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sybmol:all tf:all !!!价格每两天涨一倍 !!!The price is doubling every two days holy grail:mt4.Gold and foreign exchange accurate buy sell indicators macan。 Le saint graal :mt4. Indicateurs précis des achats et des ventes d’or et de devises 聖杯:mt4。金と外貨の正確な売買指標 성배:mt4.금과 외화의 정확한 매매지표 Святой Грааль :mt4. Точные показатели покупки и продажи золота и иностранной валюты Santo grial :mt4. Indicadores de compra y venta de oro y divisas. Punto exacto de compra y venta 圣杯:mt4。黄金和外汇准确买卖指标 不飘,不延迟,极其精准
xauusd mm=true fix=0.01 risk=5(default) maxSpreads==25 Explanation: Suitable for xauusd, suitable for small difference platforms, with a daily order quantity of approximately 10-40 orders, a win rate of over 78%, and a profit loss ratio of 2.5. There is an algorithm, for example, if you open 10 orders, 7 orders will be profitable, 3 orders will be losing, and if you open 3 orders, you will lose 20, which means a loss of 3x20=60. The remaining 7 orders need to be earned at least, and 60/7=8.57 fo