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Questo indicatore può essere considerato come un sistema di trading. Offre una visione diversa per vedere la coppia di valute: questo indicatore senza tempo, può essere utilizzato per il trading manuale o per il trading automatizzato con EA. Quando il prezzo raggiunge una soglia viene creato un nuovo blocco secondo la modalità impostata. L'indicatore oltre alle barre Renko mostra anche 3 medie mobili. Caratteristiche modalità Renko renko mediano Renko mediano personalizzato 3 medie mo
Marco Montemari
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This indicator is based on Volumes standard indicator, calculates the average of Volumes based on the last N bars set by users, and if the value of the volume is bigger then a set % respect the average a different color will be used. The indicator is shown in a separate indicator window. This version has now a limitation in setting the % about the threshold. If you are interested to set threshold consider to buy the PRO version ( https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/35925 ) If you want to use
Forex Volumes
Marco Montemari
Forex is the most liquid market in the world. For this reason real volumes are not available. Some indicators use the number of ticks, in other cases the broker can supply volumes informations but they will be only data about that broker. Volumes are important becase they will form the price and volatility of the market. Using an algorithm this indicator can give you a very good approximation of the volumes for each candle. How to read the indicators? This version provides you many visualiza
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Renko System
Marco Montemari
This indicator can be considered as a trading system. It offers a different view to see the currency pair: full timeless indicator, can be used for manual trading or for automatized trading with some expert advisor. When the price reaches a threshold a new block is created according to the set mode. The indicator beside the Renko bars, shows also 3 moving averages. Features renko mode median renko custom median renko 3 moving averages wicks datetime indicator for each block custom notificatio
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