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MetaQuotes ID in MetaTrader Mobile Terminal

| 24 August, 2012 | Views: 14848 | English Russian Chinese Spanish Portuguese

Android and iOS powered devices offer us many features we do not even know about. One of these features is push notifications allowing us to receive personal messages, regardless of our phone number or mobile network operator. MetaTrader mobile terminal already can receive such messages right from your trading robot. You should only know MetaQuotes ID of your device. More than 200 000 mobile terminals have already received it.

The world around us is constantly changing. Few people remember paging, though it was extremely popular at the time. GSM phones granted us the ability to send SMS messages to any cellular network user and paging was soon forgotten.

Can we long for more? Yes, we can! We can expand our opportunities even further with push notifications - the new service provided by modern smartphones.

What Is MetaQuotes ID

Push technology is widely used in mobile devices powered by iOS and Android OS allowing their users to receive instant notifications from various services in one place.

MetaQuotes ID in MetaTarder 5 for iPhone

Push notifications are noted for their instant delivery. Besides, there is no need to launch third-party applications and keep them running. Also, push notifications cannot be lost in delivery and users do not depend on a specific mobile network operator. Only the appropriate device and Internet access are needed.

MetaQuotes ID is a unique user ID allowing to receive push notifications from MetaQuotes Software Corp. services and applications right on a mobile device. MetaQuotes ID is submitted to a user when installing the mobile version of the terminal:

MetaTrader 4 for iPhone MetaTrader 5 for iPhone
MetaTrader 4 for Android
MetaTrader 5 for Android  

A separate ID is submitted in each case preventing users from getting lost in a great amount of notifications. You can find your MetaQuotes ID in "Messages" section after installing the application. The screenshot on the left shows a user ID in MetaTrader 5 for iPhone.

Compared to unreliable SMS messages, you are not bound to a specific phone number and the messages are absolutely free. You can receive almost unlimited number of messages. You just need to ensure that your tariff plan includes Internet access.

Before the advent of push notifications, traders could use their mobile phones to receive messages about their trading account status, trading signals and other relevant information. To do this, an email was usually sent to a specific address, from which the appropriate message was then sent to a device via paid SMS gateways. But not all mobile network operators provide such a possibility. Besides, the system has several drawbacks.

With push notifications in MetaTrader mobile terminals, you can not only trade from everywhere but also use one more convenient way of working with your client terminal providing you with trading signals and important notifications on your account status. MetaQuotes Software Corp. took a step further and integrated new technologies in services.

How It Works?

Notifications received by users via MetaQuotes ID can be of two types: notifications from the desktop version of the client terminal and from services.

To subscribe for the client terminal's notifications, specify MetaQuotes ID in the terminal's settings. To receive push notifications from, specify MetaQuotes ID in your profile. In both cases notifications are sent to a mobile device with a specified MetaQuotes ID via a special server when a certain event occurs. They are delivered instantly.

Delivering Messages from the Client Terminal

The main advantage of push notifications is the ability to quickly react to various events in the trading terminal. Specify your MetaQuotes ID and enable push notifications in settings to receive them on your mobile device:

Configuring push notifications in the client terminal

Sending via MQL5 and MQL4

The most interesting feature of sending notifications is adding an appropriate functionality to a trading robot. Special SendNotification() function is provided in MQL4 and MQL5 languages. The function is easy to use:

//|                                                 Notification.mq5 |
//|                        Copyright 2012, MetaQuotes Software Corp. |
//|                                     |
#property copyright "Copyright 2012, MetaQuotes Software Corp."
#property link      ""
#property version   "1.00"
#property script_show_inputs;
//| Text message to send                                             |
input string message="Enter message text";
//| Script program start function                                    |
void OnStart()
//--- Send the message
      Print("Message sending failed");
      Print("Message sent");

This sample MQL5 script sends a message to a mobile device with MetaQuotes ID specified in the terminal settings. The only parameter of SendNotification() function is a message text which should not exceed 255 characters.

With this function, you will always be in touch with your trading account and Expert Advisor. Forward-looking developers already introduce this feature in their Market products to provide additional convenient functionality.

Sending via Alerts

You do not have to know MQL4 or MQL5 to work with push notifications. Messages sending can be configured via "Alerts" function in MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 terminals:

Sending push notifications via Alerts in MetaTrader 5

Select "Notification" in "Action" and enter the text that should be sent when a specified event occurs in "Source" field.

With this feature you will not miss a single important event.

Integration with Services

MetaTrader 5 is closely integrated with providing traders with unique opportunities including direct access to Code Base, Articles and Market, MQL5 Cloud Network, MQL5 source codes Storage and more. Working in MetaTrader 5 is closely connected with activity on

How can push notifications be of any use here? They facilitate working with your account. After specifying MetaQuotes ID in your profile, you will receive notifications on the following important events:

  • Personal messages including their texts;
  • Messages from customers or developers from Jobs service;
  • Changes in the status of your publications in Code Base, Articles, Market and Signals;
  • Moderators' comments on your publications in Code Base, Articles, Market and Signals;
  • Announcements of new publications in Code Base and Articles;
  • New orders in Jobs service;
  • Notifications on registering as a Seller in Market.

Enter your profile and specify MetaQuotes ID:

MetaQuotes ID in member's profile

You should also enable "MetaQuotes ID notifications - Send private messages" option in the "Interface" section of your profile. The messages will start coming to your device right after you subscribe to the terminals' and events. The number of unread messages is displayed on MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 application icon. Launch the application and enter "Messages" section to view notifications.

Messages in MetaTrader 5 for iPhone

Be Mobile with MetaTrader Terminals

Being alert to market changes is a key ability of a successful trader. MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platforms have everything to be up-to-date. Mobile terminals for the most popular iOS and Android OS platforms are available to all traders for free.

Sample MQL5 Expert Advisors for creating a message box on a chart are attached below. Place them to the [terminal dara folder]\MQL5\Experts, compile in MetaEditor and launch on any chart. Try to send notifications to your mobile device. You will surely find that easy and convenient.

Use push notifications to receive data instantly and securely. More than 200 000 unique MetaQuotes IDs have already been registered as of early August 2012.

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
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Alain Verleyen
angevoyageur | 25 Oct 2013 at 18:48
I would like to post a job but I need a MetaQuotes ID but I do not have an Android etc. So now what? So I downloaded the huge 91MB itunes file and installed, set up my account but it does not recognize my log in info.  So I cannot download the MT4 app.  THIS IS SUCH A HASSLE!  WHY CAN'T I JUST USE MY REGULAR EMAIL FOR COMMUNICATION?? THIS HAS TAKEN ME 2.5 HOURS AND IT IS STILL NOT WORKING!!  I NEED SOME HELP OR I AM OUT OF HERE AND WILL LOOK SOMEWHERE ELSE FOR CODERS THAT CAN EASILY BE COMMUNICATED WITH!!


Discussion of article "How to Order a Trading Robot in MQL5 and MQL4"

MetaQuotes, 2013.02.06 09:47

Now all messages from the Jobs service (completed steps, appeals to arbitration, etc.) are sent only via Push notifications. It was decided to renounce communications via SMS.

Please bear this in mind and inform your potential customers/developers.

You can read about Push messages in details in the MetaQuotes ID in MetaTrader Mobile Terminal article.

eleoura | 16 Jan 2014 at 10:43


sorry about this I just put up a job, and realised I don't have the ability to receive push notifications, I have an IPAD, could I download the mt4 platform on this and get Push Notifiations through this mobile device.  Don't have a smart phone or Iphone, but also I don't live under a rock.

If somebody knows the answer to this, getting Push Notifications on the IPAD, that would be great.  I will then get myself in order.

Thank you - Eleoura

Alain Verleyen
angevoyageur | 16 Jan 2014 at 14:05


sorry about this I just put up a job, and realised I don't have the ability to receive push notifications, I have an IPAD, could I download the mt4 platform on this and get Push Notifiations through this mobile device.  Don't have a smart phone or Iphone, but also I don't live under a rock.

If somebody knows the answer to this, getting Push Notifications on the IPAD, that would be great.  I will then get myself in order.

Thank you - Eleoura

Yes it works well with an IPAD too.
cfsdoc | 9 Feb 2014 at 20:00

I think this could be resolved by giving the users the choice of using mobile phones or email.  That would make everyone happy.  I don't use a cell phone.  I'm a 76 y/o executive.



Gyula Kovesdan
GyulaKovesdan | 8 Mar 2014 at 11:00


Is it possible to extend this solution to Windows Phone platform?

Thank you!

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