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MQL5 Programs Market

Here you will find a lot of programs for the MetaTrader 5 terminal that release traders from routine operations helping to focus on really important matters.

Technical indicators, trading robots, control panels and analysis systems are all available in the MQL5 language.

Delete Pending Orders

Script to Delete Pending Orders Sometimes you placed many Pending Orders and then you want delete certain kind of these orders, this script can help you! Usage: Download and drag and drop this script to the chart.Check "Allow AutoTrading" in "Common" tab and set input parameters in "Inputs" tab....

Ticks Thermometer

Do you know how frequent the ticks beating? "Ticks Thermometer" can help you! It is useful to find out which symbol is more active. Put it to each chart which you are watching. The color indicator from left to right corresponding green to red. Green block means "cool" since the tick is quiet, and...

Elder AutoEnvelope

Envelopes or channel lines are set parallel to the Moving Average (to the slow MA if you use two MAs). The two channel lines must contain approximately 95% of all prices for the past two or three months on a daily chart, with only the extremes protruding outside. Channel lines provide attractive...


This is a ready-made trading system. The indicator is non-redrawable and it is not lagging. 85% of deals are profitable. Take Profit exceeds Stop Loss 3-15 times! The indicator works on all currency pairs and time frames. There are two simple ways to filter the indicator signals: Compare...

Advanced Price Movement Predictor Pro Edition MT4

It predicts the most likely short-term price movement based on advanced mathematical calculations. Features Estimation of immediate price movement; Calculation of the real market trend; Calculation of the most important support and resistance levels; Algorithms optimized for making complex...

RS Levels MT4

The indicator plots horizontal support and resistance levels using grouping of extrema. The levels are displayed as lines whose color depends on how many times the level was a support or resistance line over the specified interval. You can also display counters for support, resistance and age of the...

Jobs for Freelancers

Here you can post or fulfill an order for the development of indicators, trading robots and other useful applications for trading in financial markets.

This is the biggest site with a guarantee of payment to the developer and protection of the customer - the order amount is automatically reserved on the customer's account, and any disputes are resolved in arbitrage

ExportQuotes update

Hi, need update, see message in mail if you want the job.  Speak soon. Give me a few hours while i try to think of 30 intelligent words to say...George Bush had 8 years, and he never managed to say one.   "Losing an illusion makes you wiser than finding a truth."  ~Ludwig Börne 

EA optimisation

Hello programmers I need a programmer who can optimise my EA so that it is profitable. The programmer may add or edit the EA so that is it profitable. This is an EA that trades on price lag. The trades last for few seconds and i would to keep it that way. On completion of the optimisation i...

MTF Trendline

Hi! Does anybody have this or such an indicator for MT5, as it is only available for MT4 and i got no answer concerning an MT5 version from the publisher.  Please contact me. 

EA Based On 2 Moving averages

The ea will work on the base of 2 moving averages and rules will be simple.orders will be opened when one of those lines is crossing the other one.setting for those 2 moving averages should be available in EA settings .so  the parameters can be set for both lines like , period, MA method, color...

A state of the art EA development challenge

I have the idea and the architecture in mind, but I'm not sure it will work. So the concept is shared risk/revenue to develop it. The idea: my plan is create a super EA capable of reverse engineer any public and open trading history, inside the rules, i.e., just learning and observing the past...

Modified ea

i want 1. pending feature ON/OFF 1.1 if ON >> %input can customize for pending order 1.2 if ON >> 3 candle close above 0% for buy or below for sell (for pending expired), 3 can customize into other number of candle. ex. input4 >> 4 candle close above 0% 1.3 if OFF >> ea...

Source Code Library

Have no idea how to start learning MQL5? Here you can find lots of ready-made programs for the MetaTrader 5 client terminal. Download and learn examples, as well as write your own indicators and experts.

Your programs published in the largest library of MQL5 source codes will be available in every MetaTrader 5 client terminal and MetaEditor 5.


It is realized by the Trading System on a release from intraday time levels, which pay off on indica


The authors say that this system can trade 24 hours a day producing a stable profit even for a novice trader.

Camarilla Level Pivots

Camarilla Level Pivots.

Order Manage EA

This is a percentage of the user set stop-loss or profit robot.

Catching Gaps

Hello everyone, this is my first contribution to this lovely place. This expert advisor that catches the gaps. Really I like to thank this company for here efforts in making all these options and facilities that help the traders.


The trading system based on the signals taken from the BuySell semaphore, signal, trend indicator


Learn MQL5 programming language to develop trading strategies using numerous published articles written mostly by you - members.

All articles are divided into categories, so that you can quickly find the answer various aspects of programming: "Integration", "Tester", "Trading Systems" and so forth.

Tales of Trading Robots: Is Less More?

Two years ago in "The Last Crusade" we reviewed quite an interesting yet currently not widely used method for displaying market information - point and figure charts. Now I suggest you try to write a trading robot based on the patterns detected on the point and figure chart.

SQL and MQL5: Working with SQLite Database

This article is intended for developers who would be interested in using SQL in their projects. It explains the functionality and advantages of SQLite. The article does not require special knowledge of SQLite functions, yet minimum understanding of SQL would be beneficial.

Working with GSM Modem from an MQL5 Expert Advisor

There is currently a fair number of means for a comfortable remote monitoring of a trading account: mobile terminals, push notifications, working with ICQ. But it all requires Internet connection. This article describes the process of creating an Expert Advisor that will allow you to stay in touch...

MQL5 Programming Basics: Lists

The new version of the programming language for trading strategy development, MQL [MQL5], provides more powerful and effective features as compared with the previous version [MQL4]. The advantage essentially lies in the object-oriented programming features. This article looks into the possibility of...

Creating Non-Lagging Digital Filters

The article describes one of the approaches to determining a useful signal (trend) in stream data. Small filtering (smoothing) tests applied to market quotes demonstrate the potential for creating non-lagging digital filters (indicators) that are not redrawn on the last bars.

MQL5 Cookbook: Developing a Multi-Symbol Volatility Indicator in MQL5

In this article, we will consider the development of a multi-symbol volatility indicator. The development of multi-symbol indicators may present some difficulties for novice MQL5 developers which this article helps to clarify. The major issues arising in the course of development of a multi-symbol...

Traders Forum

Here you can ask any questions on technical analysis, discuss ideas about trading systems, indicators and robots, as well as hone your skills of programming trading strategies in MQL5.

Communicate and share your experience with traders from anywhere in the world. Ask questions and help newbies with valuable advices - is developing along with you.

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PROFITALBE STRATEGY... can anyone write it to ea?

Hi I have very easy profitable forex strategy. I tested that on USDJPY USDCAD and GBPJPY. but it should works on all pairs.  Every day from 8 00 to 11 15 i take max price and min price .  my width is max - min if price reaches max i will open buy position : so my open price is max, my TP...

Traders Joking

Do you have interest or hobby outside trading ?, or some jokes and humor for other forumer ? or maybe something else ?, Well, why don't show it here. Life is NOT all about trading or programming, and so is this topic, and you must participate in this topic ;D.  

Tester distribution testing taks

Hello,   could anyone explain me, how the system distribute the task for a tester?  i have this kind o f systems: Intel Core i7 X 940 @ 2.13GHz, 16373MB   8 Core Intel Xeon E5645 @ 2.40GHz, 49143MB   24Core    but in different countries, i7 in Spain and Xeon in...

Order delay between execution and plt

Good Afternoon, I have an EA with two moving averages triggering an order execution as described below. The problem I am facing is a delay between the order execution itself and the cross of moving averages. In this example you see the cross occurred below 205 (past candlestick)...

Frequently Asked Questions about the Signals service

The most frequently asked questions related to the Signals service will be collected and processed in this topic. The list of questions will be updated from time to time. Soon we will try to give answers to all incoming questions. Please, feel free to write a comment, if you didn't find the answer...

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