Please contact me after purchase about how to get free version of indicator and daily analysis . PM me after purchase for free version of indicator  Instruction : Here Signal monitor :   Here   The best match with indicator :  Here Hello traders , 
    2 688 USD
    Aura Pro
    Stanislav Tomilov
    4.2 (5)
    Aura Pro is a unique grid expert based on deep machine learning, hyperparameter search technology. In machine learning, hyperparameter optimization or tuning is the problem of choosing a set of optimal hyperparameters for a learning algorithm. A hyperparameter is a parameter which value is used to control the learning process. By contrast, the values of other parameters (typically node weights) are learned. The same kind of machine learning model can require different constraints, weights or le
    595 USD
    NightVision MT5
    Alexander Kalinkin
    5 (4)
    NightVision EA MT5  - is an automated Expert Advisor that uses night scalping trading during the closing of the American trading session. The EA uses a number of unique author's developments that have been successfully tested on real trading accounts. The EA can be used on most of the available trading instruments and is characterized by a small number of settings and easy installation. Live signal for NightVision EA:    https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/author/dvrk78 Recommended FX broker :  IC M
    489 USD
    Gold Super Trends AutoTrader Robot
    Hesham Ahmed Kamal Barakat
    5 (5)
    General description; This EA is made to be used in the Gold market. It's made for trading Gold in mind. This Trading Robot is based on more than 14 years of winning patterns and will open trades by the minute, 24 hours a day. It will handle everything, from opening positions, closing them, managing risk. Features; - Timeframe-Less Expert Advisor that works by the second and recalculate everything with whichever situation that might exist. - Dynamic market watcher that adjust itself to cope
    4 999 USD
    Champion MT5
    Evgenii Aksenov
    5 (11)
    Le conseiller a des antécédents de tests de plusieurs mois sur un compte en direct Actuellement, CHAMPION EA est disponible avec une réduction au prix final $9999 Monitoring real accounts: ici   Instructions:  ici CHAMPION EA est un système de trading intelligent basé sur la recherche de points d'entrée/sortie optimaux. Ce système a été testé sur des citations réelles pendant de nombreux mois et génère des revenus réels. La création et le test du système ont nécessité une expérience signifi
    1 250 USD
    Exp TickSniper PRO FULL
    Vladislav Andruschenko
    4.36 (42)
    Exp-TickSniper - scalpeur de ticks à   grande vitesse avec sélection automatique des paramètres pour chaque paire de devises automatiquement. Vous rêvez d'un conseiller qui calculera automatiquement les paramètres de trading ? Optimisé et réglé automatiquement ? La version complète du système pour MetaTrader 4:       TickSniper   scalper   pour MetaTrader 4 TickSniper - Description complète       + DÉMO + PDF L'EA a été développé sur la base de l'expérience acquise en près de 10 ans de progr
    499 USD
    geenstijl78 2021.11.26 09:27 

    Really?! payed full 450eur for this and now 45 dollar what a scam, also asked me to give my broker account nr etc why?, this is not oke! Happy to tested on demo now for 5 weeks only loosers! DO NOT BUY!

    He allso deleted life results after 1 week because of bad results.

    Khuman Bakhramirad
    Réponse du développeur Khuman Bakhramirad 2021.11.26 09:37
    Its black Friday and the price will be back to 499 USD after 48 hours
    Shuhua Shen
    Shuhua Shen 2021.11.24 03:15 

    Very bad, like history reader, past performance is good in the backtest, forward test is bad, low PF and I bought the EA higher than this price, bullshit.

    Khuman Bakhramirad
    Réponse du développeur Khuman Bakhramirad 2021.11.24 04:52
    Dear Shuhua Shen, unfortunately i have said this before many times that just a few weeks not making profit does not mean its not good, it has happened in backtest through out the history many times ,if you backtest it slowly you will see , thats so unfortunate to see that people love the overall result of 10 years and expect it to show it in only a few weeks, this is long term expert and won't show it's performance in less than 2 month, but hopefully you will use it long enough too see what i mean.
    Vasil Stanev
    Vasil Stanev 2021.11.23 21:20 

    Worst investment in my life so far! EA is not behaving like on the backtests (i.e. on 22-Nov-2021 with same input settings backtest did 4 trades, in reality 0 trades on live!). This is happening every day, serious missmatch between backtest and live performance! I am very disappointed and in my opinion its pure fraud that the actual product has nothing in common with what we see in the free demo version (backtest only). I am going to submit a ticket to ServiceDesk about it. So guys, dont waste your money, better trade by yourself. Skip this EA currently!

    Khuman Bakhramirad
    Réponse du développeur Khuman Bakhramirad 2021.11.23 21:58
    Hello dear Vasil, the missmatch may because of various things , i wished you told me sooner that they trades are not same and i would have helped you to make it similar to backtest , i will PM you now and help you
    lfelipesj89 2021.11.23 19:57 

    Although the developer is very supportive, the EA is doing badly with a quite large average amount in lost trades compared to won trades. It seems some operations are being opened randomly without any sense of AI or Neural Networks. Hope this EA start doing better because it was a pretty large investment in such a useless tool. 2 stars so far, will fix it as soon as the EA improves performance.

    yukifune 2021.11.22 09:09 


    The author has deleted the live signal.

    It's a very bad grade.

    EA to enjoy the test

    seudry 2021.11.19 18:09 

    November is a bad month for live. The backtest for the month of November shows the same thing and confirm that doesn't just come from EA. It confirm that EA do the same thing than backtest too. Be patient :)

    Khuman Bakhramirad
    Réponse du développeur Khuman Bakhramirad 2021.11.19 19:31
    Hello dear Seudry, thats true it was a tough month but it is slowly getting stable
    Trader73901 2021.11.19 17:26 

    Ich habe den Eindruck, der Ash Al wurde nur für den Backtest optimiert. Im Live Trading macht er nur Verluste.

    Rutt Tungkiratichai
    Rutt Tungkiratichai 2021.11.19 15:14 

    Good only in backtest.This EA is curvefitted .

    Khuman Bakhramirad
    Réponse du développeur Khuman Bakhramirad 2021.11.19 16:45
    Hello dear Rutt, thanks for your review, but isn't this happened at backtest ? If you slow down the backtest you can see even there was a month without profit ,this is a long term backest and unfortunately people are not patient enough, sadly people in market is used to risky strategies like Martingale that gives profit for a few weeks and then it wipes out the whole money , this is longterm it means you have to run it at least 3 months
    Sergejs Kornilovs
    Sergejs Kornilovs 2021.11.19 15:05 

    very .......

    Khuman Bakhramirad
    Réponse du développeur Khuman Bakhramirad 2021.11.19 16:43
    Hello dear Sergejs, may i ask very what?
    Christian Boekhoff
    Christian Boekhoff 2021.11.16 09:04 

    EA looks nice so far. Developer Khuman Bakhramirad is very supportive. Backtesting 1 year period with good results, but at the moment the market phase seems to be not optimal for the EA. Before activating the EA on real money I do rolling backtests until the EA starts doing profit. If you guys want to do money with EA, you need a couple of EA's and choosing to activate the right ones for the right market phase. I update this review as soon as I activate it.

    Update: Hm, I made 200€ by hand today and the EA burned 150 after...the SL is strange for me. Very high SL, very low TP, like 5:1. I cant define a strategy either 🤷‍♂️ I switched it off and will have an eye on it. I adjust my review when something changes.

    Khuman Bakhramirad
    Réponse du développeur Khuman Bakhramirad 2021.11.16 10:34
    Hello dear Christian, thanks for you very nice review, yes right now it is a rough time for expert but it is all normal and part of the plan ;) i wish you the best.
    Ionega 2021.11.13 18:57 

    EA is very nice, support is perfect, Khuman reply always fast, update his EA for always better result, i'm happy with EA, i will update my comment later with more result. Thank you Khuman for your EA and support

    Khuman Bakhramirad
    Réponse du développeur Khuman Bakhramirad 2021.11.13 20:24
    Hello dear lonega, thank you for your very kind review , i hope you enjoy using this expert, wish you the best.
    fakhrorazi 2021.11.13 14:09 

    nice EA. i will try it for a month if its good i will buy it, and recomended it for my friend

    Khuman Bakhramirad
    Réponse du développeur Khuman Bakhramirad 2021.11.13 16:17
    Hello dear Fakhrorazi, thank you for your trust in us, wish you the best.
    BKrit 2021.11.10 23:02 

    You say this EA is an AI, so I want to know, it's auto learn while running or you must traning it every month for update AI?

    Khuman Bakhramirad
    Réponse du développeur Khuman Bakhramirad 2021.11.11 02:12
    hello dear BKrit, the AIis trained on each symbol and the trained algorithm is now inside the expert and it is not auto learning but it needs to be updated after several weeks .
    xMANIACTVx 2021.11.10 12:02 

    Really great EA and extremely helpful developer. I will update the rating again once the EA is working in live trading account.

    Short update on live trading ... The EA works absolutely clean exactly as in the backtest.

    In fact, November was not a good month. Nevertheless, the ASH AI was profitable.

    That the EA does not work properly with some people here can depend on several factors.

    From broker to the input parameters.

    I am currently satisfied all around

    Khuman Bakhramirad
    Réponse du développeur Khuman Bakhramirad 2021.11.13 16:18
    Hello dear xMANIACTVx, thank you for you very nice words, i wish you best.
    Fazz Fauzan
    Fazz Fauzan 2021.11.10 03:02 

    I have tried the EA in backtest and the trial version the results are amazing, hopefully after I buy it will be even better

    Khuman Bakhramirad
    Réponse du développeur Khuman Bakhramirad 2021.11.10 03:08
    Dear Fazz Fauzan, thank you for your wonderful review. It's highly appreciated and we're happy that it suits you perfectly.
    Irene1956 2021.11.09 14:30 

    The EA has been live for 1 week and I am very impressed with the performance. Like every EA, this one also has its DD phases. But it succeeds in catching up again in a very short time and is in the profit. the author helps with all questions and always tries to find the best solution. Thanks very much

    Khuman Bakhramirad
    Réponse du développeur Khuman Bakhramirad 2021.11.09 16:22
    Dear Irene1956, ,Thank you so much for your nice words , i will do my best to make the expert perfect , wish you the best
    KritsanaAlternative 2021.11.09 00:50 

    Thank Khuman for EA. Even though I use rental version, he gives great support anyway. Forex still have risk, what the EA set up is manage such risk. Its' normal to win & loss. Backtest result is amazing. Let's see the result end of month. But for me, lifetime version would be coming up next. :)

    Khuman Bakhramirad
    Réponse du développeur Khuman Bakhramirad 2021.11.09 04:37
    Dear Kristana,Thank you so much for your nice words , i will do my best to make the expert perfect , wish you the best
    John Blomberg
    John Blomberg 2021.11.07 21:08 

    Just wanted to add, anyone complaining about the GPBPUSD performance these last days can't really blame the EA for this.. I know many traders would be caught off guard with the news from BoE that there was no increase in interest rates. With that said thank you Khuman for your support and that you are adding a news filter to proctect from it happening again in the future, keep up the good work man!

    Khuman Bakhramirad
    Réponse du développeur Khuman Bakhramirad 2021.11.07 21:41
    Dear John,Thank you so much for your nice words , i will add more and more options to the expert little by little to make the expert perfect , wish you the best.
    Juji22 2021.11.05 16:34 

    What is the problem? In two days - two orders from GBPUSD and both orders at exactly 10:00 am and both losers I'm still waiting for the two extra pairs

    Khuman Bakhramirad
    Réponse du développeur Khuman Bakhramirad 2021.11.05 17:18
    Hello dear Juji22, i will PM you to check the trades for you , this shouldn't have happened
    Marinero 2021.11.05 11:11 

    (05.11.21) Two orders - two loss.... Minus 400EUR fm my account.. 2 stars for backtest results only.. Will update review next week..

    (updated 13.11.21) - I hope new version 5.29 wil be better. Even back test showing loss started fm end of October.. Still 2 stars only.. I'll put updates next week..

    (updated 19.11.21) - two orders with proffit - 10 orders with losses... 1 star only... All 5stars rewies for back test results only... Let's see autor's real trading signals...

    Khuman Bakhramirad
    Réponse du développeur Khuman Bakhramirad 2021.11.05 17:37
    Hello dear Marinero , thank you for your review , yes unfortunately it was a bad day but as it is clear in the backtest too not every day is a win and the sum of monthly profit matters , but i will update the expert in weekend and it has news filter which will prevent these bad trades , hopefully it will recover easily next week
    Toten79 2021.11.03 17:23 

    Khuman is one hell of a coder. He understood the troubles his EA had to open live trades, but he made an affort to fix the issues and now all seems to be back on track.

    Khuman Bakhramirad
    Réponse du développeur Khuman Bakhramirad 2021.11.13 16:18
    Hello dear Toten79, thank you for your amazing review and your very very kind words, wish you the best.
    evensshares 2021.11.03 08:55 

    worst EA at this time! 4 of 5 trades are losses. trading logic is not good, you make more profit by using a random trading EA! Last 4 weeks were -20% ... will update when it gets better, so far I dont see any improvements by author, also when there are updates every 2 weeks...

    mql5的苦逼搬运工 2021.10.31 22:56 

    很棒的一款趋势EA,非常nice,运行效果和复盘一模一样很ok 带止损会斩仓,复盘了99.99%历史10年参数略微跟作者给的不一样!基本上买了MQL5主流所有ea了合作交流请联 QQ2965688647 Let's make losers' money

    Khuman Bakhramirad
    Réponse du développeur Khuman Bakhramirad 2021.10.31 23:20
    Dear mql5的苦逼搬运工, Thank you for your very kind review , we do our best to keep all the customers satisfied. we wish you the best.
    Zhang6614 2021.10.29 16:27 

    Hi . I just bought it today. Is the MT4version performs the same as MT5 ? If yes can I have the MT4 Version?

    Khuman Bakhramirad
    Réponse du développeur Khuman Bakhramirad 2021.10.29 16:49
    Hello dear Zhang6614, thank you for trusting us ,but unfortunately the mt4 version is not ready yet but its under development and will be ready in the next week, i will PM you and we can talk about it more.
    Maharis Tobing
    Maharis Tobing 2021.10.29 09:46 

    until today, I'm satisfy... Bro Hamid also helpful, very responsive. The EA work perfectly, of course there is loss, but the majority of result is gain (positive). Good job bro... look forward to have another business with you bro....

    Khuman Bakhramirad
    Réponse du développeur Khuman Bakhramirad 2021.10.29 12:25
    Thank you Maharis for your kind review, i do my best to keep everyone satisfied, wish you the best.
    BinaryRaider 2021.10.26 10:30 

    L'utilisateur n'a laissé aucun commentaire sur la note

    Khuman Bakhramirad
    Réponse du développeur Khuman Bakhramirad 2021.10.26 12:38
    Thanks BinaryRider for your very kind review, im glad that you trusted us, we will do our best to keep it profitable.
    Lee Bryant
    Lee Bryant 2021.10.12 10:52 

    L'utilisateur n'a laissé aucun commentaire sur la note

    Khuman Bakhramirad
    Réponse du développeur Khuman Bakhramirad 2021.10.13 03:12
    Thanks for your very kind review , we do our best to keep all the customers satisfied.
    Marcin Zygala
    Marcin Zygala 2021.03.04 00:14 

    L'utilisateur n'a laissé aucun commentaire sur la note

    Khuman Bakhramirad
    Réponse du développeur Khuman Bakhramirad 2021.10.29 18:28
    Hello dear Marcin, thank you for your kind review, wish you the best.
    My_Meta5 2021.02.23 19:27 

    Ran a profitable test for 3 weeks. Now running live for 48 hours with minimum balance. So far, so good. Stick to the owner's recommendations and instructions, who by the way, provides excellent and prompt customer support.

    Khuman Bakhramirad
    Réponse du développeur Khuman Bakhramirad 2021.02.23 20:13
    Thank you so much, and I'm glad to you are satisfied with results .Wish you the best.
    Répondre à l'avis
    Version 6.52 2022.01.23
    changed default input
    Version 6.51 2022.01.23
    1_spread and fixed stoploss and fixed takeprofit can be set with decimal values now.
    2_fixed takeprofit and fixed stoploss can have zero values now
    3_after closing all orders at friday it would open orders again, now its fixed
    4_now at the end of backtest the stats of each symbol is displayed in journal tab
    5_added hours to not trade after news
    Version 6.43 2022.01.22
    Small bug fixed
    Version 6.42 2022.01.22
    1-hours of trading now based on trading server
    2-not closing orders at Friday fixed
    3-rewriting the code functions to prevent some old bugs
    4-suffix and prefix works fine now
    5-news filter bug fixed
    6- remove restriction for EURUSD symbol and H1 timeframe(now can be run on any timeframe)
    7-add fix stoploss
    8-add fix takeprofit
    9-add custom comment for orders
    10-off/on for closing at expiration
    11-add breakeven function
    Version 6.21 2022.01.17
    added time session
    stability improvement
    some bugs fixed
    Version 5.30 2021.11.15
    Small appearance improvement.
    Version 5.29 2021.11.13
    Order opening issue fixed.
    some minor improvements.
    Version 5.22 2021.11.10
    Please update to this v5.22 immediately
    Version 5.21 2021.11.10
    Fixed panel issues
    Fixed not opening new orders issues
    Added slippage
    Added Multiplier of Stoploss
    Added Multiplier of TakeProfit
    Added force Risk Reward Ratio(changes the TP base on SL)
    Version 5.14 2021.11.08
    minor bug fixed
    Version 5.13 2021.11.08
    Major improvements:
    1-Added 7 new pairs: "AUDUSD", "AUDNZD", "EURCAD", "USDCHF", "USDCAD", "EURAUD","EURGBP"
    2-Added Max spread
    3-Added Max open orders number
    4-Added Close all orders at drawdown limit
    5-Added Closing at time of the day
    6-Added Time Filter for each day of the week
    7-Added News Filter Setting
    8-Added Panel
    Version 4.91 2021.10.30
    Updated Algorithm.
    Minor issue fixed.
    Version 4.82 2021.10.25
    Better arrangement of inputs
    Version 4.76 2021.10.24
    small issue in Trailing stop fixed
    Version 4.72 2021.10.23
    small improvement
    Version 4.69 2021.10.22
    1.Updated Trail function for better performance
    2.Little bug about Backtest stopping opening orders after a while fixed
    Version 4.64 2021.10.20
    1)Added some new features:
    1.Fixed lot Size option
    2.Trade direction
    3.Expert magic number
    4.Trade start Hour
    5.Trade End Hour

    2)updated algorithm
    Version 4.43 2021.10.13
    updated algorithm and big performance improvement.
    Version 4.21 2021.10.11
    improvement in performance
    Version 4.15 2021.10.09
    minor bug fixed
    Version 4.13 2021.10.08
    1.Added GBPUSD 4H timeframe
    2.Added trailing stop with (fixed,ATR,Profit) options
    Version 3.73 2021.10.04
    Updated algorithm and added option to choose your deposit currency for better calculation of risk management.
    Version 3.67 2021.02.25
    fixed small bug with running alongside other Experts.
    Version 3.62 2021.02.12
    minor performance improvement.
    Version 3.57 2021.02.10
    minor bug fixed
    Version 3.52 2021.02.09
    Now you can open orders manually along the Expert without any problems
    Version 3.49 2021.02.09
    some minor bug fixed
    performance improvement