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MQL5 Programs Market

Here you will find a lot of programs for the MetaTrader 5 terminal that release traders from routine operations helping to focus on really important matters.

Technical indicators, trading robots, control panels and analysis systems are all available in the MQL5 language.

Bobra Adept

Description: This is a half scalping system that analyzes the market using a transmission function. The system can be scalping or not depending on the "takeprofit" и "stoploss" parameters. This Expert Advisor is intended for trading on EURUSD, however it can work on other currency pairs. You...


The script creates account summary report in a separate window. The report can be created for all deals and on deals for selected financial instruments. It is possible to specify a time interval of calculation and save report to htm-file.

Bobra Stable

Description: Bobra Stable has the same parameters and settings as Bobra Adept, but offers higher stability, even though it generally yields less points. It is advisable to test this Expert Advisor at a broker who provides five-digit quotes, or better yet on the MetaQuotes-Demo server as the...


This is a ready-made trading system. The indicator is not redrawn and it is not lagging. 85% of deals are profitable. Take Profit exceeds Stop Loss 3-15 times! The indicator works on all currency pairs and time frames. There are two simple ways to filter the indicator signals: Compare direction...

Analyzer PRO

The best real-time forex analyzer with powerful additional features for professional traders and EA developers. This clearly arranged display shows you instantly, which currency combination is best to trade on the global forex market. The strength or weakness of every major currency is calculated...

Divergence Convergence for indicators

This indicator builds divergence/convergence for any selected indicator. You can add your own indicator with its custom settings to the code for free. The indicator has two basic line drawing methods (**): Search for peaks starting from the previous bar (MODE = 0) Search for peaks after crossing...

Jobs for Freelancers

Here you can post or fulfill an order for the development of indicators, trading robots and other useful applications for trading in financial markets.

This is the biggest site with a guarantee of payment to the developer and protection of the customer - the order amount is automatically reserved on the customer's account, and any disputes are resolved in arbitrage

Volatlity Displacement

Creating a rolling tracking of the Volatility Indicator minute by minute all the way to 1,440 minutes so the following comparisons can be made 1min, 5min, 15min, 30min, 1HR, 4HR, & 1 Day. Calculations should be exact and the information should be notated on the chart. The information should...

Need a Mt4 Indicator created

I need to have a simple indicator created based on  heiken ashi candles and a 200 ema. I need a audio alert when the  heiken ashi candle crosses the 200 ema above or below for the first time. This includes their wicks.I'm only interested in their first crossing. thanks

Gap close ea

hello Alain, i need a gap close multicurrency EA that enters after a gap to profit from the gap close afterwards. the risk and money management is exactly the same as in my breakout ea and the trade exits at the closing price of the bar directly before the gap happened. parameters: currency/index:...

New Trend Indicator

Hello - I would like to have another indicator built by you.  This one will follow the rules at the following page: The rules for the signal to be fired are on the page,...

I need somone that know to solve technic problem in mt4 about opening account when u missing the ping or something else add pic

i need somone that know to solve technic problem in mt4 about opening account when u missing the ping or something else add pic to see it only who to solve it good send me msg

I need an ema 34 and heiken ashi e,a

hello , i need an e.a based on Ema 34,  in combination of heiken ashi, must be able to trade all acc. types , all currency pairs , it must be optimizable, it must also be able to trade on all time frames, must be able to set the take profit and stop losses, must have a high speed of operation...

Traders' Blogs

Read blogs and participate in the discussion of interesting posts.

Share interesting news, useful information and new ideas with all participants!

Coinbase announces accredited insurance covering the bitcoins it holds online at any time

Coinbase dropped a bombshell on the bitcoin world by revealing that not only are its bitcoin deposits insured, but they have been so for more than a year. This after months of competitors listing insurance as a differentiating feature. The company wrote in a blog post: We’re proud to publicly...

GOLD Forecasts for September 1 - 5: Technicals and Fundamentals

Fundamental Forecast for Gold: Bearish Gold Responds to Trendline Gold Climbs On Ukrainian Turmoil, Crude Oil Cautiously Recovers Gold prices are slightly firmer this week with the precious metal higher by 0.48% to trade at $1287 ahead of the New York close on Friday. It’s been a lackluster...

GOLD Daily

The Gold  Daily chart shows a pull-back on the secondary bearish trend. The red dot on the last maximum indicates that probably we will see soon a new minimum that I estimate on 161.8 Fibonacci dynamic low level (1253). Therefore the indication is sell with the chance to buy after...

Gold: Russia's diversification strategy?

The IMF’s latest international gold reserves data, updated yesterday, shows that in July, Russia raised its official gold reserves to 35.5 million ounces (1,104 tonnes). This confirms data released last week by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, which reported an increase of...

AUDUSD struggles to push higher

Minor support level found on this pair at 0.93273. Notice the strong buying at this point reaching as high as 0.93520. Now it is on its slow decent back down to its original level.  More and more buyers are closing out their trades, but it appears that's all. Since there is no sharp drop in...


The EURUSD weekly chart shows the downtrend from the last peak in April (1.4000) with a loss of about 6% in  few weeks, with the price went below 1.3150 area over the last 2 minimums. This trend was characterized by a single pull-back, and I would say a shy one. Now both primary and...


Learn MQL5 programming language to develop trading strategies using numerous published articles written mostly by you - members.

All articles are divided into categories, so that you can quickly find the answer various aspects of programming: "Integration", "Tester", "Trading Systems" and so forth.

How we developed the MetaTrader Signals service and Social Trading

We continue to enhance the Signals service, improve the mechanisms, add new functions and fix flaws. The MetaTrader Signals Service of 2012 and the current MetaTrader Signals Service are like two completely different services. Currently, we are implementing A Virtual Hosting Cloud service which...

MQL5 Cookbook - Multi-Currency Expert Advisor and Working with Pending Orders in MQL5

This time we are going to create a multi-currency Expert Advisor with a trading algorithm based on work with the pending orders Buy Stop and Sell Stop. This article considers the following matters: trading in a specified time range, placing/modifying/deleting pending orders, checking if the last...

Tips for an Effective Product Presentation on the Market

Selling programs to traders effectively does not only require writing an efficient and useful product and then publishing it on the Market. It is vital to provide a comprehensive, detailed description and good illustrations. A quality logo and correct screenshots are equally as important as the...

Freelance Jobs on - Developer's Favorite Place

Developers of trading robots no longer need to market their services to traders that require Expert Advisors - as now they will find you. Already, thousands of traders place orders to MQL5 freelance developers, and pay for work in on For 4 years, this service facilitated three thousand...

Building a Social Technology Startup, Part II: Programming an MQL5 REST Client

Let's now shape the PHP-based Twitter idea which was introduced in the first part of this article. We are assembling the different parts of the SDSS. Regarding the client side of the system architecture, we are relying on the new MQL5 WebRequest() function for sending trading signals via HTTP.

Outline of MetaTrader Market (Infographics)

A few weeks ago we published the infographic on Freelance service. We also promised to reveal some statistics of the MetaTrader Market. Now, we invite you to examine the data we have gathered.

Traders Forum

Here you can ask any questions on technical analysis, discuss ideas about trading systems, indicators and robots, as well as hone your skills of programming trading strategies in MQL5.

Communicate and share your experience with traders from anywhere in the world. Ask questions and help newbies with valuable advices - is developing along with you.

Discussion of article "Creating a Multi-Currency Multi-System Expert Advisor"

New article Creating a Multi-Currency Multi-System Expert Advisor has been published: I believe there are quite a few traders who trade more than one trading symbol and use multiple strategies. This approach does not only allow you to potentially increase your profit but to also minimize the risk of...

How to build a trading robot? New to the forum

Hello , I am new to the area , and I have great interest in assembling a robot to make trades . I already have consolidated strategy for trades ( basically through the use of moving average , OBTR , MACD , and Candles ) , and I have invested in stocks , and got reasonable returns. The investments...

Experts: Renko Live Charts v4.13

Renko Live Charts v4.13 : Trade using Renko Boxes in MetaTrader 4. This EA attaches to a chart (1M chart is best) and then builds a new offline chart with Renko boxes. This version was built off of v4.12 ... I don't remember where I got it, it took forever to find it in the first place. This...

Something Interesting in Financial Video September 2014

Trading and training video (from youtube for example) about forex and financial market in general. thread for April 2013 - look at this thread , thread for May 2013 - look at here , for June 2013 is here . July thread 2013 is here August thread 2013 is this one September thread 2013 is here...

AUDUSD Technical Analysis 2014, 31.08 - 07.09: Rally under Primary Bearish

D1 price is on primary bearish with secondary rally for trying to break trend line for the rally to be finished. W1 price was on ranging market condition between 0.9503 resistance and 0.9235 support levels. H4 price is secondary ranging within primary bullish - the price is floating between 0.9364...

Press review

This link provided to me by RaptorUK , give me the idea that it would be interesting to have a place here on the site to share such links. So I opened a new topic, it will be moderated to follow the rules as usual, but also about the content. Everyone can post but have to provide a quote and the...

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