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How to buy a Trading Robot, a Magazine or a Book in MetaTrader Market?

| 14 September, 2012 | Views: 8290 | English Russian Chinese Spanish Portuguese

You can buy any product (robots, indicators, magazines and books) in MetaTrader Market only through the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platforms. The list of products with their description is given on the website. After you press the "Buy" button, your client terminal will be launched.

Payments are made via our payment system, you can find more details in this article.

How to start

Find the Market tab in the platform. You can find it in the Toolbox window in MetaTrader 5, and in the Terminal window in MetaTrader 4.

Main page of MetaTrader Market

Here you can find the list of the most popular (but not all) products by categories: applications, magazines and books. Since these items are purchased more often than others, it is surely a good place to start exploring the Market. You can find the remaining products in the tabs at the top of the window.

Products of different categories

If you choose, for example, Applications, you will see all the products of the given category. There are also subcategories. Applications are divided into: Expert Advisors, indicators, toolbars, libraries, analyzers and utilities. If you are looking for applications of one particular type, you will find subcategories very useful.

Subcategories of applications

The list of applications of each category can be sorted by popularity, price and date which allows you to quickly find the required product. And, finally, if you are looking for the product with an exact name, you can use the search bar.

  The search system facilitates the work in MetaTrader Market

Variety of choice

Each product of the MetaTrader Market has its own features, description and screenshots. This information is given on the page with the detailed description, there you can choose the required product.

The detailed description of the product

Just click on the chosen product icon, and you will get a profound information about it. In the left column you can find: size of a file, author/editor, publication date, current version, language, number of activations and the product price.

The right part is filled with the product details by seller. Here you can find trading robots algorithms, contents of the latest issues of the magazines, abstracts and extracts from books - all to answer the question "why do you need to buy the product?"

The Screenshots tab on the top of the window will show you how the product works. Charts with the analytical instruments, trading and testing reports can be found in the applications. Pages from the magazines and books help to evaluate their quality and usefulness.

Applications screenshots

The most important: applications are available in free demo-versions, books are stored with their preview. You can evaluate the product before purchasing it. Demo-version is a light version of the application which can be launched only in the Strategy tester. In other words, you can check characteristic features of the application without spending a penny.

A preview in a book - is first few chapters of the book, which can be downloaded free of charge in PDF (you can also download from the webpage). It helps not only to evaluate the quality of the book but also to understand the issues it covers.

These tools allow us to compare products in the Market and make the right choice.

The process of purchasing

Everything starts with the Activation in the Market. When you buy a product you do not actually get the product itself but the right to use it an unlimited number of times, but on a limited number of computers. This parameter is set for each paid product individually and it is disabled for free products.

After one activation you can use the product on a computer without any restrictions. You will not be able to download the copy of the product on another computer. If you installed the file manually, you will not open it either. Number of activations can be found on the page with a detailed description of the product in the column with its specifications (described above).

Detailed description of the magazine

For example, you have decided to buy Stock & Commodities 05/2014 magazine, you can activate it 10 times. It means, that you will be able to read it on any 10 computers. You can open it any number of times.

Even if you have lost the file on any of these computers, you can download it free from the MetaTrader Market. Just go to the Market - Purchases. However, if you want to read your magazine from the 11th computer, you will have to pay.

List of purchases in MetaTrader Market

How to buy the product?

You have chosen the product and know how everything works. What's next? It's easy, you just need:

Enter here your data

From now on you can easily and quickly buy apps, magazines and books. The "Buy" button is on the page with the product description at the up right corner.

The 'Buy' button is at the up right corner of the product description window

After you have pressed the button, the amount of money will be withdrawn from your and you will immediately get your product. You can use the product an unlimited amount of times, and you will get free updates of your applications.

Everything is easy, fast and safe. Are you ready to buy your first product? Let's do it then!

Log in the and buy products in MetaTrader Market!
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