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Kumo/Chikou Span (Ichimoku) EA

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jasjit 2013.11.14 12:13 10 - 50 USD   от 2 до 5 дн.

Please note my maximum budget is 50 credits. If you are not willing to do the job at within this budget, please do not bid.


The required EA is for MT4 and is based the Ichimoku indicator along with other confirming indicators. The indicators used are as follows:- 

§  Ichimoku

§  ADX

§  Kijun Sen ( this is a separate indicator by itself & not part of the main Ichimoku indicator. Its purpose is for determining the exit for the trade which has a different setting than the main Ichimoku indicator itself).


 There are 4 type of entries required – all working at the same time or in any combination, including by themselves. The entries required are as follows:-


1.     Chikou Span Crosses Kijun Sen

2.     Shikou Span Crosses Kumo

3.     Price crosses Kumo (Kumo Breakout)

4.     Chikou Span special entry – I am not sure if it is possible to program this entry. I will explain it before finalising the job with the selected developer.



 Amongst the features required are as follows:-

·        Money Management

·        Profit Management and Trailing Stop with option to move to Break Even + XXX pips.

·        ECN broker support – 5 digit

·        Max Orders Open – total

·        Max Orders Open  - for each pair

·        Option to sleep after loss (ea sleeps after x consecutive losses)

·        Option to limit trading period to certain times of the day – e.g 06:00 GMT to 17:00 GMT. If this option is selected, then the EA will only trade between the selected hours. Must allow for 2 time bands e.g 00:00 to 02:00 and 07:00 to 17:00.

·        Friday stop trade – option to specify time to stop trading on Fridays. If this option is used, EA should resume trading on Sunday at 23:00 GMT.

·        Require an option to place a pending hedge trade in the opposite direction instead of a Stop Loss. For example, if a long trade is entered at 1.38000 with the Stop Loss of  20 pips – then the Stop Loss would normally be placed at 1.37800. Option required to place a pending sell stop at 1.37800 instead of the Stop Loss. The pending trade should be removed once the trailing stop move to Break Even + XXX pips.

    ·        EA to shut down once daily target achieved to maximum daily loss reached. 



EA to give text and sound alert every time an order is opened.


Detailed specifications will be discussed prior to finalising terms of the job. 

Thank you for taking time to view this posting. 

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Nikolay Ivanov

_Techno_ 2013.11.14 12:15 50 USD     2 дн.

Hi. I can perform this job.

The list of my finished jobs:

Yours sincerely,


hooshang nosratpanah

hnp2500 2013.11.14 12:48 50 USD     3 дн.

let me do it for you

skype tidicofx


Mohammad Ali

advali82 2013.11.14 14:04 50 USD
let me do that
Александр Прозоров

sapsan12 2013.11.14 14:18 40 USD     3 дн.
I can do it.

gatalyak 2013.11.14 15:48 50 USD     от 3 до 4 дн.

I could help you. 

Regards, Yaroslav.
Piotr Storozenko

pitpiter 2013.11.14 18:44 40 USD     до 2 дн.
Hello. Let me do it for you.Thank you.

TraderProgramer 2013.11.15 03:31
Mikhail Pityugov

MonsterMQL 2013.11.15 10:54

I can do it

skype: dophin6003


trandongphat 2013.11.15 13:12 < 20 USD     до 3 дн.

Let i do it.

Skype: trandongphat



EricHe 2013.11.16 02:14


I can do this job.  My feedbacks.
 1) First of all, the software will be implemented completely meeting all your requirements. 
 2) Unlimited testing time.
 3) Code will be commented, clear, and optimized.
 4) High speed of operation, testing and optimization.
 5) Correct operation under any types of accounts, and any operation mode, for any broker.
 6) Absolute possibilities of optimization of any parameters.

 7) Warranty of intellectual property rights. Your adviser/indicator/script will never be used by us or any others.
 8) Some suggestion on strategy improvement may be provided if needed.

Below are some feedback from my customers.
infarm: Each job gives me more confidence in EricHe. Doesn't give up the job until it works as wanted, even if there is little money to loose. Great programmer!! 
infarm: Great programmer. Developes the job as wanted. I recommend him. 
Vos77: My difficult Mql5 modifications were completed on time and without fault. Perfect... Thanks Eric. 
DXanatos: Your willingness to spend time in a meticulous manner to accomplish and bring to life a new form of trading analysis leaves us at a loss for words to describe the gratitude our team has for your contributions. You have set a benchmark by which all other programmers and developers should be measured. 
ghost_jc: Fantastic work on my Zig Zag EA. Work accordingly to my requirements. Will look forward to work with Eric again soon. 

DXanatos: Have been working with EricHe for 5 months, he has earned customer loyalty with his attention to detail and focus superior programming skills... Great Job 


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