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change the chart background color to white when you test! because the arrows are in black color! ADVICE: 1,timeframe:I prefer H1,H4,D1. 2,profitable points: for the purpose of scalper ,less than 20 pipes for each trade is better. 3,currency:i prefer EURUSD,USDJPY,GBPUSD 4,how to place orders: up arrows means to go long and down arrows means to go short. one trade each time .close the trades in 120 hours if the trades hasn't been executed . 5,lots amount:0.0001 of your total capital.  for exampl
50 USD
1.this trendscanner is designer for you to judge the trend right now.You will see up arrows and down arrows in the seperate indicator windows!You can place your trade according to the         arrows. Up arrow-means trending will go long  Down arrow-means trend will go short 2.how to place long orders? You can find a lower place to place the long orders after the up arrow.you can also place orders just when the up arrow appear. 3,how to place short orders? you can find a high place to place the s
50 USD