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John Lennon
John Lennon 2023.01.11 10:19 

You are doing very good for 17 months. It's not justified to judge you by your one bad trade. I have full confidence in you, and I support you. Do not listen to others.

By the way, a nice recovery from GBPUSD. Next time be careful about drawdown.

Good Luck

boma4096 2023.01.10 22:12 

Drawdown 50% is unacceptable. This "strategy" will sooner or later blow your account.

Mirko Adami
Mirko Adami 2023.01.06 22:27  (modified 2023.01.06 22:27) 

Molto male! lavora a griglia come un EA di bassa qualità, questa volta si è salvato per miracolo ma non gli andrà sempre bene.

Clara NC
Clara NC 2023.01.06 16:32 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Ricsib 2023.01.05 16:08  (modified 2023.01.05 17:10) 

Just swallow the loss and move on, it's only going to get worse.

p.s. do not subscribe!

Muhannad Firas
Muhannad Firas 2023.01.04 09:31 

you are the best man keep going

Florian Beste
Florian Beste 2023.01.03 12:09  (modified 2023.01.17 17:07) 

God bless you

serdarabali 2022.12.29 16:51  (modified 2022.12.29 16:53) 

There is no skill, signal or anything technical about adding more reverse position on top of your blown trades. GBPUSD trades blows and you kept adding position; this is something anyone could do, you certainly don't need signal. Until what extend? You cannot bet on a direction and wait until it reaches without a stop loss, this is no way strategic. Absolutely no risk management, in fact nothing but adding more risk on top of existing risk. I paid for 1 month to monitor your trades and now exiting your signals right away. Thank god I did not copy any of your trades.

Matti Lillevali
Matti Lillevali 2022.12.23 09:23 

If you want to blow your account then this is the place for you. I made the same mistakes in the beginning. Going against the trend and hoped for pullback with every stoppages.

Giuseppe Basile
Giuseppe Basile 2022.12.22 22:44   

Sarowar, if the dollar index reverses here and continues higher this has the potential to destroy your account with this GBP/USD long. You need to provide a safety mechanism. Keeping buying lows won't cut it and it is dangerous. Sorry, this just became too risky for me and I am gone. I wish you all the best.